Can you swim?

Discussion in 'Cars, Sports, & Outdoors' started by desert89, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Tyler Smith

    Tyler Smith New Member

    Myself like many others can swim. I started at a young age in the pool of the backyard at my grandma's house at age five. My parents would always make me wear floater's when I was in the process of learning. I never really had any lessons other then my parents teaching me how to kick and paddle.
  2. Lex92404

    Lex92404 New Member

    I can swim, but my mother never learned how to swim. Growing up in Southern California, it seems like everyone knows how to swim, even though I know that's false. My mother is from Virginia, and always said she was afraid of poisonous water snakes. At least that was her excuse, until we went on a family vacation to Maui. There she revealed that she was afraid of the water and tried to put on multiple life jackets before getting onto a boat. The vision of an old lady trying to figure out how to tie five life jackets onto her body was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.
  3. anmassun

    anmassun Member

    I grew up swimming as often as I could and I never found it to be very difficult, but because I don't like having water in my nose and I could never seem to get around it getting up there, I never got into swimming much beyond the basics.
  4. dre1218us

    dre1218us New Member

    I can't but I need to learn

    They say in life most everyone runs across an incident where they HAVE to swim

    I rarely got in the pool when I was younger but when I did I'd just chill in the corner and relax.
  5. freddiebear

    freddiebear New Member

    Yes, I can, thanks to my good old granny. She believed that every child in the family should know how to swim well. Her and her brother learned in the near by pond were all the children swam. The next generation learned at the neighborhood pool. The next generation -that includes myself learned at the YMCA. I believe that learning how to swim and water safety will save a many of family from heartache.
  6. Hisham020

    Hisham020 New Member

    many people get afraid form the sea and fear of sinking but i think that learning swimming maybe comes by practising and trying .. for me i'm not a very good swimmer but i can swim ..
  7. Phil30

    Phil30 New Member

    I never knew how to swim but I always wanted to. I think swimming is not just an athletic activity but having that skill would serve one well in case of emergencies. I have experienced huge floods before although it really didn't require me to swim through it for survival, I think I would be less scared during those times knowing that I'll be alive if ever the worst happens. I really like going to the beach but I get bored at some point as I don't get to go that far from the shore unlike my friends. I feel like I'm too old to take swimming lessons though.
  8. kelumhgkh

    kelumhgkh New Member

    Yaaaaa, I can manage just 4 to 5 lengths in the swimming pool but not in the river or sea.
  9. John4488

    John4488 New Member

    Yes i can swim, I took swim lessons at a young age and assisted in teaching swim lessons for a summer job in high school. Swimming is not hard at all people who have phobias of water just need to relax. I think that most people who cant swim actually can but they just freak out in the water causing them too loose focus on actually staying afloat.
  10. Monica Hernandez

    Monica Hernandez New Member

    I use to not like the idea of going to swim, reason being is I don't like how the pool water is alway so cold! It shocks your body, and it takes me awhile to adapt. I didn't like the idea of little kids or even adults for that matter peeing in the pool and water accidentally getting into your mouth. Ugh, not good things to think about but when I became a mom and having little girls who LOVE to swim, I had to take one for the team and face my fears. Now I swim when they want to and that is a lot, I tell myself, "hey at least you are getting a work out", and that makes me feel better about it. And that my girls get to do what they enjoy so much. So in the end learning to swim was worth it to me.
  11. chase88

    chase88 New Member

    I took swimming lessons when I was a kid so I am a decent enough swimmer that I won't drown. I am pretty good at floating on my back and swimming underwater. We used to have a pool at our house and I would spend most of my time under water so I built up my lung capacity pretty good. As a kid I could stay under water for almost a minute, which is pretty impressive now that I look back on it.

    The only thing that I have trouble with now is actually staying under water. Any time I try to dive down in a deep pool, I can't even make it to the bottom because I start floating to the top. It can be so frustrating sometimes and I'm not sure what I need to do. At least the good thing is that I can float easily so if I ever do get into some trouble out in the water where I can't swim, then I should be able to float with ease for a while!
  12. [a]ke

    [a]ke New Member

    Sure can ! Born and raised near the coastal regions of the Indian subcontinent, I find it hard to recollect a time i did not know swimming. :D Not a professional swimmer in any way though. However if I were to be thrown out of a vessel a few miles from the shore, I would probably make it back alive.

    I feel that knowledge of this life-saving skill might become useful during some point in everyone's life. Plus you wouldn't want to be 'that guy' watching from the stands during a pool party ! xD
  13. ads4cents

    ads4cents New Member

    Yes I can swim. I was also taught to swim and I have swam ever since I was just a little boy. Here in Finland most of the people can swim because every child goes to swimming school when they are 5 or 6.
  14. dragonspearl

    dragonspearl New Member

    Living on an island with the Pacific Ocean visible from everywhere, makes swimming a prerequisite. Going to the beach was a regular family and friend outing. Sort of like city dwellers go to the mall. Early as children we learned not to fear the water and how to play safely in it. I love the water and I love to swim. I do find swimming in swimming pools sort of unappetizing. The water does not move and it taste terrible. But it has to do while I am away at school until I return home and jump in the ocean again.
  15. chattlax714

    chattlax714 New Member

    I was very fortunate in that when I was a child my parents took me to professional swimming lessons. I definitely hated it at the time, but now that I am older I realize that not everyone is a strong swimmer. To me it's just second nature because I have been doing it since before I can remember, but I know that many people did not have the same advantage that I did.
  16. idgafeb

    idgafeb New Member

    Growing up with a swimming pool I was taught how to swim by some family members of mine. I would be lying if I said I had the skills of Michael Phelps but I sure know I wont drown if I was thrown in water. When I grew up I moved away from that house and I can count the number of times I actually put my swimming skills to use on one hand.

