Cash or credit card?

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  1. Juliusalindog

    Juliusalindog New Member

    I prefer cash because it's hassle free,You don't have to register on something,Have a card and swipe,And unlike credit card that will make you full of debts with high interests,It has no interests because it's your own money.
  2. toneth

    toneth New Member

    Based on my experience, I was once mistakenly used credit card. A small amount of money turned into a bigger one due to accumulated interest it incur since I wasn't able to pay the amount due on time. Because of the big amount due, I did not settle it. I am waiting for a call from the bank, hoping that the interest will be waived but while waiting, it turns out that even my parents got bothered because the law office also called my hometown just to push me to pay my obligation. But later on, since I think they know that I will not be able to settle the principal plus the interest, they gave me a fair offer just to pay it in full. Since then, I still do have a credit card but I am not using it. I always use cash. But, me and my husband are thinking and planning to put up some kinda small business, we are thinking to consider using credit card since we can't afford to pay all the bills using cash. Using credit card is also good but we should know how to use it correctly and wisely.:):):)
  3. Kynnedy Cole

    Kynnedy Cole New Member

    I prefer cash. Where i live there is a lot of credit card scamming at gas pumps. People use their cards at the pumps and scammers use machines that read a card and card information is sent through a system of hackers. It's terrifying.
  4. ann2195

    ann2195 Member

    I prefer cash than credit card. In cash I would know how much I am spending than using credit card. In cash I would always prepare when things have to be paid in cash. And in our country cash payments are everywhere because we are kind of late in development especially when you are at parking area or going to a private restrooms I always need a cash.
  5. cefotax

    cefotax New Member

    I prefer credit cards.Almost everywhere accept credit cards today in days and if you lose your wallet , you just need call to the operator of your credit and you not will lose anything.

    WHIZMONEY New Member

    Cash is the most prefered mode because the liability ends then and there whereas credit card only gives the comfort of cashless transactions. Credit card may get easy access to anything from anywhere and may give privilege and satisfaction. But at the end of the day you have to settle through cash.
  7. Emmaz

    Emmaz New Member

    In my opinion, I think that some policies in a particular country determines whether most of people's transactions are handled either by cash or credit cards. The reason why I'm saying this is because some countries operate mostly on cashless economy where you hardly see anyone comclude transactions using cash. Credit cards or debit cards are the mostly acceptable means of payment.

    But some countries such as the developing nations hardly take credit cards. They prefer payment by cash. This is actually as a result of lacking behind when it comes to following the development the other parts of the world is experiencing. African nations are still a little bit behind in terms of running a cashless economy which is why they prefer cash transactions.

    Personally, I don't have any issues with making use of either cash or credit/debit card in taking care of my transactions. In fact, I'm more comfortable having both cash and credit card or debit card with me should the shopping mall where I intend buying from prefers a specific means of payment. This would help me not be embarrassed if I wasn't with their recommended means of payment.
  8. Albrenny

    Albrenny Member

    Even though cash is easy and comes with no extra fees I prefer credit card. I use my credit cards for business because it’s convenient and I use my credit cards for leisure mainly traveling. Nowadays, with all these money back apps I tend to make money off of using credit card rather than going into the store and purchasing with cash. Plus the mileage points and benefits for using your credit card is a bonus.
  9. Anubhav Khare

    Anubhav Khare New Member

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  10. rjhaye

    rjhaye New Member

    Pain of payment can curb the impulsive responses, and thus reduce the purchase of such vice products. Since paying in cash feels more painful than paying by credit or debit cards, paying in cash can reduce the purchase of unhealthy food items
  11. reddragon888

    reddragon888 New Member

    I prefer credit card over cash since I think credit cards are more secure than having a cash. Living in a third world country where anyone can easilly take your hard earned cash money would often let you think of how to secure your money, for me paying via credit card is a more secure way; once your card is stolen, just ask your bank to cancel the card and have it replaced and delivered to you. There are also alot of promos when youbused your credit card, you can either have cashback from tour transaction or earn points for your transactions then exchange for goods.
  12. Blues145

    Blues145 New Member

    I prefer debit cards over cash and I do not use credit cards. Carrying cash is risky, there is always the possibility of losing it or having it stolen. Debit cards can be lost or stolen as well, but they can be replaced and any illegal spending will be reimbursed as well. Also, with cards there is usually an online transaction log. That is very handy for keeping track of your spending.
  13. EMILIO

    EMILIO New Member

    I prefer credit card or debit card because nowadays it is not safe to carry cash and in large purchases credit card is more convenient because you can opt to pay in installment. Using credit card should involve self discipline because you will be tempted to purchase anything which you will not need later on. Be responsible use credit that you can pay in full every month.
  14. ahjie

    ahjie New Member

    CASH! i hate credit card as i have a bad experience having that i will never ever. Big No to credit card, if i want or need something to buy i will just save money and buy it cash.
  15. I prefer Credit Card. I feel secure when I have Credit Card than when Money is in my Pocket. Nowadays, once someone notices that you're walking with a huge sum of money don't think they will let you go. Also Money present in my account can guarantee me Loan in the future.
  16. jhayc06

    jhayc06 New Member

    Well, For me it depends upon the situation, I prefer to use cash if i'm in the restaurant i paid cash, Because some of the restaurant receive a paid in cash, but if i'm in the market i prefer to use credit card it's easy to take in the pocket and also faster transaction no need to count in the cashier. I prefer to use also credit card when i'm paying my bill in the hotel. and it's more important in credit card if you want to buy something, Because it is sale today and you have not enough cash use your credit card so you can buy you want on that day.
  17. Yanivosso

