Child Spanking - A Big Yes or a Fat No?

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  1. Adamjohan

    Adamjohan New Member

    It's a yes for me. Spanking with good intention is an effective way of correcting a child. But it has to be done in the right place and in a right time, not in front of many people. It has to be in the right condition and timing. Explained everything first and make sure that he/she understand why he/she will be spank. Actually spanking is loving your child.
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  2. Shasmile

    Shasmile New Member

    There is no perfect solution. If you spank your child or you don't, the question is what is your plan for your child? Both have disadvantages and advantages. I think what we should consider here is the pro's and cons of each and opt for the one with more positive and result oriented.

    I believe in spanking my children but in love. It should not be overdone. As a trained teacher, spanked children are more disciplined than others left on their own. You can compare children without spanking with those being spanked and you'll understand the difference.
  3. For me as a millennial it is better to have a reward system to our kids that a punishment so they will be motivated and they will do their best to get that reward.
  4. ilovesarah08

    ilovesarah08 New Member

    Actually spanking a child is not bad as a parent if your aim is just to teach or correct you child's bad behavior. But if you spank your child because of violent reasons then, it's not about correcting his/her behavior rather you traumatize the child. The best way is to let them understand why did you spank him/her. Talk to your child. That's the key: COMMUNICATION.

    Before you think of spanking your child, assess first why he/she did that. If he did it unintentionally then talk to him. Let your child speak and you should listen first. Then if repeats it again and again and didn't learn even you explain and listen to them that's the time that maybe you can consider to spank him/her. But always remember that explain to him. You should also respect your child as well.

    I grew up spanking by my parents whenever I have done wrong when I was a child and I can say it really worked for me and if they didn't do it maybe I'm to hard headed now and don't listen to them even I have done something wrong.
  5. Theophilus

    Theophilus New Member

    I'm not an advocate of the word spanking, but I would rather prefer we used the word discipline. Looking at the meaning of the word "Spanking" in which by dictionary definition it means an act of slapping, especially on the buttocks as a punishment for children. The first part of the definition talks about slapping, which may not be easily adopted by parents or disciplinarians. It is not possible to slap on the buttocks, but we know slaps are on the face or cheek. Slap on the buttocks by the definition may not produce the effects desired for discipline.

    To discipline a child varying methods are adopted. Every method adopted is to correct the child and not to inflict pains on the child, for instance slapping. A good disciplinarian adopts other measure that produce good result among children than inflicting pains to a child.
  6. snipertrolls

    snipertrolls New Member

    I think this issue has been debated several times. Child spanking is against the law in other country like united states
    but in my country it is a way of teaching your child a lesson especially when he or she done some serious offense. Spanking may not be good but sometimes it may teach a person to be responsible in all action that he or she may take.
    But for now let other forms of discipline be done before used the word "SPANKING".
  7. LisaLiam

    LisaLiam New Member

    I'm against child spanking. As much as possible I want to stretch my patience to my one and only son. When I was young, I experienced corporal punishments that made me scared and scarred for life. I don't want my child go through what I went through. Children are smart. They can definitely understand what you're trying to tell them if you say it firmly.
  8. nickimacwriter

    nickimacwriter New Member

    That’s a firm no. It doesn’t work and it just tells a small child that violence is acceptable.
  9. heliogabalus

    heliogabalus New Member

    Definitely not - it's not a question of it being an effective solution as determined by experts, but rather of the sort of power exerted over the body of the child. To question sincerely the effectiveness of this or that sort of punishment already works to legitimize domination. Whether we prefer to be punished in this or that way - whether we prefer to have our dessert taken away or get a spanking is an irrelevant question - what if we do not want to be punished at all, neither by the familial tyranny of the father, nor by any other body or institution.
  10. Troy2020

    Troy2020 New Member

    It is a big fat no for me! I do not believe in using violence in any form to have your way or prove right or wrong even if it's your own child. I strongly believe that we can find other ways of teaching our children life's lessons without spanking them into accepting your point of view even if you are right.
  11. Rajaredhilu

    Rajaredhilu New Member

    In my opinion and experience, positive reinforcement is the best way to raise a child. Hitting or striking your child is abuse and your child could very easily get the impression that he/she is not loved. Spanking is a fast and lazy way to teach. Zookeepers and farmers in the early 1900s had similar methods, e.g a cattle prod. A caring and loving parent takes time out of their day to sit down with their child and help them to learn and grow. Spanking can have negative effects on a child's self-esteem. Kids that have been taught by fear and violence will walk around with their heads down. The thought that a parent, someone who is supposedly given the charge to nurture and protect their child, would strike them is abhorrent to me. If you spank an adult you would be charged with assault and battery, so why is it permissible to do the same action to children who are more vulnerable?
  12. ofunemama

    ofunemama New Member

    As the saying goes spare the rod and spoil the child.If a child does something bad ,a little spanking will do no harm.
  13. Maria2589

    Maria2589 New Member

    As a parent I totally against spanking as a disciplinary action for children. My parents never raised their hands on me and I intend to do the same. There are so many ways on how to discipline your children like putting away their gadgets for a while or making them do some minor household chores or grounding them for a few days. It always breaks our hearts whenever we saw them crying because they are hurt so why do we need to hurt them?
  14. tesstess

    tesstess New Member

    I'ts definitely a fat No! It is stripping the confidence of a child more so when you spank them in front of other people.There are other ways and means of disciplining a child or children.I guess you just have to explain them as they grow of what is good and bad,right or wrong.
  15. Astralmach

