Cats or Dogs?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by acheno84, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. acheno84

    acheno84 New Member

    My wife and I have 6 cats and 1 dog. She loves the dog more than anything (even me sometimes... jk) and loves the cats, but would rather have a dog, while I, on the other hand, prefer cats all the way. What do you guys think and why?

    In all honesty, you could come to our house and never know we have cats at all since they're usually hidden and sleeping somewhere, minus the "couch kitten". She's usually within a foot distance of me.
  2. dvpeters

    dvpeters New Member

    Both. When I was a kid, at the height of our pet ownership we had four cats and four dogs, and it was amazing. Unfortunately, the number of dogs has declined and there are now only two dogs at my parents' house with the four cats. I still love all of them. I really think both is the way to go.
  3. SCSullivan

    SCSullivan New Member

    Cats would also be my choice. I grew up with dogs and still have one, but when it's freezing cold and snowing outside, you don't need to put your coat on and walk the cat. One of my cats is quite independent and aloof, but she is a former feral cat, and that is largely down to her earlier lifestyle. The other likes to snuggle up to me on the sofa and in bed, while the dog prefers to sleep downstairs on the couch. I love them all, but cats are definitely easier to look after, and as someone with a disability that does have a big impact on my decision.
  4. Taurus_love

    Taurus_love New Member

    Dogs would be mine because I just love them and how they protect you and how you can train them to do things. I love how smart animals are they're just amazing I love both cats and dogs, but I love dogs more. Especially the German Shepherd that's my dream dog.
  5. yaitsjonny

    yaitsjonny New Member

    I own two cats and a dog, and I tend to be much more comfortable around my dog. She is just so full of life that I can't help but smile when I see her. I also feel much more secure around my dog, despite her being a miniature Dachshund. I just feel that dogs are simply much more compassionate to their owners than a cat ever will be.
  6. Stephanie Lane

    Stephanie Lane New Member

    I can appreciate anyone who is willing to adopt and take care of any pet. But in my personal opinion and experience dogs are the way to go.

    My mother is on the verge of being an animal hoarder. She has 15 cat and, until recently, 2 dogs. All of her pets are taken very well care of and loved. Unfortunately no one can go to her house. The smell and pet dander is just overwhelming. The litter boxes take up her entire sun room and smell up the entire house. A major down side to cats.

    Dogs, on the other hand, are fairly easy to maintain. You let them out, you feed them and love them, and the unconditional love and loyalty they give you in return is unmeasurable.

    Either way you go, cats or dogs, as long as you enjoy your pet and take care of them, any amount of work is well rewarded.
  7. MindyB

    MindyB New Member

    I love them both, but I only own a dog. She is my favorite living thing in the house and everyone knows it. My husband gets a little jealous from time to time. I do own a bunny also and she is a lot like a cat. She goes in the litter box when we let her out of her cage and she is as independent as a cat. I don't have a cat because I am allergic to them. I found out that is another similarity that the bunny shares with the cat, but there is nothing that I can do about it because I refuse to give her away.
  8. monstecarlo

    monstecarlo New Member

    Dogs definitely make the best pets. They show lots of love and know how to win your heart. Cats on the other hand are not very affective and that is not he kind of pet I prefer. I think pets reflect the personality of the owner and that is the cool thing about them, in my case, dogs are literally the reflection of my personality, playful, energetic, postive and extra funny.
  9. Sheryl

    Sheryl New Member

    I have 2 dogs (both German Shepherds) and 4 cats. I like the cats because they are pretty much maintenance free. They can take care of themselves if you leave for the weekend. On the other hand, I like my dogs because they go with me everywhere and are more of a companion to me.
  10. RieanneRicks

    RieanneRicks New Member

    So I'm more of a dog person because I've had previous instances where cats would randomly swipe at me or hiss and it would scare me because I can't understand their cues. I have a dog myself and love dogs because they are clingy and like to be cuddled, not to mention their endless antics which seem to amuse me throughout the day. Also, I find that I have no need for cats if all I'm going to do is clean up their litter box and feed them. Cats seem (through my perspective) a little standoffish and don't want to be petted.
  11. Michelle Thompson

    Michelle Thompson New Member

    Although I have one cat, I do prefer dogs. I think I enjoy the company of dogs more than cats because they tend to show more expression than cats do. When I get home from work at the end of the day my dog barks, wags his tail, gives me kisses, and even smiles at me. My cat on the other hand, does nothing except hide or sleep. Obviously we can all tell when our dogs are happy or sad, but who can really tell when it comes to a cat? Cats are loners except when they feel like being around people. I enjoy interacting with my dog, and seeing his excitement and joy.
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  12. Hollie Harris

    Hollie Harris New Member

    Cats all the way. We're very alike. I have two cats and you'd struggle to tell me apart from them. We all spend a lot of time lounging around, complain loudly when we're hungry, hide from visitors and rub our cheeks all over everything.

    I appreciate the independence and self-containment of cats. You can leave them to do their thing and they'll be fine for ages, and they don't feel obliged to bend to your will, just the same way you'd like to exercise your own freedom. Then, when they're ready, assuming they don't have jerkish personalities, they will come and hang out with you and be affectionate before leaving to regain their own space, and letting you enjoy yours. And, with the right cats, just like with the right people, they will not mind and even appreciate it when you're the one to initiate first contact.

