Cheating is a choice?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by jovean, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. jovean

    jovean New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Some people say that cheating is an option. I don't know about you but I would say that it is a choice. Cheating is something that we can avoid. Trying hard not to let temptations get you. You have to prevent yourself from making a move that will ruin you and your relationship with someone. There is always someone we thought that is much prettier, much smarter than your partner. It is just you who will decide on what to do. No one will stop you from doing what you want to do. Do you agree?
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  2. Gaj

    Gaj New Member

    Yes. Cheating is a choice, it is not a option at all.
  3. Yoon Hee

    Yoon Hee New Member

    I agree. We humans are RATIONAL and born with CONSCIENCE to utilize the decisions we make in life. Cheating is definitely a product of that. A person cheats because he/she never learns how to be satisfied.
  4. Rumu

    Rumu New Member

    Some folks never get satisfaction in anything they do. If you can learn to consciously control yourself, cheating won't be an option.
  5. Bea Plantar

    Bea Plantar New Member

    Ofcourse, in the first place it's us controlling our actions.
    And at the end of the day sadly, we blame others for our wrong doings.
  6. Jimmyjj

    Jimmyjj New Member

    Cheating is absolutely a choice, whether it is cheating on your spouse or significant other, (which is hopefully the same person!), or cheating on your taxes.

    While everybody is susceptible to temptations to cheat, I hope that most folks have the discipline not to give in to these temptations.
  7. LouisVaughn

    LouisVaughn New Member

    Cheating is an OPTION...

    One must think about "What is an OPTION".

    noun: option; plural noun: options
    a thing that is or may be chosen.

    Options are choices. Options are opportunities to choose and decide upon whatever or whoever one WANTS to focus their attentions, affections, attractions, and / or desires towards.

    IF you're dealing with a person who is confused by this, YOU should leave them alone. The root of the confusion is SELF-ISHNESS. It's not about you as a person. Its about them and how you FIT in their circle of possessions and selfish desires.

    If you're involved with such a person, more than likely, they're gonna cheat because their not looking at you as a valuable individual who is a blessing in their life. This person is LOOKING for that someone who is prettier, smarter, and sexier than you. They are not looking for YOU.

    If a person is looking for you, they should look for the beauty and priceless worth you are, and how the beauty and priceless worth of you, impacts their lives.

    There is an old adage:

    NEVER make anyone a priority, who only sees you as an OPTION...

  8. Ryan33

    Ryan33 New Member

    Cheating in General is both an option and a choice.

    But if you talk about relationship,
    Cheating is not even an option nor a choice.
    Cheating is Unlawful act.
    It is a sign of weakness.
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  9. maryanne1995

    maryanne1995 New Member

    Yes indeed! Cheating is a choice it's not a mistake. Mistakes are inadvertent. People who choose to cheat have made a decision and it is time they took responsibility for it instead of pretending they added up their sums incorrectly.
  10. maryanne1995

    maryanne1995 New Member

    Yes indeed! Cheating is a choice it's not a mistake. Mistakes are inadvertent. People who choose to cheat have made a decision and it is time they took responsibility for it instead of pretending they added up their sums incorrectly.
  11. maryanne1995

    maryanne1995 New Member

    Yes indeed! Cheating is a choice it's not a mistake. Mistakes are inadvertent. People who choose to cheat have made a decision and it is time they took responsibility for it instead of pretending they added up their sums incorrectly.
  12. Jaw

    Jaw New Member

    Yes. Always a choice. If u choose to please yourself and be tempted and definitely you end up making some mistakes but if you the right everything will be fall back to right place. Cause if you cheat its easy. Doing the right thing its hard but worth it.
  13. TheJoeker

    TheJoeker New Member

    If you truly believe anyone is prettier or more handsome than you're spouse of loved one, you're not in love. No matter the circumstances. Sure, there are people who are OBJECTIVELY attractive, but nothing should outweigh your spouse. Nothing at all.
  14. mhidzjhomz

    mhidzjhomz New Member

    The affair may signal that your relationship needs to end, whether you’d consciously like it to or not. Once an affair happens and has been disclosed, it forever changes the nature of your bonding with your partner, but every partner have a choice to stay or to leave..Therefore cheating is a choice.
  15. itzmee

    itzmee New Member

    A choice arises from options so cheating is both an OPTION and a CHOICE.

