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    Fundraisers are greatly helpful in raising both awareness as well as money for particular causes and organizations. If you host a party or sporting events Leonard Fournette Hat , then it gives you an opportunity to come together with most of the potential donors and other high profile people. It is advisable to plan well for making the event successful.

    Initially, you need to prepare a list of guests, who may come to the event. Before finalizing the location for the event, finalize the list. You need to ensure that you give well-planned seating arrangements for your guest such as how in Kid Birthday Party.

    It is essential for you to ascertain the theme for the event. While deciding the theme Jalen Ramsey Hat , keep in mind the organization for which you are raising funds. If you desire to raise funds for sports, then you need to host the fundraiser event based on sports. Make sure that you have sponsors for hosting the event, because it may be tough to organize the event all by your own.

    The study of society is guided by sociological theories. These are perspectives of how and why some facts on the social world relate. They differ in scope from concise explanation of one social process to analytical paradigms and interpretation. Some of these theories describe aspects of our social world which facilitate future events predictions while others work as wider perspectives that guide more sociological understanding. This paper focuses on the basics of the four sociological theories their meanings, scope similarities as well as differences. In specific Gardner Minshew II Hat , the paper deals with functionalism, conflict theory, interactionism theory, and utilitarianism theory
    Functionalism theory sees the organization of the society as more vital compared to the individual. As a top-down theory Ryquell Armstead Hat , it asserts that people are born into the society and become products of all social influences as they become socialized by different institutions like the family, media, religion and education. Functionalism Theory takes the society as a system or a set of interconnected parts which jointly create a whole. A relationship exists between all these parts and socialization agents (Jayapalan, 2014). Together Quincy Williams II Hat , they contribute to the maintenance of a whole society. The key beliefs of functionalism theory are social consensus, order as well as integration. They allow the society to continue and progress from the fact that there are shared norms as well as values meaning all individuals have one goal and have a vested interest in conforming making conflict be minimal (Jayapalan, 2014). Talcott Parsons as a functionalist theorist viewed the society as a system. He said that any social system composes of four basic functional prerequisites which are an adaptation, integration Josh Oliver Hat , goal attainment, and pattern maintenance. These are seen as setbacks that society has to solve to survive. The function of any social system鈥檚 part gets understood as its contribution in meeting functional prerequisites. Talcott maintained that a social system can be analyzed through the functional prerequisites he mentioned. Hence, all society parts can be understood through the functions they perform. Emile Durkheim as a proponent of Functionalism believed that sociology is a science that can be looked at parts and functions of the society.
    Conflict Theory
    This theory was propounded by Karl Marx. It asserts that our society is in a perpetual conflict state because of competition for the limited resources. It says that social order gets maintained through domination and power instead of consensus as well as conformity. Hence, those with power and wealth try to hold on to it by any possible means Jawaan Taylor Hat , chiefly through suppressing those who are poor and without power (Jayapalan, 2014).This theory is used in explaining a wide range of social issues such as wealth and poverty, wars and revolutions as well as discrimination and domestic violence. This theory ascribes majority of critical fundamental developments in social history. This includes democracy and civil rights to capitalistic pursuits to control the society rather instead of a social order desire. Conflict theory revolves around social inequality concepts in resource division and puts the focus on the conflicts between classes. Apart from Karl Max, C. Wright Mills are regarded as the founder of the modern theory of social conflict t. In Mills鈥?approach Josh Allen Hat , social structures exist through conflict among people with divergent interests as well as resources. People and resources, in turn, get influenced by these structures and through "unequal distribution of resources and power in the society.
    In sociology, interactionism is a theoretical model in which the society is perceived to be as a result of daily social interactions among people. Rather than looking at social systems on a broader scale as the whole population of a nation or third world nations A. J. Cann Hoodie , this theory focuses on small social interactions like the interactions among people or small social groups. Some of the theorists who made great contributions to this theory are George Herbert, Max Weber as well as Herbert Blumer (Jayapalan, 2014). George Herbert is regarded as a theorist who made a greater contribution to interactionism theory. In sociology, interactionism focuses on how people act or come up with conscious decisions regarding their behavior that come from the way they interpret situations. This is to say that people do not simply react to social stimuli but rather Yannick Ngakoue Hoodie , they are social actors and they must adjust their behavior basing on actions of social peer actors.

    Jayapalan, N. (2014): Sociological theories. New Delhi: Atlantic Publishers.

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