Cheating is a choice?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by jovean, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Sheena Abines

    Sheena Abines New Member

    Cheating is a choice, not a mistake. When people cheat they are fully aware of what they are doing so they have no excuse saying that cheating is a mistake.Cheating, by definition, is being unfaithful to somebody and intending to mislead or deceive for personal gain. There are two types of cheating: first is physical cheating is being sexually intimate with someone other than your partner. It’s the most common form of cheating. Men and women perceive being cheated upon very differently. Men view it as an emasculation and a form of physical rejection. Women try to provide explanation for the physical indiscretion if they feel that no emotions were involved. Second, Emotional cheating is a desire for a close emotional bond. This type of cheating may start off as an innocent friendship. “An emotional cheater may consist of sharing thoughts, dreams, and an emotional closeness that would normally be seen as doing that with their spouse/mate.” But either way when you love a person, tell them and when you don't, tell them.
  2. Joriene Villa

    Joriene Villa New Member

    Cheating is a conscious act of a person, thus making it a self made choice. Cheating does not happen overnight, it is a process that started out from a small thing and then invested with time and effort which eventually lead to hurting another person. When you already have a significant other, why do you even make a time of the day to entertain another person? why do you even consider the thought of being with someone else? the mere fact that you exerted an effort makes a no rebuttal that cheating will always be a choice.
  3. bel

    bel New Member

    Yes! Cheating is a choice. Because each person has it's on mind. We can decide on our self if what we are doing is right or wrong. That's why their is a YES or NO or LEFT or RIGHT because we always have options or choices and it will depend on you if you choose to cheat or stay faithful. Always remember that every actions or choices there is always a karma as the saying goes "what comes around comes back around".
  4. Sam A

    Sam A New Member

    I most definitely agree that cheating is a choice. Even when the person who was unfaithful tries to justify it as a "drunk mistake" or use the excuse "I wasn't sober", it is still a choice regardless. It was in your head still, sober or not, if you are in a relationship and you cheat because you "weren't sober" is in my opinion a pathetic excuse. I've been cheated on, and that excuse was thrown at me, I then told him right back that if you can't handle yourself enough to respect me when I'm not around you, then you aren't a man and shouldn't be in a relationship with a woman. I left him then and there and I do not regret it one bit.
  5. revina

    revina New Member

    Cheating is always a choice! You definitely know the difference between what is right or wrong.
    You can choose whether to stay loyal to your partner or still look for someone else.
    But, why people cheat? Simply because they don't know the word "contentment"
  6. Leotwin2

    Leotwin2 New Member

    Yes everything we do is a choice and I believe cheating is known deep down as wrong. It has no excempt status from being a choice. Just be honest and tell your significant other, you need attention or time to go!! No need to cheat. Be real save the drama
  7. rosebud1

    rosebud1 New Member

    I don´t think so. You cheat to yourself
  8. bjacoby23

    bjacoby23 New Member

    Of course.

    I mean temptations are real, but temptations don't extort or force you to do said action. For example, it is a choice to eat 5 pieces of cake in one sitting, or eat pizza nightly. Both of these things are tempting but at the end of the day, you make the conscious choice to do so, much like with cheating.

    Here is the next question: would it even be considered "cheating" if you were extorted into being unfaithful?
  9. Hyde05

    Hyde05 New Member

    For me cheating also depends on how you strongly love your partner and what the relationship status is at the moment. We can easily fall in love but keeping a relationship is the hardest part of it. Both partners must work to maintain it, keep the fire burning. I don't know what goes through the mind of a cheater, but definitely he knows what he's doing. He maybe doesn't give a damn for the consequences after he cheat. All I know is the pain and the betrayal you'll feel when your partner cheats on you.
  10. autumn_madison

    autumn_madison New Member

    Definitely a yes! It's not like an accident that one didn't see it coming, there are preceding events that can lead up to cheating. Although people make mistakes, cheating is a mistake that one chose to commit. We are given free will so we can decide for ourselves and some people chose to cheat rather than choosing to do what's right. Being loyal is a responsibility and a commitment. I hate to listen to excuses that it was just a mistake. No! You made that choice. Deal with the consequences!
  11. Ma. Luisa D. Jose

