Cat or Dog person?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Tina D., May 12, 2013.

  1. Tina D.

    Tina D. New Member

    Are you a cat person or a dog person? I love cats. I like dogs too, but you have to walk them and clean them and teach them things. Cats are so much easier. They clean themselves, walk themselves and many can even hunt. You don't need to teach them not to jump on your guest and not to bark at the mail man. And they give you gifts too. My cat has so far brought me two dead mice and one that was very much alive ;).
  2. SaucyGlo

    SaucyGlo New Member

    I've always been a cat person, quite possibly because I was attacked by a dog when I was 5 years old (luckily my Mom pulled the German Shepherd off me before it could bite me). My friends call me "the cat whisperer" because cats seem to be drawn to me and let me "pill" them even when the owners cannot. I've always had a special bond with my cats, and they with me. My dearest cat, who died of cancer last summer, would accompany us on camping trips in our RV, and even learned to walk on a leash. Although I am no longer afraid of most dogs and do not dislike them, I've never been especially fond of them -- nor them of me.
  3. Phresholishis

    Phresholishis Member

    I like cats better than dogs, because they are on autopilot! You don't need to maintain them like you need ot maintain dogs. All you have to do is feed them, clean the litter, and show them attention every once and a while.
    Dogs, on the other hand, are great as well. They can be amazing companions, but at a cost. They require a lot of hard work and devotion. Plus they smell. :p

    Cats are petter in my opinion.
  4. cyberian

    cyberian New Member

    I love dogs. I have both, but I personally prefer dogs over cats. Cat's have this "feed me and go away" attitude to them, while dogs will always be in your face, loving, loyal, and very playful.
  5. missgyd1

    missgyd1 New Member

    I would have to say cats, because they are easier to maintain, even though they have attitude for days. They pretty much take care of themselves. Although, I will take in a toy dog in a heartbeat, (shih-tzu, pomeranian, chihuahua). I am not a fan of big dogs. I think a cat and a small dog have a tendency to become the best of buddies.
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  6. Emily Jackson

    Emily Jackson New Member

    For years, I made it known that I was not a fan of cats and would not allow one in my home. About 6 months ago, my husband talked me into adopting a 9yr old cat from the local Humane Society. Either I got lucky with him or I just didn't give enough credit where it was due. I love having him around!! For the most part, he is very independent.
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  7. phoenixface

    phoenixface New Member

    I just recently discovered that I was no longer allergic to cats when I found a stray at my old apartment complex. A cat is a good pet to have if you live in an apartment or a dwelling without much space to move around. Dogs need much more room and attention and you shouldn't keep one in a small apartment. I love both types of animal, but I have had more experience with dogs so I guess I am a dog person.
  8. Eroz

    Eroz Member

    I've never had a cat nor a dog. If I had to choose though, I'd probably go with a dog. They seem to know their place as "domesticated animal" more than cats. That is to say they seem more obedient. It's like cats view humans as their pets rather than the other way around.
  9. Clare V. Roe

    Clare V. Roe New Member

    I am a dog person purely for reason that they make such excellent companions. Our dog's personality is larger than life and that comes from all the love and attention that he gets from us. My husband goes away often and if it wasn't for our dog, I would be terribly lonely. Our dog gets walked three times a day (he's my personal trainer), he goes with me everywhere in the car, waits while I shop and watches TV on the couch with me. I personally don't think that you can get the same love and companionship from a cat.
  10. Zeric064

    Zeric064 New Member

    Well, I have a house full of pets but I would have to say I enjoy the company of my felines more so than my canines. I still love my dogs but my cats are always so funny and entertaining. I suppose it really depends on what your pet is like. I have one cat I am really fond of. She is very energetic and extremely affectionate. She also comes when she's called! I do of course have cats that just lay around all day and do nothing as well.

    I will never stop liking dogs, but most of the time I prefer to be around my cats.
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  11. ASKS2912

    ASKS2912 New Member

    Dogs! Love my dogs so much. They are amazing clever animals with so much unconditional love to give! Their loyalty is something humans should take note of!
  12. Terrible Ms.Tech

    Terrible Ms.Tech New Member

    I grew up with cats, as my Dad was bitten by a dog when he was very young and it rather put him off them for life. Our family cat taught me to walk, tolerated my clumsy toddler hands all over him and was older than me when he eventually passed away, aged 18. Nobody was surprised that my first words were, "Cat... cat.... cat!"

