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  1. Alicerav

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    You have to decide what's your main goal in the first place: becoming an accredited freelance or consultant? Are you a copywriter? Do you wnat to sell something or reach a specific target through your blog? Or is it just a way to earn some pocket money through adsense?
    When your goal is set, think of your audience, and find out a topic you really like and want to talk about for a long time.
  2. vsmillona

    vsmillona New Member

    Well for me the topic of your BLOG should be align to your target audience. Always consider who will be your targeted reader. As long as you already know your audience, you can now research or think what particular topic would this group of people will love to read.
  3. Anoetar

    Anoetar New Member

    Passion! Passion! This can never be over-emphasized!
    Whether on the positive scale or on the negative side of things, for as much as you have a certain (extra) degree of affection towards how you think about a particular interest, you can never grow out of ideas.

    If you like ice cream, you'd love to write awesome stuff about it, including how to make different flavors, etc. Correct? Good.

    So also...

    If you hate guns, you'd love to write everything bad about them. Correct?

    So wherever your passion lies, even if it's in opposite direction, create a blog around it and ideas will keep flowing. You'd never go out of topics and when you do, it's just writer's block. Keep calm, it happens to everyone ;)
  4. Excel2017

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    Creating a blog is an excellent way to demonstrate one's skills on a particular niche. A blog with quality content is a traffic material for a productive website. In the course of starting up a blog, choosing a suitable topic is the most crucial step. This is the basic step that determines how successful the blog will be. The topic of your blog must be realistic and attracting to the target audience. It must be unique, concise and precise. Such a blog becomes more and more credible to potential readers.

    To run a successful blog, blogging with passion is a powerful instrument. Your blog visitors desire your blog once they notice the passion in you. Everything you blog about must reflect that passion. Doing things to show how money conscious you are will never make your blog a success.
  5. Accuratewriter80

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    Now that you're done setting up your new blog account, the next step is choosing a suitable topic that makes it stand out in the midst of the hundreds of thousands of blogs online. It's noteworthy searching through Google trends to find out hottest topics before publishing posts. Most bloggers started failing from here. Your niche determines your traffic, but should be based on an idea you're deeply familiar with. Choosing a topic that's not within your reach may result in plagiarizing which is the root of all failures as far as building online presence is concerned.
  6. dennyboy

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    Blogging, like any other media, can have topics about anything under the sun. Pick on something that interests you and the people who cares about your topic. See it like a T.V program. Kids like cartoons or anime. Adolescents like MTV or Adult Swim. The elderly likes news, or gardening. Ladies like travelling or fashion. I know you see what I mean. Pick an interest, select your audience and produce.
  7. Myfurryplace

    Myfurryplace New Member

    When I start blogging I dont know anything about it , Ived follow so many blogs since then , but at the very beginning Im very naive. While my 5 friends are yakking and so proud of what traffic they achieved from so called blogging.
    I was very intrigued , Knowing how they brag about their income from their blogging and so I am curious, months are passing by and I continue listening to all these ladies during our coffee time or lunch time meeting.

    I then google ideas about what topic I will choose to blog.
    With many cats and dogs I have, Im actually seating with all the right topic to blog.
    I have my niche how should I start . True enough I start to blog about my own pets and after 6 to 8 month I surprised my 5 ladies pro blogger friends that I get PR 2 already . They are all laughing !!! they dont know when we sat at the coffee shop I pretend not to know what are they talking but eventually manage.
    Since then I start getting offer for products and services review , I work hard to get my traffic high to Im active or following and reading other blogs specially related both dogs and cats. At the very beginning I am not into earning bucks but to learn how it works and how it would help me and my pets.
    The blogging turn into serious work eventually until I start to offer a personal pet sitting to people and the expats community in my town.
    So in my opinion , choose what are your passion about , what topics to you like to blog , what is your interest what is most accessible to your environment.
    If you like gardening and its really in front of your face , then blog the gardening thing.
    If your passion is all about computer gadgets then do so.
    Not that you write about sewing accessories for example but you need to go out and explore places in able for you to update your blog. If you cant go out then days are passing by and nothing to read new about your blogs.
    Then your audience and readers followers are slowly losing interest in blog so your losing your traffic as well.
    You also need to choose topics that many people would like to read.
  8. Rachel2017