    Yanivosso New Member

    Well I personally miss the good old times of cash that way I actually spend less because I see the cash leaving my pocket.. no doubt that credit cards make the world much simpler ..but I’ll be honest I spend way more with my credit card ..
  18. zenhashy

    zenhashy New Member

    The answer to your question depends really on where you lived. Some countries are open in accepting credit cards in any kind of transactions while some countries, like Japan, are traditional in dealing their every day means and ways. People in Japan prefer accepting cash than plastic money.

    Personally, I prefer cash. In using cash I can maintain my self-control. I can prevent myself from overspending. When you are out of cash you know that it is already your limit. Unlike when you used credit, you may shop and then shop again even if it goes beyond your monthly salary.
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  19. BestVillain64

    BestVillain64 New Member

    Cash, cause I'll spend less. Credit cards kind of make you spend more.
  20. andrewfi

    andrewfi New Member

    I don't understand the idea that people spend more with a credit card than they do with cash. Whenever I've got cash, which is seldom as I almost exclusively use my credit card, the annoying aspect of carrying around change leads me to just tipping most of it away. Coins are heavy and rather pointless, and a real burden on the monetary system.

    Not to mention, a credit card is so much more secure. How many times have you misplaced a banknote, or received incorrect change on an item purchased. Credit cards are secured by the lending institution, and thus so much safer.

    Cash is a thing of the past.
  21. cedie0808

    cedie0808 New Member

    I personally prefer cash because I don't like credit cards. If it is a debit card, then I'm good. The reason that I prefer cash or debit card instead of credit card is that, I don't want to spend money that I don't have. That's why it's called a "credit"-card, because you're basically borrowing money from the financial institution who issued you the card plus interest. On the other hand, debit cards are different in a sense that it gives you the convenience of a credit card plus money will just be taken out of your money from you bank account directly with no interest. And hey, it's your money that you're spending if you use a debit card. For cash, same explanation, it's your own money that you're spending. Although it can be risky if you bring a large amount of cash in your wallet. So I would say just use a debit card instead.
  22. Dnemesis

    Dnemesis New Member

    I used cash more often because credit cards has a big interest if you don't pay your bill on time and using credit card has a possibility that the details of your account can be copied by hackers and use it buy in online shop thats why you need to be very carefull if you have cash or credit cards because it is a crime magnet and think of your safety first before anything else.
  23. ediehabal

    ediehabal New Member

    Credit card is way better for me because base on my experienced i got lot of privilege such as getting discount and most of all my favorite 0% installment. :)
  24. madberna

    madberna New Member

    When I'm out at the malls, I prefer to use my card because it's faster than waiting for the change. I also like to keep the cash on hand when I'm at home for when I order food or pay the courier or anything else I might need.

    I wish they would have the option to pay by card for everything because I always misplace my cash or drop money here and there.
  25. kimsolis23

    kimsolis23 New Member

    A debit card draws on money the user already has. Compulsive spenders would do well to use debit cards and avoid the temptation of credit; retailers know people usually spend more using credit cards than if they were paying cash. Interest and other charges paid by those who don't pay off their balances fund many of the user benefits offered by credit card companies .
  26. amastropaolo

    amastropaolo New Member

    I use cash most of the time. The exception is when the vender does not accept cash and requires card. The instance in which used card over cash becomes apparent is during online business transactions. If you want to buy something online, chances are that you will be paying with card. There are many sellers who do not use cash or bank account transfers or mailing checks. Cash is very simple and there is no risk of getting your card information stolen.
  27. I prefer cash or debit card because it does not have interest because credit card is still a credit or debt and it can lead you to overspending. It is almost the same with debit card the only difference you should have in debit card you should have your savings or funds in it while the credit card it should be connected to your pay check or salary.
  28. StarkPepp

    StarkPepp New Member

    I do consider myself as someone who has a good grip with her financial life. I bought my house in the Philippines when I was 23 years old while I was working as a caregiver in America. I invested in paper assets (stocks, mutual funds,etc.) around that time as well. I did all of that without using any credit cards. I was able to achieve my dream of coming home to the Philippines for good and living a simple life while working "not because I have to but because I want to". Though I have a credit card right now, but I make it to a point to pay it by the end of the month. Living a debt-free life suits me well and it allow me have options in life.
  29. I prefer cash to buy my daily needs because it is also a form of displine in spending money. You will learn how to budget your finances through that. But there is also important use on credit card like for emergency purposes only like health reasons or house repair etc..
  30. Davisho

    Davisho Member

    Prefer cash because I know how much I have after the purchase. If use my card I always have the trouble of logging in to find my balance so I don't get shammed at the check out.

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