    Given that I escaped my Dad's misfortune, having thus far been unbitten by any dogs, I like them too. I just happened to be a kid who was never going to be given a puppy, no matter how much I asked.

    Oddly, it seems to be that 'cat-people' do tend to like dogs also, whereas a significant proportion of 'dog-people' really don't like cats. Go figure.
  13. SandroHDI

    SandroHDI New Member

    I love cats :)
    They are beautiful animals for their fur (whatever color), proud bearing, agility and eyes, which are sweet and mysterious at the same time.
    With their owners, cats are docile companions, playful, all good. They can be aggressive with strangers, but with the people of the house they are very well behaved
    But they are not always aggressive, many are affectionate with everyone. If by chance you can no longer keep your kitty, you can donate it to someone you trust, because it is able to adapt to a new home. Moreover, even given the cat will never forget you, you just appear he comes running, even loving their new owners.
    They bathe alone make the needs and bury the box, like a clean and not without miam. Can I stay outside for a day or two and my cat turns well alone, if I travel for longer, just call someone to drop by at home everyday.
    They are affectionate but are independent, have their own life and are very easy to care for. They are very curious habits and is a delight to see how will changing from puppies to adulthood.
    Last week I was in bed and my kitten slept with me for several days until I restore them, they are the best company when we have a problem. Watch tv "study" on our side, "helping" with household chores and make company at breakfast.
    I love to come home in the evening, even tired from work, forget everything when my pussy comes running and throws herself on the floor asking warmth in the belly.
    Cats are all good!! :p
  14. tbanny

    tbanny New Member

    I used to be a cat person, but as I got older I came to love owning a dog. Dogs are definitely a lot of work, but it is more rewarding in the long run. I wouldn't trade mine for anything in the world, despite how needy she is.
  15. JTLewis93

    JTLewis93 New Member

    Although cats are very interesting and relaxing to be around, I have to say that I like dogs more. Nothing beats the loyalty and companionship of man's best friend! I like the fact that you must bathe and walk your dog because, to me, it's somewhat of a relaxing, bonding experience.
  16. krosis

    krosis New Member

    Cats have a good reputation of being a pet. They are not annoying, they mind their own business and they are clean. (and they always land on their feet;)) meanwhile dogs always annoy you, they want to steal your attention from anything or anyone, they tend to leave a mess everywhere and they easily get dirty. But despite of those mentioned above, I am a proud and very happy owner of a dog. These beasts, or should I call them angels, are just adorable. They love you and always will. They are pretty loyal and just sees you as someone they can't live without. :D
  17. slaming

    slaming New Member

    It has to be dogs, the problem with cats is your something that gives them what they want, I just feel like they are trying to own me. But with a dog they are always excited to see you and happy and will listen. I like the fact that you can train a dog it gives you a chance to gain a good bond with the pet.
  18. francis675

    francis675 New Member

    That's like trying to choose between arms and legs! Both are awesome and have different qualities! That said, I do love playing with cats, despite my allergies!
  19. WhiteCatWrites

    WhiteCatWrites New Member

    I used to be a cat person until I got dogs. Now that I find myself with both dogs and cats, I have discovered I cannot be in one camp or the other, I am both, equally.

    Cats are very easy to take care of for many reasons. The most obvious reason is that I don't have to get up at all hours of the day and night to take them outside to conduct their business. All I have to do is a simple scoop through a cat litter box once a day, and an exchange of litter, from dirty to fresh, once a week.

    Additionally, cats don't tend to need constant attention, 24 hours a day. They are ok with you playing with them for about 10 minutes and then letting them on their own. Cats are completely capable of entertaining themselves with toys, paper bags, cardboard boxes and even random bugs in the house. This easy care is part of what makes cats so enjoyable.

    On the other hand, dogs are a lot of fun. If I'm bored and just want to get out of the house, all I have to do is attach a leash to my dogs and walk out the front door with them. This is what I like to call, "instant entertainment". My dogs find everything to be the most exciting thing they have ever experienced. They see another human, they are beside themselves with joy. A squirrel runs up a tree, they are transformed back in to their wolf ancestry and need to hunt. A leaf blows across the road, it must be examined, right now!

