Can you survive without INTERNET?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by johny018s, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. johny018s

    johny018s New Member

    For me, honestly i can't because these days most of things requires internet and using these, you can easily access everywhere! how about you? can you?
  2. elai19

    elai19 New Member

    No, nowadays we need internet so we can easily access all the thing like facebook ,twitter, instagram etc. But if someone give me a Hundred dollor? Why not? But foe just one day deal. Lol
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  3. annali5a

    annali5a New Member

    Yes. There's no doubt that internet is a marvelous little resource but certainly no one needs it to live. We should face it that most of the activities we do online can be done just as easily without a computer. Many people get by without the internet, whether for financial reasons or by choice. For those people that can't contemplate how someone gets by without it, or if you're thinking of getting rid of your internet access, there's some helpful alternatives like buying a encyclopedia collection, buying dictionary, subscribe to local newspaper and subscribe to some magazine. This may help you not to depends on internet.
  4. Darticus

    Darticus New Member

    Survive? Yes. An individual can and maybe should disconnect themselves from the internet every now and then. I actually tried that not too long ago. Initially I was unbearably bored but as it turns out the human mind is great at filling boring moments. In the end I actually felt much more relaxed than I had been in a long while, similar to the feeling you might get when you go on vacation actually. Maybe you should give it a shot too and see what happens.
  5. mblaster

    mblaster New Member

    I did and trust me if you are someone who is always busy uploading stories on all social media you'd be shocked at how much you are unaware of your own surrounding environment.The Internet is not a bad thing, we have thrived all those years without internet yet its funny how internet, which was invented as a means for many computers sharing the same network to communicate with each other has disconnected us from our immediate surrounding and has left us desiring for things which we find intriguing not knowing if someday we can achieve it ...but at what cost.
  6. Keoteu

    Keoteu Member

    I can survive without the internet because i don't really use social media and i always hang out with my friends.
  7. luklinder31

    luklinder31 New Member

    I went backpacking a few years ago and forgot about the internet for a few days. It felt great. I think people need to go outside more and enjoy nature instead of scrolling on there apple or android devices.
  8. rolanda

    rolanda New Member

    YES, YES, YES. I can! In the past we didn't use the Internet. Today's world the Internet is a"world". Most of the people today can not live without it because, most of the reasons they interact with other people more than they can interact in real live. I personally think the Internet steals our time and humanity. There is more and more people that suffer to communicate with people in real live. There is less families gathering and today people love themselves more than other, which didn't happed in the past there was less of them.
  9. ryzitro

    ryzitro New Member

    Of course, no! Internet is vital in the business world today. Most of business communications and transactions are being done with the use of Internet. Imagine the business world without internet, especially for multinational companies with regional headquarters and shared services in different countries.
  10. StanLew

    StanLew New Member

    Well, to be honest, no! I could try and persuade myself that ancient Greeks did fine without internet, but nowadays it is an essential tool. If you want to be successful, you need to read, write and research every day and that is the only way to make progress. Internet is exactly that tool which helps you with that.
  11. aerolpichon

    aerolpichon New Member

    Yes i can because when i was born in this world there is no internet connection in our city.But now there are lots of improvements including internet connection used in communicating peoples. But in the other hand nowadays I Can't survive without internet connection because it is very useful in our everyday lives especially at work and business.
  12. tommylacroix

    tommylacroix New Member

    I am old enough to remember when the internet was not so ubiquitous as it is today, and I managed to survive.

    There has been actual internet since the 70s, but it wasn't something EVERYBODY connected to, The first time I saw the actual internet was in the 1980s and it was nothing like it is today. There were bulletin boards that vaguely resembled modern day internet forums, maybe a little like chat-rooms, but rudimentary at best. The subject matter discussed was also very limited. My sister had a Commodore 64 and a dial up connection, and I was curious to see what this new internet thing was all about. Frankly, I was not impressed.

    I didn't "get online" properly until the early 90s and things were still fairly sparse, but in the twenty odd years since we have all seen the web blow up and become a part of daily life.

    I manage to work online, I get all my entertainment online, I can research online, I do all my financial management online... I love to travel and I appreciate how easy a few translator apps and google maps has made that activity. And yes, I have been in some parts of the world, that if internet was to suddenly disappear, I could very well have not survived.

    All in all, none of us needs the internet. It is convenient and nice to have, and in many ways we have come to depend on it, but I would suggest "unplugging" occasionally. Take a vacation from being online. Stop and "smell the roses" for a change. You will see pretty quickly that there is more to life than the digital world.
  13. zedaon

    zedaon New Member

    As a freelancer, I'd say no but then again, I'm one of the specific cases. I make a living online. It's almost impossible for me to get a job where I live. The city I'm currently living in is a super small city in Eastern Europe with 18% unemployment rate. So having a remote job is the only way for me, and to have a remote job, I need to have access to the internet. With that being said, I literally can't survive without the internet.

    But for other people, I'm sure lots of them don't need the internet that bad since they have a life out there to enjoy with their family and friends.
  14. zenithboi

    zenithboi New Member

    The world is now a global village. Staying without internetcan be liked to living in darkness.
    Basically, the internet has helped and its still helping me a lot in learning.
    I'm better with the internet.
  15. gomeznick

    gomeznick New Member

    Great question. For me, a life without internet is unsustainable. Internet is undoubtedly the biggest source of knowledge these days. There is no doubt that the Internet had a huge influence on the lives of everyone who has access to it. Getting information is probably the biggest advantage provided by the internet, right?
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  16. christhon

    christhon New Member

    Definitely would survive, survive in a sense that internet is not included in our basic needs in order to continue breathing like food, shelter or clothing. One thing that it might do to some is to have some sort of depression that would possibly lead to suicide and that means not surviving.

