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    You've no doubt heard the expression that once you've been severely tested Josh Jackson Jersey , you'll know what stuff you're made of. In other words, when everything is going well and you've never had a formidable challenge, you won't really know how you would react, would you? You might tell yourself that you know what you would do and even be convinced of a victorious outcome. However, how could you really know until you're face to face with life's challenges?

    During the past week or so a succession of several minor setbacks were strewn across my path. First Jaire Alexander Jersey , my miniature poodle passed away suddenly, but peacefully due to old age. It was really a blessing, even though I still had to go through the emotions. Several days later our laundry room was inundated by a downpour from the busted water heater. It took two days to be replaced as an electrician had to first be called in. Then, this morning I did the unimaginable. I locked myself out of the house with my invalid husband in bed, unable to get up by himself!

    None of the above mishaps were earth shattering in the grand theme of things. It's the emotions that get in the way. Your first reaction is: "What now?" and "How do I get out of this mess?" In all these instances the first thing I did was start praising the Lord and thanking Him for the solution. O.K. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Jersey , in all honesty it was not instantly! I know from experience and the Word that your circumstances will turn around if you:

    "Sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving, and declare His works with rejoicing." (Ps. 107: 22)

    With your mind focused on the Lord, you will begin to feel His love and peace envelope you. You can really feel it. It's best to go for a walk or sit in a quiet place. Your body may initially feel numb and tired, and you feel like curling up into a ball and hibernating somewhere until it's over. Then, suddenly Randall Cobb Jersey , His voice reaches through the fog of confusion in your mind:

    "Look unto the rock whence you are hewn, and to the hole of the pit whence you are digged." (Isa. 51: 1)

    Oh my goodness. Thanks for your revelation, Lord! I'm no longer tired, listless, down or depressed! How could I be: I am cut from the Rock Mike Daniels Jersey , Christ Jesus! (1 Cor. 10: 4) He already took my confusion and distress on the cross. He was pierced in the side for me so that I may be a conqueror!

    "We are more than conquerors through him that loved us." (Rom. 8: 37)

    If He is the Rock, then you may be a tiny pebble. But be assured; you're not shifting sand that can be washed away! You are part of the Rock! He is your strength, your shield, your salvation and your peace. You can do all things through Him who strengthens you! (Phil. 4: 13)

    It's also very important to remember the hole you were in before you accepted Him as your Savior. It will bring all your present problems into perspective! Whenever you consider where you may have been and the miracles He has already done in your life, praise and thanksgiving will come pouring out. It won't be hard to get started!

    Giving in to your negative emotions may eventually lead to depression. But Clay Matthews Jersey , once you recognize what you're made of and, more specifically, Whose you are, your emotional and spiritual mood will be lifted. Before long you will be able to soar over your problems.

    The Good News of the Gospel is really so simple. If you know Jesus Christ, then you're part of His body and all His Promises are yours for the taking! Consider what stuff you're made of and don't forget where you came from. Whatever comes your way Aaron Rodgers Jersey , big or small, you will be able to overcome together with Him! You're rock solid if you are firmly planted on the Rock!
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    Ann Stewart, author of With Wings As Eagles, aims to encourage and inspire you to become the person God has purposed you to be. Youre welcome to subscribe to her free weekly, inspirational newsletter Dexter Williams Jersey , Life Altering Words.

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