can you stop yourself from falling in love?

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can you stop yourself from falling inlove?

  1. no, i dont think so.

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  2. Yes

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  1. Itsericababy

    Itsericababy New Member

    But of course you can! Love is absolutely a choice! No one is forcing you to talk to that person. No one is forcing you to be that intimate or think of them in such a way that means more than friends. Even if you just happen to fall in love with your best friend, you have control over your desires.
  2. iyakets

    iyakets New Member

    :love: For the one whose hearts are aching:

    Snowflakes swaying in the air
    Falling from the whitened sky
    swirling in an endless flicker
    till it breaks and melts to die.

    Snowflakes like your chilly heart
    will lose its beauty when warmed to melt
    But humans and snowflakes play different parts
    For people don't die when warmth is felt.

  3. Yna

    Yna New Member

    Definitely a no-no. You can stop your mind from thinking but you can never stop a heart from beating. You can command your mind to stop thinking about a certain person by diverting your focus into something else but when the heart beats and longs for a certain person, you can never make it stop. To the Filipinos who would be reading this, they can relate to this lyric, "Kapag tumibok ang puso, wala ka nang magagawa kundi sundin ito", which means: once your heart beats for someone, you can't do anything but follow it. I should know, I've experienced it. The more you hesitate, the deeper you fall. The thing is, love is mysterious and magical at the same time. You may find yourself falling for someone you hate or if Cupid is done playing games, you may see yourself with the person you long for the most. Change is inevitable but love is uncontrollable. Stopping yourself from loving someone is like throwing yourself in front of a moving bus. Risky, painful and may cause your death. The pain you get from a heartbreak is unbearable but not allowing yourself to love and be loved is something you will regret and will hunt you for the rest of your life. Taking risk is a part of love. There will never be an assurance that you won't get hurt but the happiness and memories are worth everything. Love can make you crazy but the best thing is, you can be crazy together and be happy with it. The thing in love is, the best decisions are not always right and the right ones are not always the best but what's important is, you choose the path that would make you happy. The heart may not always be right but what I know is, following your heart would always make you happy.
  4. ThatGuyAgain

    ThatGuyAgain New Member

    I would say yes. Personally i do not believe in popular definition of love as an uncontrollable feeling of fondness for another person or item. Love is just a mental state and lack of emotional intelligence makes it uncontrollable, however with practice and meditation you can become a master of you mind and control not only love but all other emotions including sadness, fear, anger etc.
  5. crizza

    crizza New Member

    NO, definitely NOT, we cannot stop ourselves to fall in love with someone, maybe we can stop loving them but falling in love with them is far different from stop loving them. Staying in love with that person is a choice but to fall in love with that is something that we cannot control.
  6. pamchz

    pamchz New Member

    Yes, I think you can. If you're falling in love with somebody that is bad for you, you have to realize why he/she is the wrong person, and I think the better way to stop falling in love with someone, is erasing this person from your life, but erasing he/she completely. Cutting all kinds of communication. Stop seeing him/her. Stop talking to him/her. I had a boyfriend who was very jealous and possessive, but in an excessive way, and I decided to break up with him. It was painful, and I was still in love with him, but I realized we weren't going anywhere with our relationship and his jealousy was growing up, and his possessive manners too. So we broke up and I stopped talking to him, I rejected him every time he asked me out, I erased him from facebook I even blocked him, I blocked him from my phone and I never saw him again. About 1 month after our break up I felt free, really relieved, and I realized I didn't need him, and that I deserved better. I realized also, I wasn't in love with him anymore, I didn't even miss him.
  7. Emotions are the hardest thing to control in ourselves. Therefore you can't stop yourself from falling in love. In the past years I realized that love is the hardest thing you'd ever want to stop. Because it is not you deciding who to love, but your heart. Love is beautiful as we all know. But love is also pain. They're glued to each other. When you love, expect to feel the pain because whatever decisions we'd make? We'll all still be hurt at the end or in the process so let's choose the decision that will make us very happy, at least, before feeling/experiencing the pain to make every pain worth it.
  8. Leonel Manalili

    Leonel Manalili New Member

    Wow. This is a very good question.

    It was 5 years ago, on that day, that I started to be cynical about love. I learned that the happiest day can be the worst. Almost 3 years of love suddenly came to an end, the worst way and the worst mean of conveying the message " I ain't love you no more." Numbness and worthlessness are the only feelings that surface me. All the curse and hate, I have blown out. I became irresponsible for myself and my family, happiness seems like waiting to snow on a tropical country.

