Choose one anime that you would want to be in reality

Discussion in 'Television' started by aliciaaa, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. aliciaaa

    aliciaaa New Member

    One piece!
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  2. aliciaaa

    aliciaaa New Member

    I want One Piece to be in reality! but eventhough it won’t come true i still think that One Piece is real since it has been part of my life, i grew up watching it and until now I am still thankful it didn’t ended yet. It is my favorite Anime and to he honest I sometimes wish I am with Luffy’s crew HAHAHA. It was my childhood and I would always treasure the time wherein I binged watch it and finish watching episode 1-600 in just a month and a couple of weeks.
  3. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Hellsing for me.
  4. jajamon04

    jajamon04 Member

    The anime that I would want to be a reality is 'Asobi Asobase'. It's just pure joy and no dramas.
  5. frankiko11

    frankiko11 New Member

    Slam dunk
  6. Overlord of course! I would an excellent rogue as I am an extremely efficient rogue in our Dungeons n' Dragon Campaigns. Also, according to the author Overlord, the world of Overlord is actually based from the author's Dungeon's and Dragons campaign. Once I get enough strength and reputation for myself, I would actually serve lord Ainz Ooal Gown and achieve to be the best servant among servants. Also, I would by chance even make out with some of maids unless my Lord Momonga wishes not to have company relationships. But hey, that's just me as I play too many Dungeon's and Dragons.
  7. Rasenshuriken

    Rasenshuriken New Member

    If there is an anime character that I wanted to be in reality, I will choose Naruto, because I really admire his ninja way. His determination is absolutely superb. His views on life are like a contagious virus that can really inspire everyone surrounds him.
  8. nicknaz

    nicknaz New Member

    If I would be an anime in reality, I would like to be Hanamichi Sakuragi from Slam Dunk. I just admire him for his character and his will to learn the game of basketball. He can be compared to almost every real person who has been once in a dark side of his/her life but when given a chance to have one reason to strive hard. Everything will be done to achieve that ultimate goal. He is just so normal to be in reality as his traits are also evident to real persons not only basketball aspirants but people who has struggles in life just like me.

    Just like him being the best would also be my goal. And that is to be good at what I do and to be a good example to the people around me.
  9. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    The anime i really want to be in reality is Superman because if i become a superman i can fly in the sky and i can go wherever i want to go and if anyone is in trouble i can go and save them from danger.
  10. vincedprince

    vincedprince Member

    Yuyu Hakushu. I like the brotherhood between Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hie and Kurama. Even they would offer their lives for the sake of their friends.
  11. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Midnight Eye or Wicked City for me.
  12. Aii101

    Aii101 New Member

    One anime I wanna become real is my all time favorite classic, "Fushigi Yuugi". I really love Tamahome's character! How he protect his priestess Miaka, it's very dreamy. Isn't that just sweet? How he devote his all to her, not just out of duty but because of true love. This anime made my childhood! I highly recommend it even though it's an old anime. Nothing beats the story, the development of all the characters and progress of the story.
  13. loujohli

    loujohli New Member

    If given a chance to choose an anime to become reality, I’d surely want my all time favorite “Hunter X Hunter”
    I’ve watched the entire episodes many times already, and I just love it so badly. The characters and their corresponding Nen abilities are way too incredible! The storyline itself is marvelous.
  14. innah

    innah New Member

    I want to be Sakura the Cardcaptor to be in real life, and if that happens, I think that would be awesome
  15. Alzack50

    Alzack50 Member

    I want detective conan to be real and, to see the two person who play the kid conan and adul conan ofcoarse the mystery crime how conan solve it.
  16. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    If i were a anime character in real life it would defenitely be superman as i can help people who are in danger and save their lives.
  17. Xamdoso

    Xamdoso New Member

    Without a doubt, Aang from Aang, the last airbender. It is my favorite anime first of all because of the responsibility that is deposited in it throughout the serie. Aang is simply a young man with the ability to dominate the 4 elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Air), it's just brilliant. And for more it still has a flying buffalo, fantastic!
  18. rawrffy

    rawrffy New Member

    Sword Art Online. This is the anime that I really want to become a reality, because it is possible. We all know that this generation already have the technology which is VR headset (Virtual Reality Headset) and we can implement an MMORPG game into this virtual reality headset.

    I would love this to happen wherein you get to wear the VR headset and dive into the game and do lots of stuffs like in the medieval era where you craft some weapons that you like and level up just like in any RPG games. You have your freedom doing the things that you like such as sword combat wherein you won't die and experience the thrill and excitement when fighting against other players.

  19. thusi123qw

    thusi123qw Member

    I love Anime,the first Anime that I saw was Full metal Alchemist The Brotherhood,but recently I watched One Piece was really great by the way,I watch the dubbed version.And I would like that One Piece would be a reality,since it got so many stories put together and its very interesting to watch.I know its a fantasy and impossible story line but I would like to see that it become real.Leave a like guys thanks
  20. thusi123qw

    thusi123qw Member

    lol I was just talking about one piece in my one too haha nice nice give a like man.
  21. ariieskid

    ariieskid Member

    The anime i want to be in reality is Fairytail. I love how the show is Fantasy and Has Action at the same time. Though Fairytail is an overrated show, but i still love it. I love the powers of each of the characters. And the mainpoint i want it to be in reality because Fairytail guild itself is really super amazing and heartwarming. The guild itself is just more than friends, they are already Family.

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