Cash or credit card?

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  1. mw238

    mw238 New Member

    If you always pay your credit card bill fully, not just the minimum balance, there are incentives, such as cash-back deals, that allow you to virtually receive a 1-3% discount on anything you buy. This is why I always choose to pay with a credit card when the option is available. If you use credit responsibly and have a card with a good cashback deal, you can save a surprising amount of money surprisingly fast.

    The card I use has 3% cashback for groceries, 2% cashback for gasoline, and 1% cashback for everything else. When I use the card for things I already would buy, it is an effective 1-3%-off discount for products that may already have a discounted price. Some other cards have an even higher rate of cashback on certain categories that change every so often.
  2. Kanyijenny

    Kanyijenny New Member

    Buying and selling is an activity that happens each and every single minute in each and every single part of this world. exchange of goods was done in the past where people used to exchange goods for other goods they are in need of. It however had some disadvantages such as lack of double coincidence and waste of goods such as foods due to their perishable nature. This led to invention of cash or money to buy goods. This method however also has some disadvantages that make a credit card more effective in buying goods.

    Money is bulky to carry around especially in large amounts. When you want to buy something expensive, you need to carry huge amounts of money using items such as a brief case. This can be very tiring especially when you are using public transport and travelling for long distances. Cheques are also used but are rejected by some business people due to various reasons such as their ability to bounce. Credit cards are acceptable to all major businesses all over the world. They are easily portable using the purses and wallets we carry on a daily basis.

    Money is easily stolen by thieves and burglars. Social crimes have become very common in the world we live in and things such theft have become a common situation. The good news is that one cannot steal the money that you have in your credit card. This is because it is necessary for you to put in your pin before using your credit card thus making it a secure way of storing your money and condcting businesses.
  3. CASH! :laugh:

    Reliable at all times! You can use it anywhere, everywhere and anytime! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  4. angiechiong

    angiechiong New Member

    I prefer credit card. When I start using credit card, I was well aware of its bad reputation, temptation to spend more. So at the back of my mind, if you can’t resist to spend more, go for it, but make sure you can settle it all on due date.

    I used credit card because it’s more convenient. I pay everything on schedule, practically one time only. It save time and effort. It’s also easier to tract my expenditures. And of course for the rebates and perks. My motto is discipline or settle all credit cards payment on due date otherwise stay away from it.
  5. jhonuarin03

    jhonuarin03 Member

    for a middle class like me who can't afford to have a credit card.
  6. mfg13

    mfg13 New Member

    There are a lot of arguments in favour of credit cards mainly based on their safety as opposed to cash. I would like to put the other side of the argument.
    The argument against cash, it can be stolen, seems a little harsh. Credit cards can be stolen too. There is always that fear that the card will be copied or lost. For me a bigger fear than losing my cash.
    With credit cards someone is getting paid, the banks don't do it for nothing. Why give even a little of your hard earned money over to someone else. For the big ticket items use bank transfers over the internet, they have the same assurances as credit and debit cards. Cash is still king when you are looking to barter for a better deal.
  7. jean_necesario

    jean_necesario New Member

    Both are useful in different situations. We can use card when we ran out of money, but we all know that when we use cards, that's when impulsive buying happens. We buy things that we do not intend to buy, things that will not be useful, things that we can live without.
  8. kjarch

    kjarch New Member

    My husband and I use our credit cards as much as we can in order to build good credit. However, we don't spend money we don't have and we always pay off our balance in full every month. We never carry a balance so we never have to pay any interest. Although, with all the security breaches in the news recently, I do understand the appeal of using cash.
  9. Marcporms

    Marcporms New Member

    I prepared cash rather than credit, If you have cash in your hand in my opinion, you can budget it wisely, I mean you can control wasting it. While if you have a credit card, sometimes, you are tempted to use it even thought is not important, because you think you have credit card it's ok to buy, for me I think it's hard to control yourself. Just saying...
  10. anchoreztin

    anchoreztin New Member

    I have always been afraid of debt. My parents always taught me that I should always avoid borrowing money or using credit card especially if I am just acquiring things that will only be considered as "wants" and not needs. My parents has a good point because borrowing money or having debt is very risky. We can never tell what our future holds and we can never be one hundred percent sure that we will always have funds to pay for our debts.
    Both credit card and cash has their own advantages as well as disadvantages. However I would always prefer cash than plastic cards.
  11. heatmiami389

    heatmiami389 New Member

    I use cash only if the merchant gives out a big discount for paying cash. Most of the time is I used my credit card to pay bills, shop and buy grocery. Credit cards are more convenient to use in my opinion. I love my credit card because I can track all my expenses for the month. You just have to be smart enough when using it because YES it is true that you may be tempted to buy more than your budget.
  12. merl

    merl New Member

    I will choose cash, because if you use cash you don't have to think about paying debt. Because if you use credit card you incur debt so you will have your liability to pay on time or else this will have an additional charge for interest. If you can't control yourself in spending I think its better not to have one. Though it's for convenience, but if you have bad spending habit just stick to cash payments. You'll just spend what you have in your pocket.
  13. Lady_Seah

    Lady_Seah New Member

    I prefer cash. I actually don't own either card, I just have a bank account, an ATM or prepaid card. If I want to buy something I will withdraw or earned the money before I buy it. With cash on hand, you can have better control over your finances and just withdraw money if it's really needed so you won't have to often pay for fees or interest. Debit and credit card can be a temptation just waiting for you to need them. I'd rather have peace of mind than the bank having a piece of my mind.
  14. APM1011