    It's just so hard to have witnessed it face to face, the infidelity that no one has wished for. I was slapped by the palm that made me feel I was no good, screamed by a voice that said to me I can't be happy and killed by a knife that was once used to save me because he said he loves me.

    All through the years, I'm avoiding the feeling. Whenever I am sensing that someone is showing some motives, I'll avoid the person. I rejected and gave false hopes to many. I flirted and played with someone else's emotions and leave them when they fell. I basically died. I forgot what is right or wrong. It was a nightmare. It was miserable.

    But love is inevitable. It's magic is so powerful. I woke up one day with a guy I never have asked and dreamed for. He broke the 5 years of being cynical about love. He put the meaning of love back within me. He made me realize that you can only love another person and not dwell to how you have been worsen by a heartache. He made me fall again and didn't leave me. Now is my 5th month that I'm believing in love again. He loves me. I love him. You cannot stop yourself from falling in love. You can't.
  9. zzelitha

    zzelitha New Member

    I think you can not stop it but if you fall for the wrong person and you realize that is no good, you can make the decision of not stay with that person, specially if some one that make you miserable instead of happy... why to suffer? life is already hard for been with a person that like to make you miserable.
  10. gavinci13

    gavinci13 New Member

    Definitely YES! I don't believe anyone can't it is easy to do, stay away from that person you are about to fall in-love with .that simple, I don't think I have to elaborate further, falling in love is just an emotion, self control is something anyone can learn, if you set yourself not to fall in love then whatever you or they do, you will never fall in love.
  11. edisut

    edisut New Member

    Sometime can't, but responsibility under faith and family it must be killed earlier.
  12. Dearrose101988

    Dearrose101988 New Member

    I can't ...because when you say is not only for the person you are attracted too.! LOVE with the family,friends and GOD!. LOVE IS ALWAYS in our HEARTS when there is LOVE.theres happiness. When there is no love.. there is hate..and if there is hate there is no life.. NO LOVE+HATE+NO LIFE meaning your not existing!.. so LOVE LOVE LOVE HEHEHEHEH..
  13. bikay1

    bikay1 New Member

    Can you stop falling in love with someone?

    You can do anything that you want to do.

    On the off chance that you need to quit experiencing passionate feelings for somebody, you just need to settle on different decisions of what to do with your opportunity and consideration. Quit seeing the individual you are becoming hopelessly enamored with. Dedicate that time and consideration towards someone else, yourself, your activity, a leisure activity.

    They say that nonattendance makes the heart become fonder… yet I trust that nonappearance will really influence those sentiments of affection to scatter.
  14. Karl Karl

    Karl Karl New Member

    No. Falling in love is the most wonderful thing in the world. Love is the nature of humans. After all we were created because of love. So, do not try to stop yourself from falling in love. If the person you fell in love with loved you back, great!. If not, do not worry. You have loved unconditionally, without expecting them to love you back, and thats all that matter.
  15. Devil007

    Devil007 New Member

    Yes may be because I am a very typically emotional person. I don't cry if I am watching a emotional film. I would not be crying at all times when most people would be crying. But I would cry like a child if it comes sad or emotional moment related to any animal. Because I am an animal lover, I am unable to see pain of any animal. A dying human would not me cry but of course a puppy would.
  16. atan

    atan New Member

    No. that's the feeling that you can never resist.. you cant dictate your feelings or what you feel. when your heart starts to beat for someone, there's nothing you can do but follow it. But why are you going to stop yourself from falling in-love?. Love is a gift.
  17. Constanthine

    Constanthine New Member

    Yes through defense mechanism.
  18. Beverly I. Villegas

    Beverly I. Villegas New Member

    I agree with the other comments that we can stop our self to falling in love, but its not easy. We must have the courage to do other things that makes us happy, in order for us to forget our feelings to someone.. We are the one who dictate our self if we continue or stop it.
  19. Vashuan

    Vashuan New Member

    No one can really stop from falling in love, because it is a feeling that comes along naturally. But what is important in falling in love, is it should be to the right one. The one who deserves for our love.
  20. JoshFloress:/

    JoshFloress:/ New Member

    FOR ME NO!<3
  21. LIBRA

    LIBRA New Member

    No. You can convince yourself and anyone else that you can, but no, you cannot stop yourself from falling in love.

