Career or Motherhood?

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  1. edz26

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    We should always set our priorities in everything we do in life I myself, I choose to stay at home to take care my family. After having a degree in college a year after I accidentally got pregnant, bright future wait me abroad. I'm confuse, which path to cross since I bear life and I have my boyfriend who is been there everyday, so what will I ask for? Of course , I choose to be with him and enjoy our fruit of love. Until now we've been together for 15 years. Being a mother it is the best thing happened in my life. Inspite of all struggle and pains if you ask me again what is my greatest fulfillment ? The answer is "motherhood"my joy and happiness.
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  2. wskewes

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    I am currently a stay at home Mum, being at home with my children has many benefits and I will stay at home with them until they can start preschool. But I feel no desire to be a stay at home Mum forever.

    I want to be a role model for my children by showing them I can have a family and a wonderful career at the same time. I want to show my sons that women and men are equally capable of raising a family and climbing the corporate ladder. I want to show my daughter that she can choose her path when starting a family so she knows it's not automatically determined that she is solely responsible for child rearing.

    But above all I am an independent women, I need external stimulation and gratification from someone other than my own family. Having children doesn't mean my life should go on hold indefinitely. I still have so much to achieve and so much to give.
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  3. Louiesolenn

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    Raising a child is the hardest part as a parent. And part of it is providing them with all the needs and necessities in order to have a better living. To have better living is to have a better job. What a superwoman a mother can do both! Working moms like me at first is struggling how to balance my work and at home attending my 4 year old daughter. Working the whole day and attending my daughter after. I need to work hard to provide everything my child needs. But I don't think of failing as what a full time mom would be like. I always see to it that I tend the rest of day playing with her, laughing, singing and sometimes dancing with her, helping with her assignments, teaching good manners, dining with her and most specially at night sleeping beside her and reading her with stories. Waking up with my daughter for me is another wonderful day. I don't think on the tiring works waiting for me in my office. My daughter is my inspiration, everything I am doing is for her. I truly want what is best for her and show to her what a loving mother is. Hear her saying 'I love you' made me energized and a reminder of not giving up. I am always here beside you my little cutie Louie as mama loves you so dearly.
  4. boxxyA22

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    When im still single till i got married i have a career. When i started my family life, a lot of changes comes into my life . I started to weigh things of being a career woman or motherhood. Since im into married life, having a job helps your husband to sustain financial needs to growing family. But on the other side having a child and being a mother is also a career and being a home maker is a good option too. So i decided to stop working and start my motherhood career.. All my hard works are rewarded .. It's just about setting your priorities in life and i just believe that being a stay at home mom is a career to be proud off .. Having a career is always an option for every woman even if they are home base moms .. specially now that jobs at home is in demand .
  5. nano4mom

    nano4mom New Member

    At the moment, I chose motherhood. I did have a career before my pregnancy but to stay less stressed, my husband and I decided that I should stop working for our growing bundle of joy. And after childbirth, I continued to be at home for our newborn. It was a very difficult decision to make but I know this sacrifice will pay off more in the long run. My main priority now is my family and I want to be at my son's side full time until he goes to school.
  6. wisdom

    wisdom New Member

    Choosing to be a stay-at-home mom or being a career woman is not one of my options at present. The death of my husband not long ago resulted to my being a solo parent for our only daughter who is now 12 years old. Even if I get too tired after working the entire day in the office, I have to be by her side to be her mom & dad.
    But when my hubby was still alive; I recall that there was a time when he had to give up his work and be a 'house husband'. This is because he is better at taking care of our only child and this, I must really admit. But I guess this is due to the reality that he has 6 siblings and he was the firstborn child. He had much more experience and expertise in this area.
  7. Kelmag26

    Kelmag26 New Member

    I think that is a very personal and individual decision . I have been fortunate that I work from home so I have had the best of both worlds in one way. However my job is not really a career . I’ve wanted for a long while to do something more fulfilling , focus on a career but I always hit the same roadblock it would mean giving up time with my child. For me I have made the decision not to do that now and wait a few more years until he is a teenager and wants nothing to do with me anyway!