    Rachel2017 New Member

    Before making your first post, the blog topic must be suitable, concise and captivating. You must be experienced in the particular topic to ensure you can write a lot of posts about it. As far as running a blog successfully is concerned, hundreds of unique and content-rich articles are expected to be published at regular intervals. This makes the blog unique and different from the hundreds of blogs loaded with plagiarized content. You have to be familiar with a blog topic in order to be able to write a lot of posts on it. The quality of your posts must be proportional to the quantity. For this reason, you must search properly and be totally sure that you are blogging about a familiar topic.
  9. emil_1973

    emil_1973 New Member

    Outdoor Activities like Mountain Biking, Trekking & Camping, because I am getting more interested on outdoor activities. I am on my near 50's now and want to enjoy things that i have never been experienced for the reason that i work overseas and mostly on the middle east.
  10. mrwhite

    mrwhite New Member

    I want to agree that choosing blog topics and theme based on someone's interest is good because it always ensures that what you would be writing about is what you have passion for. These does not only make things easier for the you but also, remove boredom while blogging.

    Notwithstanding, this method sometimes does not favour the blogger. The chosen topic based on hobby may not have much to be talked about and so, you would be limited in number articles to post. So, I do recommend proper research and analysis before venturing into blogging at all.
  11. ugzmugz

    ugzmugz New Member

    Dude you will never go out of ideas in blogging depending on your topic. There's a lot topics actually to be focus on. If you target for traffic you have to look for the SEO traffic keyword which is available online and with that you can see what people of the same niche they are looking for.
  12. justginger

    justginger New Member

    In choosing a topic for your blog, I think it's best to focus in your ultimate passion and interest. A blog that was real and the ideas are coming from the heart and not just for a nonsense topic. Yes, a real and true topics that you can share with others, something real that you can rely on, gives knowledge to everyone, a helpful tips that might helps and a readings that may add self confidence to oneself.

    Blogs can be a useful tools for learnings and knowledged, bloggers are very creative and dedicated on what they are writing and thats why bloggers are amazing peoples as well as the audience...
  13. violet vhenz

    violet vhenz New Member

    Choosing to write a blog seems a competition and challenging because you have to make quite a long checklist before starting one. Moreover, you have to consider that your always updated at all times. Besides, writing a blog will be so much easier and fun if you love what you are doing rather than pretending to write something that you are not knowledgable.
    I have never had an experience in writing a blog or owning one because I am not that confident or should I say I lack the assertiveness to make one. Although I feel challenge to have one but I am not sure if I can deliver the need or the message directly to my audience wants.

    There are a lot of topics to mention but few are quite trending because there are picky audiences. One thing I can guarantee is to write a blog that could help your audience and not to think about the profit first.
  14. Liezeliezel

    Liezeliezel New Member

    Blogger should always choose a topic that they know really well so that they can easily explain it to the readers. Or a topic that will catch the interest of most readers, like the trendy things, current events, travel destinations, celebrity gossips etc. It is also good if the blogger writes something amusing or funny from his experience. I also suggest that blogger should avoid the topic about politics, religion or anything that will stir some argument among readers. Always keep the topic light, funny and engaging.
  15. kheijeyo

    kheijeyo New Member

    When choosing a topic for your blog make sure it is of your personal interest. For it will define how good and realistic it will be. Having a blog that is connected to your interests will make you feel more attached with it and makes you do more blogs and can make your blogs unique ones.
  16. Undispjuted

    Undispjuted New Member

    I use the current topics under discussion in my mom groups as inspiration to keep my contents current and timely as possible.
  17. sharley38

    sharley38 New Member

    It sounds like you can pick worthy subjects but need some tips on how to get inspiration from an interested audience. To be successful with a blog, you must write constantly and for at least a year. Whatever the topic, keep your audience interested, and coming back for more. This works to inspire the writer. It is a lot easier when you have readers that encourage you.
  18. Paintz