    Ma. Luisa D. Jose New Member

    Cheating is a sin, and its our choice, at the very beginning we know our status in life, married or had already a boyfriend/girlfriend, if you are not happy with them, then tell them the truth, everyone needs the truth whether it hurts. Its better to be alone than living with someone who is not contented on what they have.
  12. budeman

    budeman New Member

    Yes specially in relationship. Cheating for me is a choice because you will never cheat if you truly love him/her. There's no good or valid reason for us to cheat. Cheating is shit and a bad choice it means you're not happy to be with him/her so you can easily cheat with him/her. Just be fair to your partner stay happy together :)
  13. BobDamianJah19

    BobDamianJah19 New Member

    Absolutely yes, cheating is a choice not a mistake i hate people saying i made a mistake by cheating on you. They know what is right or wrong. It not arguable cheating is always a choice.
  14. ken123

    ken123 New Member

    Cheating is always a choice. But I personally would not recommend any one to do it. It is not right to cheat on anybody. Cheating is the act of getting something that is beneficial to one's self e.g., pleasure, money, material things, etc. in the expense of something that is good. For example, there is goodness in taking examinations because through it, we are able to measure our capabilities. But if a person cheats in an examination, the former has taken away the good use of the latter. Another example is the infamous idea of a man cheating his woman. The same concept would apply. The man has robbed something that is good in their relationship as a couple - the good trust of the woman is now vilified into unpleasant distrust. In either of the examples, one can also observe that it is not only the goodness residing from external elements - the exam, the woman, the relationship, etc., are being depleted of goodness, but also the goodness that which resides in the internal - in one's self. In actuality's end, there is just no win-win situation after cheating.
  15. Val Chakri Hinoguin

    Val Chakri Hinoguin New Member

    Ya, Cheating is a choice for people who really don't care of feeling of others. They believe that they cheat because something lacking of their partner. Some people so many reason why they cheat but they have an explanation for certain situation. Whatever you explain cheating is not good for relationship they can destroy it. So we need to avoid to cheating to avoid also to hurt our own love one's.
  16. bullet0426

    bullet0426 New Member

    Yes, it's a choice. If your relationship with your partner in a difficult situation, you two need to talk what is the problem about your relationship. Don't make a decision or plan to break what you have now. Calm yourself to decide and think more what you need to do. Try to communicate with your partner so that both of you can know what is exact you really feel. Don't cheat, if you do that the day is coming when you will repent.
  17. 3xkei

    3xkei New Member

    It's a choice. You can avoid it. Its a temptation, you can let tempt you or not.
  18. SomethingClever

    SomethingClever New Member

    Cheating is definitely a choice, in my opinion. I believe when it comes to making a healthy relationship last, it takes a lot of forgiving, because no relationship is prefect and mistakes will be made. I'm not saying that's all it takes for a relationship to work nor am I saying you should lower your standards or self-worth. However, with that being said, cheating is an unforgivable act in my eyes. When deciding to lay with or kiss another person, you as the cheater, is saying that the relationship you are in right now has no worth to you and the person who are in a relationship with has no worth to you. If you ever find yourself wanting to cheat on your partner, you need to end that relationship because your partner does not deserve that type of disrespect or you need to talk with your partner and try to save that relationship.
  19. Karen020588

    Karen020588 Member

    Yes its a choice. If you choose a new one towards your past relationship, its a choice. Thats why we have to think if we are having a good choice because its now or never! For me, in a relationship, i always look back in Happy times/good times. I have 11yrs relationship now l, before we always argue even in the most small things (and that makes me feel :( ) i realized that i waste so much time with wrong choices. Now, we have plan to get married and we dont fight much like before. I want my partner to feel how much love i can give him. Its about
    Being CONTENTED.

  20. LenaS

    LenaS New Member

    I feel like an option and a choice are the same thing. You can have many options and you have to choose at least one. Cheating happens because there are many options as to whom you'd wanna sleep with. I guess it comes down to what type of person you are and if you're fully committed to 1 person only. If you can cheat and live with the knowledge that you may completely destroy someone then you're choosing to be a crappy human. You have the option to not be so crappy.
  21. grey.sam

    grey.sam New Member

    Cheating will always be up to you! It's a choice, just like in everything is this world, we need to choose what we want, have or need to do and depends on what you choose, you need to always be prepared for the consequences it brings.