    It’s tough and I would not judge anyone who choose differently. The quantity vs quality is cliche but really true, you can be a great parent who works and doesn’t always make every school function.
  8. Massie

    Massie New Member

    So much angst with this question! This is such a personal decision and one that no one should be judged for making... We all have the right to pursuit of happiness! I chose Motherhood and now my children are grown and in their mid 20's! I cherished every moment and was even able to home school my boys through high school. I can't put into words how much it meant to me, my boys, and how close our relationships are... It went by so very very fast.... We were even able to drive across country several times with my husband while he worked and we took school with us!
  9. Couleskha

    Couleskha New Member

    When it came to leaving school and deciding what I wanted to do with my life, I realised I was quite different from the rest of the people around me in one specific way; even if they didn't want them now, they could see children in their future.

    I have always considered myself to be a very selfish person with a lot of selfless traits. I bend over backwards for my family and friends, put my own needs behind those of the people around me if it will make their lives easier, and often miss opportunities or end up broke trying to help other's meet their goals. But, when it came to the idea of having kids or having a career, I realised there was one big difference in my thinking that made the decision very easy for me; If I had to give up opportunities and limit myself because I had a child, I would most likely grow to resent my child.

    No child deserves anything less than love and guidance from adults, they deserve respect and nurturing, as well as room to grow without feeling like a burden. I often look after my three year old niece and see everything she needs in crystal-clear clarity, but I knew that my child would be too close to me for me to understand that I was ruining it's self-esteem and worth. My niece is my world, practically a daughter to me, except for so many factors that make this post so real because I know I would give the world up for her but not my own child.

    So, I decided, until I could show I would not be so selfish and I would only bring a child into this world if it were going to be loved, nurtured, respected, and appreciated... I would put my career first. That way, if I am in any way resentful towards my situation, there is no one to blame but myself, especially a defenceless child.
  10. cutieee

    cutieee New Member

    We all know career is the most important. But we cannot control the time in our hands. We may not know that we will going to be pregnant at this age. But if you got pregnant without a career, don't lose hope. College is just there. You can go to college and achieve for your dream career.

    But if you are really straight forward to your dream to have a career before getting pregnant, you're doing it right. Career first before anything else. You can have children as many as you want if you already have a stable job to support your children's needs. Always look on your future on what will it be. In every decisions, always look on the pros and cons.
  11. aizelmagbatoc

    aizelmagbatoc New Member

    At this point in my life,at the age of twenty six, I would probably choose motherhood. Time flies so past. If God has given you the gift of life,you should prioritize it. Coz I personally believe that not all women are in capable of giving birth or should I say not all women can be pregnated Career can wait. If your child come to an age of 5 or 6,I guess thats the time you can go back to your career.
  12. pamz

    pamz New Member

    this is actually a good question.. this might actually be my opinion.. career or motherhood.. hmm,.. both of them are satisfying to achieve.. both have good pros and cons.. but I think I would prefer career first before motherhood.. yes I get it the happiness of having a little one... I may not give the exactly feeling for this because I still don't have a little one.. but I guess maybe.. life is short... enjoy everything you can do while you are still single... and no big commitments to deal with.. yes having a little one is the greatest.. but remember that when you have a little one.. you must be committed to him.. you'll need to take consideration of the little one in everything you do.. there will be a lot of things you need to give up.. that's why I guess I prefer to do the things you like before having the thought of motherhood.. make sure you prepare yourself to the commitment.. because motherhood is not something you can just turned down whenever you feel you don't like or feeling tired.. most of the time.. you are going to sacrifice your personal life and wants, and focus on motherhood.
  13. skye22

    skye22 New Member

    Being a working woman itself is already hard, being a mom is harder but most women do both jobs at the same time. Only few would have the opportunity to give up one of those. For a woman giving up the career is heartbreaking especially when you landed a job you love. But when you are in the situation you that have to decide, choose something that will make you happy. What happened if both could make you happy? Choose from something that when lost it will make you really sad. Being a mother is a once in a lifetime opportunity, raising those little ones is so rewarding. I'll be the saddest person if I lost those chance. So I gave up my job, I never had a regret ever. Because I believe in this,"when life gave a lemon make a lemonade" and you will be rewarded. I already found a new career that I love, see you can always move on. Money is the easiest to earn.
  14. fanakw