    Paintz New Member

    The best way of choosing a topic on a blog is the trending facts that you have interest and probably you want to explore more. In a blog, not only you are sharing, but also the others who posting. They want to know and you want learn from them. The viewers now goes up with the content of the topic and post more as you reached them.
  19. guintodharvey

    guintodharvey New Member

    "Know your target audience"
    One of the best ways to get to know your audience is to define that audience. If you’re just starting as a business, you get to decide who it is you want to reach and how to reach them. For established businesses, one of the best ways to know your target audience is simply to talk to them. Whether it’s online surveys or phone conversations, try to get in the mind of your users and figure out what makes them tick.
  20. Eljo12

    Eljo12 New Member

    I know, it is not easy to find blog topics. Especially if you are one of those who wants to publish every day in their online diary. Or maybe you do it for work, perhaps reporting new topics to be addressed on WordPress pages is part of your professional routine. So it becomes an obligation, a duty. It takes competence to create effective headlines, but at the same time you have to be able to find blog topics. You must do this thinking of the needs of the people who should read your work. And to the needs of potential readers, just to be part of the logic inbound marketing. You must find the topics of the blog. You can not give yourself inactivity or improvisation: you have to move your actions in a schematic way, looking for information and directions to choose the topics with convenience. Because this is the professional blog: an instrument.
  21. Unsullied

    Unsullied New Member

    It seems like you are confusing choosing a niche and choosing a topic. It may look like the distinction doesn't matter, but knowing the difference and using the knowledge is essential if you want to be a successful blogger.
    The first thing to do before starting a blog is to choose a niche you are good at (you should not choose a saturated niche if you are just starting out because you will find it very, very difficult to rank your blog).
    Once you have chosen your niche, you should not just start blogging about anything you want in your niche. You will need to do some Keyword Research. Here again, if you are just starting out, you will do better by going with low competition keywords. Your blog will easily rank high and faster in search engines.
  22. dello

    dello New Member

    When i think about it, i certainly think about the topic where i can share my knowledge to all people and where they can fetch an important things a lot. Well, i would choose a topic where they can enjoy and not by enjoying but they can learn many things and help them in many aspects.
  23. tikosi tina

    tikosi tina New Member

    You can build a successful blog by choosing a relevant topic with long term appeal and in the same time you're passionate about and you truly enjoy.This way you will stay motivated about your blog's topic for a very long time and you can keep your blog's content interesting to the readers.
  24. There are many factors to consider when selecting a topic that will produce desirable profits or allow you to build a large and dedicated audience for your blog. You must consider public interest, your knowledge of the topic, its longevity, and the audience's interest in it. It's also important to look at your competition and develop a way to deliver content that's different, better, and more engaging. Start by brainstorming several possible topics you might like to use
  25. carmelajiao

    carmelajiao New Member

    Having a topic that you are passionate and feel strongly about are some of the things that you should consider when choosing a topic for your blog. It is tricky at first, but once you've decided on the topic, writing for your blog will be enjoyable. When choosing a topic for your blog, you must first identify the reason for starting. You must write about something that you are deeply interested in because you will spend a lot of time writing about it. That topic will be the core of your blog. You should also not forget that the topic that you will choose should be something that you are willing to discuss with other people. Readers will comment on your posts and you need to be responsive in order to engage your readers more.
  26. Sharon S. Lopez

    Sharon S. Lopez New Member

    While it is true that we have to write what we are passionate about, it is also a good thing to consider what our target readers are looking for. Our readers are the lifeblood of our blog and it is imperative that we consider what they need and what they are looking for. Most often, I would develop a topic out of a question I received from my followers. That way, I am assured that I am giving an answer to a specific concern.
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  27. cefotax

    cefotax New Member

    Choosing a topic for writing a blog is one of the toughest decision.But the best way to choose a topic for your blog is to choose something that you are actually interested in yourself. Your posts and words will come off as more natural.
  28. mohit aggarwal

    mohit aggarwal New Member

    If you want to create a blog online, the first thing you need to do is discuss the topic. To write any post, it is very important for you to have a topic, and to write anything, it is very important that you have complete information about it.
    And if May tells me about it, then I may write about the subject that I have full knowledge of and the topic that is my interest and the topic that people want to fall. If you write about any topic that people do not search then your hard work and time are both useless.
    Therefore, in order to pick a topic, you must also do keyword research

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