    In literal terms, cheating may not be directly an option, but it becomes one if you choose it or even think of it. If cheating crosses a person's mind, he/she has already considered cheating as an option. It's just a matter of when he/she will choose to do it.

    Either way, we should never make it an option so we don't have to choose it!
  16. Pb Cates

    Pb Cates New Member

    Cheating is a choice, not an ordinary mistake a man can do. If you're truly in love with someone, you will not be able to kiss someone else without tasting your loved ones tears stain your lips. You will not be able to take your clothes off for someone else without feeling like a field ripped bare to it's soil. Cheating is a choice, It's a choice you made because you obviously didn't give a single care about your relationship.
  17. Lally Rain Joaquin

    Lally Rain Joaquin New Member

    Definitely, cheating is a choice. If you are a loyal person, cheating would never, I repeat, would NEVER cross your mind. To cheaters, shame on you all. Did you never consider your partner'feelings? All they do was loved you, care for you, served you, and all you to was to cheat in return? Do you really have to cheat? Can't you just choose to be loyal? To be lovifng? To just give back the love we deserve?

    CHEATING IS A CHOICE. So please, don't choose it. Be loyal, be faitful. Dont choose to hurt the person who loves you.
  18. Mikia Solis

    Mikia Solis New Member

    Yes. Cheating is a choice. And i don't unstand why we could do that.. People out there say, "i guess it's in our nature.", but i call bull snappers. We do have a choice and i don't understand why people put there relation in jeopardy just to do that. I was in a situation once where my ex, who i was madly in love with, tried to kiss me. And I'm in a relationship. And i push his butt back before he did anything and i told my boyfriend. And you're probably wondering why i even hung out with him in first place. I was in that place where i thought it would "be cool" to hangout with an ex and just go fishing with friends. After he tried that i went home and told my boyfriend.
  19. lourizemae

    lourizemae New Member

    I strongly agree that cheating is a choice. If you are so devoted to something you're doing, you wouldn't even dare to think on looking for something else more. You would love that thing and make it as if it was you whole world. But when you cheat, it would indicate that you are not contented and satisfied in it, and you will look more for something else that will suit you well. Cheating is not a solution for everything. Try to make your own way on how to be successful.
  20. majoy0122

    majoy0122 New Member

    YES cheating is a choice why? let's put this into a relationship discussion between a lady and a man, first reason : why we cheat? because it's the easiest way to cover up something that we knew our partners will get angry, cheating is closest for lying so you CHOOSE not to tell the truth, second: since you CHOSE to LIE conflicts will come lastly, third party will intrude because you allow yourself to have an option and tested that you will not get caught easily. So who will say that CHEATING is NOT a CHOICE?
  21. peppy8

    peppy8 New Member

    Cheating is exactly a choice. Cheating does not suddenly come along without your knowing. The idea of cheating comes and it depends upon an individual if he or she will embrace it. But if you really love your partner and you are strongly committed to God, you can overcome temptations which is the starting point of cheating.
  22. Vanissa Morata

    Vanissa Morata New Member

    Cheating is very much a choice. I have been experiencing it recently and hell it hurts so much.

    The worst feeling in the whole world is being cheated on by person who think is your bestfriend in short, my husband. I am coping my emotions even up to this very moment.

    All i can do is to forgive but never forget the lessons we have learned from it.

    God is the most important third party in order to have a lasting and more mature relationship.
  23. genesis pabilonia

    genesis pabilonia New Member

    absolutely, cheating is definitely a choice. We were created rational, meaning we can identify good or bad, we can adjust to any circumstances, and we can justify things. And commonly using this justification can be a root of lying, we tend to know the goodness in the bad things in which we know that there is none. We still choose evil, cheating as to the topic, to make life easier, or do things more delightful in which against in our lifestyle, but in fact it just makes the life a lot harder. Facing reality is hard especially when cheating is done, but it's the only way to make things right, and it's the only way out.
  24. ecat

    ecat New Member

    Of course it is a choice. No one is forced to cheat. You can be a compulsive cheater, yes, but even then there is no irresistible compulsion. It's a selfish act that does nothing but harm everyone involve.
  25. CeeBern0319