    fanakw New Member

    I love my kids and take great pride in my role as a stay home mum. In my community,/family most of my generation's women are career orientated. Most of them are extremely lucky that their parents are there to assist them in rearing their kids., this makes it easy to have a career.
    Being a stay home mum is a career, you're on call 24/7. You are not just mum, you are so much more, you are the chef, driver, nurse, etc. Believe me being a stay home mum is no walk in the park.
    I did have a career. Now I raise my kids and help out in my hubby's store.
    Yes, I do work online and that's mainly to keep me sain, something to retain my independence. Did I mention I also tutor kids?
    My son(6) told his Dad the other day that he would love to be a woman... they have superpowers, mama can do a thousand things at once and Dad cant fry the eggs and make cereal at the same time.
  15. deen123

    deen123 New Member

    Motherhood is also a career, the difference is, you don't have a salary and you cannot quit with this job. There is no easy way becoming a mother , you have to prioritize their needs before your needs, you have to sacrifice your wants just to give what they want. I respect those mothers who gave up their careers and become a full time mom to their children, and I salute those mothers who is still working and doing her role as a mom and as a wife at the same time. Motherhood is a tough responsibility, it takes courage, a lot of patience and determination to build a good and strong foundation in their family.
  16. sybilchristie

    sybilchristie New Member

    I have favorited a career over motherhood and i dont regret it so far.That being said,i think i might have to change priorites in the near future when i reach an older age.You can rebuilt a career but cant have a child very late in life.
  17. alxoue

    alxoue Member

    From my own experience right now, I recently resign from my job because I focus on being just a house wife and a mother to my daughter. I want to focus on my child for her to grow as a good person like my mom taught me.
  18. Airabaclor08

    Airabaclor08 Member

    There is no one right answer on how to do career and motherhood—on how to “have it all.” But you can do both, and you can do both well. Remember that this struggle isn’t just a career-mom thing; it’s a human thing. People are working through all kinds of challenges—aging parents, difficult marriages, family illness. It’s just that some are more visible, some are more universal than others. There is always a trade-off to be made in life.
  19. sheng83

    sheng83 New Member

    Others might think that career is like wearing a corporate attire every day, finishing projects, and closing deals while motherhood is staying at home wearing untidy clothes and taking care of every little cute creature, babies. But for me it is just the same, the only difference is you don't get monetary payment when you are staying at home but you have a great investment that sometimes we don't realize as moms. We are rewarded with a great reward that we don't realize, it is a reward that others don't have no matter how hard they try. It is just a matter of changing your mindset for you to be happy with what you will choose.
  20. shandy3840

    shandy3840 New Member

    Being a woman, I feel lucky , the time that gives much more opportunities for women. It’s hard to imagine nowadays that it wasn’t always like that, and there were times when women were not allowed to go to the university and their main task was to stay at home, cook and look after the children. These days women can make an astonishing career and work in every area they like. But building a career and being entirely devoted to one’s work isn’t easy and requires a lot of time and efforts. Of course, if this is something a woman likes and wants to do in life, she would by no means be devoted to the work and be rewarded afterward. But what if there comes a moment in a woman’s life when she decides she wants to have a baby? Does it mean that her career is over?
    Opinions towards this issue vary. Some people would claim that a woman does have to choose between the career and the family and decide what is more important for her. And there are different articles and suggestions written for women on I think we should always have priorities in everything we do in life.Coz for me Why choose between career or motherhood if we can do both.
  21. jpearl2328

    jpearl2328 New Member

    Choosing motherhood over career is a mutual decision that my husband and I seriously agreed upon. From the time I gave birth to my eldest son I wanted to be a hands on mom. Finances at that time hinder our plans. Opportunity came when my husband transferred to another company, he was offered a salary enough for us to give up my career and focus on our kids. Now I'm enjoying my ultimate dream job, being a full time homemaker and mom to two boys.

    Whatever we prefer, career, motherhood or both, we can always show our unique strength as a woman.

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