Child Spanking - A Big Yes or a Fat No?

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  1. Adamjohan

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    It's a yes for me. Spanking with good intention is an effective way of correcting a child. But it has to be done in the right place and in a right time, not in front of many people. It has to be in the right condition and timing. Explained everything first and make sure that he/she understand why he/she will be spank. Actually spanking is loving your child.
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  2. Shasmile

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    There is no perfect solution. If you spank your child or you don't, the question is what is your plan for your child? Both have disadvantages and advantages. I think what we should consider here is the pro's and cons of each and opt for the one with more positive and result oriented.

    I believe in spanking my children but in love. It should not be overdone. As a trained teacher, spanked children are more disciplined than others left on their own. You can compare children without spanking with those being spanked and you'll understand the difference.
  3. For me as a millennial it is better to have a reward system to our kids that a punishment so they will be motivated and they will do their best to get that reward.
  4. ilovesarah08

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    Actually spanking a child is not bad as a parent if your aim is just to teach or correct you child's bad behavior. But if you spank your child because of violent reasons then, it's not about correcting his/her behavior rather you traumatize the child. The best way is to let them understand why did you spank him/her. Talk to your child. That's the key: COMMUNICATION.

    Before you think of spanking your child, assess first why he/she did that. If he did it unintentionally then talk to him. Let your child speak and you should listen first. Then if repeats it again and again and didn't learn even you explain and listen to them that's the time that maybe you can consider to spank him/her. But always remember that explain to him. You should also respect your child as well.

    I grew up spanking by my parents whenever I have done wrong when I was a child and I can say it really worked for me and if they didn't do it maybe I'm to hard headed now and don't listen to them even I have done something wrong.
  5. Theophilus

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    I'm not an advocate of the word spanking, but I would rather prefer we used the word discipline. Looking at the meaning of the word "Spanking" in which by dictionary definition it means an act of slapping, especially on the buttocks as a punishment for children. The first part of the definition talks about slapping, which may not be easily adopted by parents or disciplinarians. It is not possible to slap on the buttocks, but we know slaps are on the face or cheek. Slap on the buttocks by the definition may not produce the effects desired for discipline.

    To discipline a child varying methods are adopted. Every method adopted is to correct the child and not to inflict pains on the child, for instance slapping. A good disciplinarian adopts other measure that produce good result among children than inflicting pains to a child.
  6. snipertrolls

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    I think this issue has been debated several times. Child spanking is against the law in other country like united states
    but in my country it is a way of teaching your child a lesson especially when he or she done some serious offense. Spanking may not be good but sometimes it may teach a person to be responsible in all action that he or she may take.
    But for now let other forms of discipline be done before used the word "SPANKING".
  7. LisaLiam

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    I'm against child spanking. As much as possible I want to stretch my patience to my one and only son. When I was young, I experienced corporal punishments that made me scared and scarred for life. I don't want my child go through what I went through. Children are smart. They can definitely understand what you're trying to tell them if you say it firmly.
  8. nickimacwriter

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    That’s a firm no. It doesn’t work and it just tells a small child that violence is acceptable.

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