Civil or Church Wedding??

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by jennoel_25, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. jennoel_25

    jennoel_25 New Member

    If we have a budget i want a Grand Wedding at Church that's my dream because it was once in a lifetime happening in a woman like me. i want to wear a long white gown and then walking down the aisle. :)
  2. of course Church Wedding because when two people are married in church they are blessed with the lord.
  3. flamefire

    flamefire New Member

    For me, it's a church wedding together with my beloved one. I want it solemnized and blessed with the man of God.
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  4. kodakan-wtQC

    kodakan-wtQC New Member

    Civil wedding for me,just being practical with the economic crisis going on. With the amount that I will be saving from foregoing a church wedding I would buy things we need to start our married life. Or maybe put up a little business which we both could profit from.

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