    CeeBern0319 New Member

    Yes, I believe cheating is a choice. But, sometimes, especially during the first chances of meeting someone new, there is no intentions of cheating. It is a process,not of cheating,but a process of meeting new people, enjoying others company and finding someone who has the same interests like you. Then, there goes the thin line of distinction of friendship and affair. We can enjoy other's company while having a partner but be sure to set limitations, so that you will not cross the line and make mistakes of hurting the ones you love.
  26. anything_goes

    anything_goes New Member

    Indeed, it is a choice. You cannot stop temptations from coming. They’re everywhere. But, you can avoid it or prevent yourself from falling into it. Say for example, you have a boyfriend and you have this guy co-worker who happens to be your seatmate. You became close to this co-worker. Little did you know, you’re being too comfortable with him. To the point that, you missed his presence when your seats were rearranged. Suddenly, you realized that you’ve developed a special feeling towards him. It’s now different when you see him. When he’s around, you’re happier. You cannot explain that feeling.

    Then, comes the moment of truth. “How come it is not this good when I’m with my boyfriend?”, you ask yourself. “How did this happen? and what do I do about this?”, you’re thinking.

    The point is, we all have a choice in this kind of situation. The moment we felt something special to someone while we are in a relationship is a problem already. Please, stop from there. Talk to your partner. There is a problem that you need to address.

    I always believe that life is simple. I don’t know why some people make it hard for themselves. If you’re not happy anymore, then why don’t you do something about it? If you’ve exhausted all of the ways to work it out with your partner, then why don’t you just leave? It may be hard to accept things at first because some truths such as this hurts. But, you know in your heart that eventually, it will set you free.
  27. Kathsmiley

    Kathsmiley New Member

    Cheating is a choice definitely. No one ever tells a person specially matured ones to do something which is against his will. It is natural to be attracted, to idolize someone but once you do something like sending her messages and being engage to a conversation that will make both of you fall for each other then it is not right anymore.

    If you feel that you no longer have the feelings to your current partner then be true - tell her. Rather than being with her but your heart is with somebody else.

    Remember that you've been in that situation before - excited to see her, wanting to send her home, eager to meet his family. It is the same process that you've been when you first fall to your current partner. Now, if you are in that process again for another woman, think first before you cheat! Give some time for yourself to think if you can leave your current partner for the one that you think is more beautiful than her. Because some who decided to leave their partners end up losers.
  28. Nivraceel

    Nivraceel New Member

    Cheating is a choice! It is a decision! A hard decision to make specially in declining a very sexual opportunity! One should have the guts to say no and walk away from temptation if he or she is in a relationship. It is hard to say no but you have to in order for you to save what is special and important to you the most. I have done it and let myself succumbed in to the moment. After that, I had years of trouble with my life and all I have left is myself, regerets and the pain of being alone!
  29. irah cunanan

    irah cunanan New Member

    Rationally speaking, cheating is a choice. In terms of relationships however, falling in love, for me, is kind of uncontrollable. It is difficult to know who you'll fall in love with. Cheating may be a choice, but I think people commit cheating because of personal weaknesses. These weaknesses should be overcame soon to avoid hurting the ones they love.
    To wrap it up, I believe cheating is a choice, but people who have done it should not be judged by it. The human inside them deserves to be seen and heard.
  30. fastturtle

    fastturtle New Member

    Yeah, cheating is a choice, I admit that I cheated on my gilfriend before, I am not proud for what I did and I deeply regretted it. I thought my girlfriend wouldn't found out but she did, she was really hurt that time. She asked me why I did that to her, if she did something wrong to me and I couldn't give her a proper explanation she cried so hard and then we broke up. But I was moved because she didn't even tell her family about what I did and she cover up just for me to look a decent man infront of her family. I was really ashamed that time and i don't know what to do. That time I realised how i love her and how important she is to me so I started courting her again after a few months of break up until she forgive me and she gave me a another chance. Now we are still together for 10 years and soon to be husband and wife.

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