    Not having internet can either be good or bad. It might seem unproductive to some but what if it will help us to connect to this world and to one another. Instead of chatting to talk to someone, you will have to go their place, instead of watching videos of the world online, you must go outside to see the world. Instead of playing basketball games, you must go outside to really play the sport. Without internet, the world seems really inefficient but what if we now are very dependent. There is a chance that it is not something we want but something that we need.
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  17. fhordie13

    fhordie13 New Member

    Definitely yes. But the internet is something we have to be very grateful of. It has made the world more connected than ever before. Messages, ideas, concerns, problems and almost all matters are just one click away and many thanks to the internet. Let us support and continue to upgrade this global connection called the "Internet".
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  18. kiefgonzales

    kiefgonzales New Member

    I can survive without internet as long as I have my significant other with me, a view of nature, and one coconut in the sea breeze, I am good to go. I don't care much for social media, I only care about this forum, life and the important people in it with me, basically, I prefer to live in the moment and take opportunities as they come for my benefit. I'm not saying the internet is bad because it's entertainment to me, what I'm saying is that I'm fine with it if ever it's non-existent.
  19. loisuy43

    loisuy43 New Member

    Today, I could say that I could not survive without the internet. This is because I earn money through online jobs. Online jobs are so dependent with the internet and electricity. Without both factors, online job is in danger of losing.

    I am thankful for the internet. It has made my life easier. It has helped me provide food on our table. It has done a lot good for me. Not only to me but also to my family.

    I am grateful to the one who invented this wonderful internet. I survived because of it. I don't know what will happen to me, if not for the internet that has blessed me. I am so blessed by the internet. I can't survive without it.
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  20. jen21

    jen21 New Member

    Yes I can. Internet is not the way to live today. Back then, there was no internet, and we can still survive. We can play with our neighbors, chatting and visiting our family and friends by going to their place and not in social media. I can find a job by applying personally not online. However, today, internet makes our life easier. We can buy online , we can chat with our friends and we can apply for jobs. So, with or without internet, I can still survive.
  21. tommylacroix

    tommylacroix New Member

    You can always become a farmer. You will get plenty of fresh air and sunshine plus you will always have something to eat. :p
  22. Alfred28

    Alfred28 New Member

    In all seriousness, a human being can likely survive just fine without WiFi. In fact, over half of the world’s population does not have access to the Internet. However, for those of us that use the Internet, we know how easy it is to become dependent upon it, so much so that we can’t accomplish even the most basic tasks without first checking our online notifications. Believe it or not, Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) is a real psychological illness experienced by 5-to-10% of all web surfers according to a 2007 study from Harvard. We’re sure that if Maslow were alive today he would prescribe faster Internet to a modern person wanting to achieve self-actualization. Therefore, faster WiFi may be just what the doctor ordered for us to actualize our true potential!
  23. erikz008

    erikz008 New Member

    I don’t think I can survive without the internet. Internet just make things easier! Being a working mom who needs to juggle a lot of tasks, internet is a life saver. From paying bills, ordering supplies and other things that takes up all our time, internet really helps a lot. Now you can do these tasks faster and hassle free and the better part is having more time to do the more important tasks at hand. The best part is having more time with your family. I personally believe that internet is there to make our life easier.

    Another good thing about internet is communication. My husband works overseas and internet helps us atleast bridge the distance especially now that we can actually do video calls. Having this kind of tool really helps me atleast ease up the longing a little bit and it’s way cheaper that overseas calls.

    So to answer the question, Nah! I don’t think I can survive without internet.
  24. Pedong

    Pedong New Member

    Maybe, but I'm not sure because I'm already addicted to the online world. every time I'll use internet for Facebook,Youtube to communicate other people, and the internet is a very helpful to us if we don't have internet we can't communicate the person outside to our country, If your family is complete to one house maybe I can handle myself with no internet.
  25. kiziah08

    kiziah08 New Member

    Maybe I can survive without internet as long as there is television and cellphones. As long as there is still some thing to use for me to be able to communicate, like using cellphones.
  26. fpzriqat

    fpzriqat New Member

    No. In this highly-competitive world, internet plays an important role on everything. Internet has become a part of everyone's lives including mine.
  27. wwaynecox

    wwaynecox New Member

    Without the internet? Of course...but I grew up in a time before cell phones, microwave oven, or computer...and in an area where we wouldn't have known about any of those things even if they had existed!
  28. MusclePalace

    MusclePalace New Member

    Honestly, I can't survive without the internet more than 24h, that is a maximum period of time. My internet crashed last week so I had to spend most of the day in a nearby coffee shop. I realised that I'm an internet addict, but I know that I'm not alone in this world. :)
  29. OxyChan

    OxyChan New Member

    I dont think i can,i am a loner and someone who deals with social anxiety so internet helps my boredom a lot.
  30. yojojo

    yojojo New Member

    Although everybody can survive physically without the internet, I think not having internet will bore you to death, especially if you use it everyday. The more you use the internet, the more painful it will be if you possibly stufk in a situation where's there's no internet.

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