Challenges of a Freelance writer

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What do you think are the other challenges of a freelance writer ? Comment below

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  1. Clients

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  2. Distractions

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  3. Time

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  1. Ibyang03

    Ibyang03 New Member

    • Getting Ideas

      Lack of ideas can be the greatest challenge of any freelancer. The reality is, you are not greater than the ideas you can get. It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelance writer or a freelance designer, the limit to your ideas is the limit to your growth.

    • Health
      As a freelance writer you can plan as much as you want, you can load yourself with as much knowledge on a subject as you can, but there is one thing that can always stop you, and you must always be prepared for it. That one thing is your health.

      Lack of ideas is a problem with a quick solution, if you fall sick you can’t do anything until you get well. Especially when the doctors start giving you their “great”(?) advice that you shouldn’t try to do anything.

  2. jparag777

    jparag777 New Member

    A Freelance writer faces challenges in many ways. First and foremost the problem of not getting paid , or getting underpaid for your work. Writing is like any other kind of art , you need appreciation and approval from your audience. If your work is not appreciated and not given its due , then it can be very demoralising for any writer.
    Like any other artist , a writer also goes through the phases of self doubt and confusion. Some questions always haunt you ,Is my writing good ? , Will people like it ?, Have I lost touch ?. You have to think positively and come out of this phase.
    Time and deadlines can be another major problem. Sometimes you have to sacrifice quality due to the plaucity of time.
    But if one loves writing then he knows how to overcome all these problems and go forward.
  3. Eric35

    Eric35 Member

    there should be a broad ideas that can easily to think and to write and it should be creative and imaginary thinking is faster that light
  4. astraherondale

    astraherondale New Member

    All three poll choices are important challenges. Aside from those, I think another common obstacle is writer's block or lack of inspiration. Sometimes, even with an understanding and detailed client, minimal distractions, and ample time to produce the output, it's still difficult to make any progress when stuck in the ditch called writer's block.

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