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Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by edunning91, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. edunning91

    edunning91 New Member

    I always had a dream of writing a children's book! I have so many great memories of reading as a kid, I would love to make those memories for someone else. Has anyone written a book? If you have, are you working on getting it published?
  2. Kaynil

    Kaynil New Member

    I can sympathise with that idea and I think it would be cool too to make kids imagination soar the way some of these books did for me.

    I don't think I could make a simple book, but I'd love if I could make some small tale and create the illustrations too.
  3. rvtamayo

    rvtamayo Member

    I guess writing books for children is a very awesome experience to do. But a book that may not only improve their artistic side but also being more creative. I want to show them the world it is in a way that can learn it at a very young age. A fun and interesting book for them to grow to.
  4. jhezz20

    jhezz20 Member

    I've always wanted to write a children's book. But it was not easy. You have to make a lot of effort in describing every word that children could imagine of. You have to be artistic and make your story colorful to catch their attention and of course a moral lesson that has to be learned in the end.
  5. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    There is nothing like a good book to bond with your child. Even in the age of the internet, I still believe that sharing a good book with children teaches them to be better people when they grow up. It also strengthens relationships between kids and parents. No gadget can do that. The experience is worth it.

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