    Swimming seems like an optional skill to have. I wonder how people in land locked countries feel about swimming.
  17. looop123

    looop123 New Member

    I can swim and I'm glad that I can. I learned how to swim from friends when I was 7 years old. They taught me how to float first and then all I had to do was start kicking my feet and moving my hands. I had some great times at the shallow end of the pool testing my new found knowledge. The the poster that said he had lessons but never learned how to swim, it's not your fault, it's probably how you were taught the first time you tried to learn. Sometimes we get taught the wrong way when we first attempt things as children. This wrong way tends to stay with us and we think we can't be good at something.
    I would advise everyone to learn how to swim. But try to learn from a professional organization like the Red Cross. They have lots of experience teaching many, many, people how to swim.
  18. venusbeck

    venusbeck New Member

    Yes, I can swim. When I was 6 I drowned in the pool in my apartments. I was pronounced dead when the ambulance made it to the scene. There was a ladie who was taking her groceries from her car to her apartment, and noticed me floating. I had so much water in my stomach, it looked like a swallowed a watermelon. I was rushed to the ambulance and kept in the hospital for a couple of days. The doctor said I was going to have massive brain damage. and my speech wouldn't be the same, due to all the water I swallowed. Then my mom said one day, I just started talking as if I'd talked everyday. After that, I sang my first solo in church, and my mom got me swimming lessons. I've been swimming like a fish, ever since.
  19. ovilman786

    ovilman786 New Member

    I love swimming and i am quite a decent swimmer. However, that was not the case a few years back. I was literally the odd one out in my gathering who can't swim. So, every times we friends used to get together at some place near water they always knew how to push my buttons :) I was actually afraid of water.
    But one day I decided my self that I would learn swimming. I took the decision and right away went to the local swimming club and believe me all it took was the first few weeks and I found myself swimming. An amazing experience. So, my point of view is that lessons are essential for swimming. The fear only comes when people don't know how to swim.
  20. bSM45

    bSM45 New Member

    Unfortunately I still don't know how to swim. I took lessons when I was a child, but growing up I always felt obscure in my body, and I was never fat, but I always felt like I didn't have the perfect body.
  21. mzoughi nidhal

    mzoughi nidhal New Member

    Yes , i can swim . When i was young , i thought i will never learn swimming , i never had phobias but my dad didn't teach me . So , my uncle who have a house by the sea took me with him and taught me . It took him only 3 days to teach me . You can always learn how to swim and maybe higher someone how can teach you . Swimming is the best sport for your body .
  22. shallaamor

    shallaamor New Member

    I learned basic floating in my teens with my cousins during school sumner break. I only learned the actual swimming in a swimming subject during College. I only learned basic strokes like back strokes and free style. Some strokes are harder for me. I think it's for competitive swimming already.
  23. VLDigital

    VLDigital New Member

    I am in that grey area where I can swim or stay afloat, but I'm scared to go in deeper water or wherever there are big waves. It can be embarrassing sometimes and it's something I've been meaning to take care of for a year or so. I almost drowned when I was about 13 and that fear is sort of holding me back. But I will learn to swim properly within the next year.
  24. BCH

    BCH New Member

    My parents took me for lessons when I was really young and in the UK where I live we have swimming lessons once a week in primary school so there are very few if any kids who don't learn to swim here. I think it would be weird if I met someone who didn't know how to swim. I'm not great at swimming by any means but I'm competent.
  25. oivas

    oivas New Member

    I can swim but must admit that I learned swimming quite late in life. I was basically frightened of water and I wanted to undo it by learning to survive in it. So, I took up swimming. I started when I was 26 and was scared at the beginning. However, with time I started enjoying it.

    The good part though, was that I learned swimming within 8 days and conquered my fear of water in 4!!
  26. Federico

    Federico New Member

    I actually competed in local swimming tournaments for about 5 years. I was never among the best, but I could definitely hold my own in the pool. I actually set a local amateur record (for our age group) while swimming backstroke in a Relay Race with my buddies; I would obviously not have done it without them though (some of who are actually way more talented than me). Regardless of the results, competing for your club against others is always nice as long as its kept healthy, and I'd highly encourage you to join a swimming team.
  27. afeyrer

    afeyrer New Member

    I grew up in a family where all my brothers and sisters swam competitively starting when we were young. I don't remember ever being afraid of the water. I feel bad for my wife who is not a great swimmer. I feel so fortunate to have the swimming ability I was taught so young. I feel it is such an important skill. I want to make sure my daughter who is two can swim. It can save your life some day.
  28. Numericmama

    Numericmama New Member

    I can swim but I prefer not to.

    My husband can't swim at all though. As a young boy he couldn't float. He was so skinny he would sink. It was very frightening for him and he never really got over it.

    My son was afraid of water in swimming pools. He wouldn't go in for his swimming lessons when he was four! We didn't put any pressure on him. Instead I would take him to rivers and lakes during the summer. He really enjoyed playing in the water there. When he was eight I started getting him used to quiet pools and finally this summer, at nine years old he took two weeks of swimming lessons again. He loved it. He was fearless. He wants to take more swimming lessons. :)
  29. bien_tibon

    bien_tibon New Member

    I learned how to swim when I was about six or seven years old when my dad literally throw me out to the lake. That memory was deeply etched in my mind that I can still taste the saltwater coming through my nose and mouth. I could hear my father screaming at me to paddle my feet and arms. With all my might I did that until I felt that I was moving finally. That may be a scary experience for others but that was definitely a good scare for me.
  30. tipay

    tipay Member

    I know how to swim.I had lessons when I was in college.It was a part of our physical education subject. :) We were taught on how to swim in our school pool .We were given grades after each stroke that was taught by our teacher.

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