    APM1011 New Member

    I think I would choose cash because it doesn't have any interest when you use it. But with cash, if you lose it you may not find it or get it back.
  15. jaym24

    jaym24 New Member

    I choose both because it is very important to have a cash in your wallet.If I want to buy a things in outside the supermarket and not accepting credit cards,I have extra money in my wallet.Also credit card is important to no longer bring big amount of money.Also having a credit card is a plus advantage because in just one swipe is you are payed.Its great because less hassle to count your total money to paid.Both are important.
  16. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

  17. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    Jun 18, 2018 · Credit cards give you spending power without the inconvenience of carrying around cash. Plus, with credit cards, you can buy now and pay for the purchase in a few weeks or over a period of time. You don't have that option when you use cash for your purchases. Paying in cash means you never have to pay interest.
  18. jeffreyjose48

    jeffreyjose48 New Member

    I use cash as of this time. Its because I don't have credit card yet. But if given the opportunity, I prefer credit card because thieves could not steal money from you easily. But as to cash, through thieves and robbers your could easily be gone in just seconds. Credit cards can also be stolen but the safety measures like identification numbers can prevent the stealing.

    For the cash users like me, we'll just enjoy using it until we can get a credit card. let us just make sure that we keep our cash safe. Our cash can be safe when we open a bank account and have an ATM. Its like credit card. We can purchase through it also. But for credit card holders, its an advantage because if you have to buy something you can do it right away. Just make sure you are using your own credit card.
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  19. Jeramel0829

    Jeramel0829 New Member

    Credit cards give you spending power without the inconvenience of carrying around cash. Plus, with credit cards, you can buy now and pay for the purchase in a few weeks or over a period of time. You don't have that option when you use cash for your purchases. Paying in cash means you never have to pay interest. It is very important to note that we should spend beyond our means. Having a credit card is good but if consume or buy things within our means that's the problem will occur. We must be responsible in using credit cards.
  20. beybisha

    beybisha New Member

    Cash is much better than using credit card because in cash you know when and where to allocate your spending than credit card which sometimes resulting to impulse buying which is not important. Our mindset when we have a credit card is that it's a too long way to go means you will purchase the thing and pay that on a given period of time.
  21. deadko88

    deadko88 New Member

    for me i think it's cash, cause i dont want to pay things with my card especially paying with something that is personal, if you know what i mean... plus not al shops here in the Philippines accepts credit cards, ithink mostly just the mals and private facilities... so i prefer using cash than credit cards
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  23. jonjon1980

    jonjon1980 Member

    I think still cash is the most convenient than credit card because cash is the easiest to pay without any hustle unlike credit card sometimes it's convenient but the thing here is there is interest increase monthly when you pay monthly
  24. schesison

    schesison New Member

    Paying cash is the most convenient than paying your bills with credit cards. You already don't have enough or extra money and yet you still choose to pay via credit card? Most of credit card companies charge you with an interest and instead of saving that interest for your next bill you are wasting it in your current bills.
  25. iblissian

    iblissian New Member

    I use cash as it is more convenient for me - even for saving money, at least for now, a good old fashioned hiding place does the trick for me. I'm wary of credit cards because of issues with impulse control and just the fact that all in all it makes paying and personal finance a more complicated thing, which I don't need or want. Debit cards, on the other hand, I'd wager are the best of both worlds - still very convenient, but no interest rates, no risk of spending too much from a lack of care or attention, and I'd recommend everyone look into debit cards as a valid option and way of paying.
  26. Ariadne

    Ariadne New Member

    I use cash, especially when I go shopping. With a credit card it is easier to spend more than we intend to. With cash we can´t spend more than what we had planned. It is perfect to avoid temptations and to control spending. There´s another reason why I use cash. I love to touch, smell and count money. I wish I could swim on it like uncle scrooge does.
  27. IcyPrometheuslol

    IcyPrometheuslol New Member

    I use cash becuase it’s eaiser to pay there then with a credit card you have to pay bills with the bank app. And like Ariadne said you can spend more with credit card.
  28. fredtej

    fredtej New Member

    I would say that both forms of payments are useful in some situations. Cash payment is important in places where cards are not accepted or the merchant's system is down. While credit card is also convenient if merchants are accepting cards and if you are shopping online. It is less hassle and no need for you to bring a bulky purse because all you need to have is your credit card. Cash and credit card are both interesting in the eyes of thieves though. Pickpockets steal your cash while online scammers steal your card information. We just have to be very careful on how we manage our hard earned money.
  29. joybitzee

    joybitzee New Member

    I prefer cash than credit card. I really don't find any reason to get a credit card. Why buy things you can't afford today? You will just end up working double to pay the unnecessary items you purchase today in the future. Buy only the things you can afford base on the money you have in your hand right now. If there's a credit card on your hand, the temptation to buy things you can't afford is always there.
  30. jparag777

    jparag777 New Member

    I will always prefer a credit or debit card over cash anytime. It is very safe, secured and the most easy way to carry on any transaction. The only drawback of card payments is that card payment is not accepted everywhere . Especially when you are doing very small transactions like buying groceries in small shops, or buying fruits and vegetables etc. Here the seller won't accept a card payment from you . One has to rely on cash for these transactions.
    Using Cash has so many drawbacks that if one could use card or online payment everywhere,there would have been no need to spend money on printing currency.
    Card and online payment is undoubtedly the best way to do your transactions

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