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Discussion in 'Music' started by pids18, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. pids18

    pids18 New Member

    Anyone here loves listening to Christian songs? Comfort and gratefulness are the things I always felt while listening to Christian songs.
  2. Shawty05

    Shawty05 New Member

    I love listening christian song. It gives me hope and strength every time i listened Christian Song. One of my favorite artist is Chris Tomlin. I love way he sang all the Christian Song and it is really closed to the heart.
  3. riley12

    riley12 New Member

    Some of the best songs are christian songs in my own opinion. I learn most of the new christian songs from church.
  4. ad2715

    ad2715 New Member

    I sure do!
  5. DyKatrina1

    DyKatrina1 New Member

    I always feel at peace when I listento Christian songs, I think there is a spiritual influence whenever I listen to that genre. It feels like you are having a moment with the Lord and you feel peace of mind.
  6. ewi102

    ewi102 Member

    i like listening to christian give me calm and motivated.i like to listen to the bands like switchfoot,lifehouse,creed,casting crown and many more.
  7. jjmontero

    jjmontero Member

    any song from Hillsongs
  8. Akhilponnu

    Akhilponnu New Member

    At a time when common hymnals and worship songbooks are ever less common, and many contemporary worship songs come and go as quickly as any other ephemeral cultural thing, it might seem foolish or idealistic to consider which new songs (if any) will become standards. But as the decade winds to a close, we can at least celebrate some of the excellent new worship songs that have blessed the church in the 2010s, even if we can’t predict which of them will still be sung in the 2020s, 2030s, and beyond.
  9. donald78

    donald78 Member

    Most of my routine every morning is listening to a Christian Song. I get used to it for so long and I keep on doing it up today. The music has done so much for me after listening to it and it really keeps me smile. The joy, happiness, and the good vibes that I felt is incredible. The harmony of the song is so touching and it literally calms me. I just love it, in fact I am listening right now.
  10. shankz15

    shankz15 New Member

    Christian songs is the best among the other worldly songs it reminds us to praise our only one God.

    Hillsongs United
    Planet Shakers
    Don Moen
    & other singers that plays christians songs

    Enjoy listening to a christian songs

  11. Coula

    Coula New Member

    I love listening to Christian music. It gives me so much peace. My favourite artists are CSO and Lauren Daigle. Christian music gives me peace and relaxation on another level. Secular music can't do that.

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