    To me, it's much more like a human relationship, or one that is more equal than the general servant-master relationship many people have with dogs.
  13. mike5

    mike5 New Member

    Dogs are better because they are loyal. Cats are just full of themselves. Dogs actually show affection. Cats don't care about you at all, as long as there's food in their bowl. I had both. Dogs want to please you. Cats want to please themselves. Dogs also come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments, giving you a lot to choose from, while cats are just cats.
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  14. excel21121

    excel21121 New Member

    Dogs! And Cats! Both have their qualities you won't see in the other. Having a dog sure is fun but they are really messy, if you ever forget to clean up after them, your house will surely stink. I own a Shih-Tzu and a Golden Retriever, the smaller one is manageable even if you forgot to clean after her but you won't get away with a larger dog because his poop and his urine puddle is way larger than the smaller dog! Cats on the other hand is easy to potty train and they are almost self-cleaning, so managing them is very easy. If you want to play with them, you can just get out a toy and the fun starts, they retain their kitten like behavior even when adults.

    I own 2 dogs and 3 cats, if they're happy, then I'm happy!
  15. AmberT15

    AmberT15 New Member

    Dogs! :laugh:

    Because they're cuddly and they're fun to be with (in my opinion). You can teach them tricks and when you walk them a lot of people will be fascinated by your pet!
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  16. polacchina78

    polacchina78 New Member

    I love animals in general, but I much prefer the cats , I've always lived with these furry little friends , I find them adorable , they are autonomous and calm , the right company in the hours of study and reading. I think that cats can teach us to be alone and to get by in difficult situations
  17. Mc Kresa

    Mc Kresa New Member

    They're just different. Dogs and cats are like people - they have different characters and needs. I've had both over the years and contrary to what many non-cat people believe, cats are highly intelligent, just as intelligent as dogs. you have to take care of both and each will show you love and follow you no matter what.
  18. SophieH

    SophieH New Member

    Definitely dogs! They offer lots of love whenever you need it,they engage and they do a lot to help us in a variety of ways.
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  19. LCameron

    LCameron New Member

    Can I pick both!? I love both of them so much. I am a huge animal lover. I even donate part of my paycheck twice a month to the Human Society. Dogs and cats are very different in so many ways. Cats are very easy to take care of and are so independent, as most of you know. Dogs have to be trained, but once you do they are so great to have around. They are truly a "man’s best friend". My sister had a dog named Jorgge, that i'm pretty sure he thought he was human. He was a great role model to so many dogs and to this day he is the best dog I have ever had the privilege of loving. Growing up I used to think cats were the best. My best friend had a cat named Milo that used to leave birds and all other kinds of little animals on the front porch to try to provide for us. He was sooo cute. When he wanted to go outside he would meow at the door and then when you opened it up for him he would meow again to say thank you. They even worked on getting him potty trained, by putting a small bowl with kitty litter in the toilet and then slowly removing it till he just squatted over it without the bowl. It was too funny! He would get embarrassed whenever we saw him starting to do it, so when he saw us he would jump down. We eventually had to start tip toeing around the bathroom door.
  20. victoria martini

    victoria martini New Member

    I like cats way more then dogs. I simply do not have the patience or time to devote to a dog. Cats are so simple! You feed them and give them a little attention and they are happy. I don't have to worry about making sure they go outsidea because they go to the bathroom in a box I can hide in a room. They are extremely independent and are not clingy . I have a new baby so all my time needs to be devoted to the baby not the family pet. Cats can be a handful on occasional but they are not nearly as hard to handle as a dog or a puppy.
  21. pheng1643

    pheng1643 New Member

    I prefer cat. My daughter wants to have a cat but she has an allergy. Maybe when we will have our own home, we can have two beautiful cats.
  22. MeganSexton

    MeganSexton New Member

    I am way more of a cat person. I currently have two cats and would love to have more if my mother would let me. They are easy to take care of. I love their personalities and the fact that they aren't super needy.
  23. rooftopview97

    rooftopview97 New Member

    I've always loved the independent nature of cats more. I may be biased since I'm mildly allergic to dogs as well, but it's never stopped me from loving up on a puppy when I see one. Cats have always just held my attention more. Tey're mysterious, and even a little bit like they're still wild sometimes. Plus, when a cat wants your affection, its always felt more rewarding to me.
  24. Elizabethmae

    Elizabethmae New Member

    Cats are cute and playful but I hands down prefer a dog. Dogs are mans best friend. They listen to you and obey. They are used to rescue people, and they are used to lead the blind. They are so smart and very loyal.
  25. alexhuxley

    alexhuxley New Member

    Growing up I always had cats, but when I was a teenager we got a Boston Terrier. I was afraid of dogs for the longest time so it took some getting used to, but now that I'm used to them I definitely think I prefer dogs. They just seem more energetic and receptive to humans. Although I'd rather share my bed with my cat any day. The dog likes to take up way too much room!
  26. Andra Raven

    Andra Raven New Member

    Hello ! Well... what do we think about what exactly ? About the fact that you have different point of views ? Or what do we think about cats and dogs ? It is normal to have different opinions. As a matter of fact: you two make a good couple I would say: cat people tend to let their partners more free, while dog lovers need more from their partners. That is what they say. For the other part, both cats and dogs have their usabilities, if I can call them this way, but I am certainly a dog person (being a dog trainer actually). I would say: enjoy your life with your pets, no matter what they are - cats, dogs, snakes, monkeys... We all have a lot to learn from the animal kingdom if we learn to watch and listen.
  27. palmaran

    palmaran New Member

    Dogs, they are so much more polite.
  28. max1091

    max1091 New Member

    Of course I like dogs better
  29. Daniel Amador

    Daniel Amador New Member

    Dogs! Who doesn't like dogs?
  30. aminachahdi

    aminachahdi New Member

    i prefer cats, especially black ones !
    im so sad that i can not adopt one, because of my roommate who hates cats :(

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