    First of all, that's why it's called "falling in love" in the first place. When you "fall", you don't do it on purpose. Love is a NATURAL FORCE. It is not something YOU force. It comes when it has to come, not when you want it to come. You don't get to choose the person you fall for.

    Second, you have to know if it IS love. Love is good. Love is from God and His ways are always perfect. If He allowed you to fall in love, true love, it is because you have to. However, it doesn't mean that it's the person God set for you. He/she can only be your lesson, your challenge or your lifetime partner, but there is no doubt you have to go through what God has planned for you.

    Lastly, you may not be able to stop yourself from falling in love, but it is still your choice what to DO with what you FEEL. It is YOUR choice whether or not you stay in that person's life, whether you want to engage in a relationship, or just go along what your heart says so.

    Falling in love is not a choice. But it doesn't mean you DON'T have a choice. When you're in love, it is very, very important that WHAT YOU FEEL does not overpower WHAT YOU SHOULD THINK.
  22. Austhalina

    Austhalina Member

    No. Because in our life we all fall inlove, we cannot stop our self from falling inlove because everyone feels love. And if you found someone that makes you fall inlove u cannot stop it, u will always think of him/ her always. And if u fall inlove and u want to stop it i think u cant do that because u feel the love already. Whenever u want to forget it, still u will remember it, and u will feel happy and comfortable with the one u love. So why you stop your self from falling inlove, its the best things in life that would happen.
  23. alxoue

    alxoue Member

    Yes, I can stop myself from loving someone by avoiding him and staying away from him and by I avoiding and staying away from him
  24. jep

    jep New Member

    No, you can't stop from falling in love. Even if you set a high standard who to fall in love with. Once you feel the real love, who may that person be you still choose that person. Falling deeply in love can break your own rules and perspective in life. It might ruin you or lift up the best version of you.
  25. Jaybyfour

    Jaybyfour New Member

    You can. Free will is a powerful thing.
  26. Sheester

    Sheester New Member

    Yes you can, if you want. People that are engaged in relationship right now ended up with third party. Maybe one of them can't avoid to fall with somebody else or the peson he/she's into it is not enough for him/her that's why they still keep on searching. But sometimes, fate pushes us to find someone that is awesome and so qualified with our ideal one, but unfortunately, in most cases, it came at the wrong time wherein we are involve in a relationship. This is a trial to oneselves, if they can stop to fall inlove with the new one or letting it be and left the other one.
  27. Mrox

    Mrox New Member

    I think it is a no you can't stop falling in love even though you are already committed you will fall in love over and over again to that person who you are commit. Being in love is the happiest part second to having a child that look like you.It gives you meaning in life different perspective in life. And the romantic excitement you can get from it. oooh i already miss my love of my life haha.
  28. ghostpup

    ghostpup New Member

    We can't help but ponder about this question because this is a basic human dilemma. At some point in our lives we encounter the "It is wrong to fall in love with him/her but it feels so right" moment. Our view of romantic love is evolving as we play along the vicissitudes of life. You can be in a relationship and wake up one day not feeling the thrill the you once had; Or you can be in love with someone at first sight and end up being happy with that person your whole life. In my opinion, romantic love is more than just feelings and emotions it is a choice. It is your choice to go plan an adventure with your partner in order to renew the thrill that you once had, or you can choose to end the relationship. It is your choice to let go of an unhealthy relationship, or you can choose to stay and complain about it when you are with your friends. Lastly, It is your choice to fall or not to fall in love with someone.
  29. Mayang0910

    Mayang0910 New Member

    I would say YES! Because Love is always a decision. Biblically, IT IS A DECISION. The Lord Jesus Christ showed His love to us by DECISION. Therefore, you can decide to STOP LOVING SOMEONE.
  30. Daemon245

    Daemon245 New Member

    One can never stop loving. It is hate that is greater in you that you say you never love someone. Love is already lain to each and everyone of us as an individual. We love each other as you can see like you friends. One simplifies hate as to stop loving. Therefore one may say that they never love him or her. At that instance it is hate that overcomes love. It is hate that is growing bigger and bigger than love.

    Stop the hate. Then that moment one will find peace as they only will see love. One can stop hating by loving. It is a vice versa since those two opposed each other. But people put it simply as to "stop loving" when it is actually hating. A mutual relation to someone, unlabeled relation, is a balance between love and hate. Therefore no one of both parties shall fall to one side. Because it is either to LOVE or to HATE.

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