    Even though most of the time dogs act like human toddlers, they can be very serious. If someone is trying to break in to my house, the dogs will make a huge scene. They will bark, snarl, growl, run up and down the stairs, whatever it takes to let the intruder know, that is not acceptable. According to my dogs, if you even think about looking at the house, you are an intruder.

    Cats and dogs each have their own negatives but they also have their own positives. It has become clear to me that comparing cats and dogs is like comparing an apple to an orange. Neither is better than the other, both are good. Although at the time of writing this, they are equally testing my limits.
  20. Tinstars

    Tinstars New Member

    I'm a dog person at heart but I love cats too. I've been living in a household with cats for the first time in my life and I think they're awesome, even though I don't really understand their underlying motivations the way I do with dogs. In general I just like animals that are quirky and have a lot of personality, and you can get that in both cats and dogs.
  21. girlinstatic

    girlinstatic New Member

    Ah, this is a very hard question for me to answer. I like both for their unique traits and have had a multitude of both animals through my life. I find cats very self sufficient, easy to train, strong headed and independant which I love about them. I feel some cats are too intelligent for their own good at times and know exactly how to get what they want! I find them cleaner than dogs also. Dogs however have unending loyalty to their owners and are more laid back, I find them more loving in general but harder to look after than cats as you have to take them for walks multiple times per day, which is fine if you have the time! They do need more of a time commitment as they can't be left for very long if you work long hours, but with dogs you are rewarded tenfold if you can devote the time needed as there is nothing like the loyalty and companionship a dog can give. I am a proud cat AND dog person, it just depends where I am at in my life.
  22. Sean Botha

    Sean Botha New Member

    I am more of a dog person myself. Many people say that dogs are more work, and this is true. The fact is that we made them that way, we have an obligation towards dogs, they are our closest companions. I just like to look at my dog sometimes and think about how both of our ancestors had a symbiotic relationship which is a big reason we are so successful as a species. We owe a lot to dogs.
  23. amigdals

    amigdals New Member

    It seems that most people in the thread are cat people, and for the same reasons that I am. A cat essentially takes care of itself. Depending on how invested one is and how much interaction one desires will affect the type of pet you prefer.
  24. LouKea

    LouKea New Member

    I've always been a cat person myself, and now have earned myself the 'Crazy Cat Lady' title within the family!
    I have 3 cats myself, and can safely say they cause me less stress and worry than 1 dog alone. We currently have my Mom's dog living with us and he's just a nightmare. Barking every 10 seconds, eating everything in sight, jumping all over the sofas and terrifying every person that walks through the door, meanwhile my 3 cats are upstairs calmly eating, sleeping or quietly rolling around. No competition!
  25. _unnatural_

    _unnatural_ New Member

    i'm personally a dog person, i like to have a companion by my side. Cats are great, but they don't have the ability to protect you from harm really. Also, coming home to see a super excited ball of fur that's missed it's owner more than anything, leaping towards you like a big friendly lion is the greatest thing in the world! :)
  26. Whahey!

    Whahey! New Member

    I was 100% a cat person, as all my life I grew up with cats. I now have two cats myself a maine coon and a tabby cat, I love my fur babies but last year I fostered a 10 day old lurcher pup, I bottle fed her from day one and ever since she has been by my side, like a sticking plaster! My cats are the best, I mean they are very affectionate towards me but not as much as my dog! She just oozes love all the time, she's always so happy to see me. She literally counts the seconds until I'm home from work, waiting patiently by the front door, where as my two cats are upstairs asleep in there beds not one care in the world! I thought I was a cat person until I got a dog!
  27. jonjon1980

    jonjon1980 Member

    Cats! I really love cats my stress reliever before, during after work before I go to work until going home always my cats are lovable
  28. khian

    khian Member

    uhmm i think i'm a dog person i love dog and i really really like to have a dog in my house they very loveable .
    and they proctect you and your family at all times..
  29. rosinovapolo23

    rosinovapolo23 New Member

    I was little when I was started to have a cats.I really love their sweetness and cuteness.Everytime when I was in school, I'm so excited to go home to see my cats.Even when I was working their sweetness never stop.They wait me infront of our house when I got home.Until now i was super inlove and wanted to take care a cats forever.
  30. ronjezer18

    ronjezer18 New Member

    I'm a dog person because I am very approachable and happy go lucky human being. I'm very energetic and attentive all the time.
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