    Astralmach New Member

    Child spanking is a big yes, as long as the cause is justifiable. Whenever my two-year-old cousin would do something wrong, I would spank her to signify that what she did is not right. She once threw a kitten and was about to pick it up again to do it once more but I carried her and spanked her hand while saying, "No!". Another situation was when she spat at me for not giving her what she wants, I pinched her mouth lightly and said "No!". She eventually got used to this and whenever I would say no, she would not continue what she was about to do. Child spanking is not cruel, sometimes it is a way of communicating to a child especially if he or she still cannot understand speech.
  16. yellow

    yellow Member

    I hardly believe parents have time to be always next to their children to explain patiently the consequents of stupid or dangerous acts.
    But talk is way better to understand each other on long term.
  17. boxley

    boxley New Member

    Definitely no from me.

    A good rule of thumb I've seen is, is your child capable of understanding logic? Then speak to them. Is your child incapable of understanding logic? Then they do not understand why you are hitting them.

    It is unacceptable to hit a defenseless child for behaving as children will. There have been studies showing that children who were spanked often grew up to develop problems coping with anger or sadness, not to mention academic and relationship issues in adulthood.
    Psychologist Alan Kazdin, former president of the American Psychological Association, said of spanking, “a horrible thing that does not work." And that adults who received spankings as children, “regularly die at a younger age of cancer, heart disease, and respiratory illnesses.”

    You feel justified because you're heated. We're talking about children. They learn from the people disciplining them. What are you teaching them about anger? What are you teaching them about their ability to rationally cope with stressful emotions? It begins a cycle, one that's hard and painful to stop. No, no, no.
  18. OzachG

    OzachG New Member

    I always think back to my parents on this question. I think people that were before this generation acted a completely different way. They had respect and showed compassion for one another. I think alot of how people acted was how they were brought up. Most of the time before you were not allowed to spank children thats exactly how you punished them. It taught kids not to do messed up things. Kids also didnt do bad things because they knew the consequences.
  19. Trvl420

    Trvl420 Member

    This is kinda hard but I would say yes to this. When I was young my parents used to spank me if I do something bad the thing about spanking kids got disadvantage and disadvantage still depends on the person some might be doing it because they want their kids to be responsible but some of the parents are just abusive so I think still depends on the person. I grow up with it and there's nothing wrong with it I grow up to be responsible and kind.
  20. MsFlit

    MsFlit New Member

    Fortunately, I was never spanked or physically abused in any way. My mom was very open about the extreme physical abuse she suffered at the hands of her step-mother growing up, and I have always admired her for being able to stop the cycle of violence. Children who are abused or spanked are much more likely to spank or abuse their own children.

    According to the article Risks of Harm from Spanking Confirmed by Analysis of Five Decades of Research,

    It seems as if the research is in, pretty much, on this topic. There will always be those who for some inexplicable reason still try to defend their right to hit their children, but I think there will come a day when we can all agree it's not okay to hit your spouse, your child, your neighbor, or even your dog. There's always a better option.
  21. Wenny Lecerio

    Wenny Lecerio New Member

    I understand that stubborn kids can easily lose your patience. But spanking a child is a big No for me. It is not the right way to discipline a child. You may stop them from doing wrong things but spanking may have a long-term effect on children. For parents, it is a feeling of relief or can make them feel temporarily righteous. But for a child, this gives him a feeling of being weak. A child that experiences spanking can be aggressive as he grows. The authority that parents are striving for has everything to do with scare and anxiety for a child, and nothing to do with discipline and helping a child understand the concepts of right and wrong. As I see a lot of children who have experience with spanking, I can say that the effects on children are negative.
  22. writeside1

    writeside1 Member

    It is not good on the part of parents to spank their children. Parents must teach them good habits and it should be included not to beat the child. Even parents can talk to the school teacher of the child, and ask them whether if the child is facing any problems in the classroom and accordingly, work on it in a better manner.
  23. Ferdie

    Ferdie New Member

    Corporal punishment is not the best method to discipline children. It is better to just be more diplomatic in your methods of disciplining a child. Because it will more likely produce a positive effect both to the guardian and the child. You will just influence the child to be more violent if one uses corporal punishment as a method of disciplining. It will more like affect the mental growth or health of a child by using corporal punishment. Communication and being a role model to any child is more likely to have a positive impact to a child, rather than spanking him or her.
  24. I do not think you should beat your child but I do think you could pop them on the leg from time to time. I am a mother of three boys and I have popped them before for flying off my couches or being reckless. I do not think that should be your go-to way to punish your children. I think this should be a last resort.
  25. mabz

    mabz New Member

    Growing up, I don’t remember ever being spanked. I’m sure it happened a time or two, but there are no instances that come to mind. But I do distinctly remember the times when my brother was spanked. Having grown up in a home where spanking was an accepted form of punishment, you’d think that today I would be in favor of spanking myself. Spanking can lead to aggression and mental health problems.

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