    So always stay away from temptations, as they say, you can never win over temptations, the best way possible it is to avoid it.
  22. savw

    savw New Member

    Cheating is most definitely a choice. I'm sure that most people have the temptation to cheat but that's where the choice comes in. When faced with the temptation of cheating you can choose to walk away and not cheat or you can choose to give in and cheat.
  23. dbfcacho1

    dbfcacho1 New Member

    Definitely. Cheating will always be a choice. We humans are rational beings. We know how to decide and weigh things. If the relationship is not working anymore, stop. Don't let yourself suffer. If it is working with someone else now, free yourself. Don't let temptation take away your good side. Respect. Respect the person you are with right now. Think about how would you feel if you are the one being cheated on. Live your life the way you want it to be but always be responsible for the decisions you make. Don't make choices you will regret someday. In reality, we are only humans, we commit mistakes. Just make sure those mistakes will be taken as a lesson so we can be a better version of ourselves in the future.
  24. In my opinion, it can be both. You have to make a choice to cheat. No one has a gun to your head, and there are alternatives to cheating. You can later decide that it was a mistake you wish you didn't make, or you can not regret it and continue to do it--once again a person's morals and ethics come into play, as does the situation.
  25. Rushey

    Rushey New Member

    Yes. Indeed cheating is a choice. For some people, it is still unexplainable for them why they cheat despite of having a an ideal relationship with their partner. Some are saying that its just a lust. Lust for physical affection and especial attention. While others claiming that there's still something missing with their original partner that can be found with their "others" another but.. they love their original and can't live without them.Quite confusing but yes it happens in real life.
  26. your thoughts

    your thoughts New Member

    Cheating is a choice that you know it will become your mistake but still you choose that path. There are many ways of cheating, like cheating in school exam, cheating to your partner, cheating in casino, cheating in different types of games, and many more. but all of them are the same,it's cheat that you choose to begin with.
  27. Ivain

    Ivain New Member

    Uhm. I'm not sure what you're getting at? Choice/Option is pretty much the same thing. You have a choice to choose an option or two.
    A choice has different options...
    Not really sure what you're referring to.

    As for cheating, some guys just can't resist the temptation, especially if their girlfriend is away or something like that.
  28. Babyblue

    Babyblue New Member

    For me, cheating is a choice. We humans are monogamous, we stay with one partner at a time or some, their whole lives. So it is usually normal that when we find a suitable partner, we don’t find someone better or be in a relationship with another person, unless we end the current relationship. That is the proper way to do it. When one cheats, it is their choice to hurt their current partner, they may think it is rational because they do not want to hurt their partner, but on the bigger picture, they are hurting them even more since it will break the trust that should be the foundation of every relationship.
  29. eds21

    eds21 New Member

    yea because sometimes when your at school and there is so many things going on in your mind and very exhausted reviewing for the test or quiz if the subject and teacher isn't that much dedicated to your lesson and not really in to it and not bragging about weather you look to your seat mate or not of course its not the right thing to do but you need it to relieve your mind for something bigger task that is very needed an attention for your time. and also it doesn't really matter if you learn or not when the your grades are on stake you might take the risk.
  30. tbna1024

    tbna1024 New Member

    A choice is an act of selecting or making a decision between two or more options or possibilities. So, options lead to choices. I don't think cheating is ever the right choice, but I would like to pose a scenario to push the subject of cheating and whether or not it is really a black and white topic.

    Sally and Jim are a couple and have been together for years. Sally loves Jim even though he hits her and calls her names when he drinks too much, which is almost daily. This eventually wears on Sally and she seeks the advice of her male friend Bob. Bob is caring, listens, and offers advice when she asks. One night Jim hits Sally so hard she falls and breaks her arm. The next day she tells Bob about what happened. They talk for a while and this leads to them kissing. Sally never meant to cheat on Jim, but it happened.

    Is Sally a terrible person because she cheated?

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