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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by shells, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. shells

    shells New Member

    I've been on health mission lately, trying to bring myself back to basics and recognizing that everything we put in and on our bodies has a profound effect on our health.

    Coconut oil is one of those miracle oils that I use for everything. I make body scrubs mixing it with sea salt for super soft and healthy skin, I use it as a moisturizer, hair treatment, on scrapes, I even do what I've learned is called "oil pulling" with it several times a week, swishing it around in my mouth for up to 45 minutes for dental health and toxin removal.

    Is anyone else in love with coconut oil, and what's your favorite way to use it?
  2. sgreenwood

    sgreenwood New Member

    I also am a huge fan of coconut oil. It is a fat that acts like a carb, in that it gives you energy without raising your blood sugar. That is what makes it particularly good for diabetics, and everyone else too!
  3. jonnylyndon

    jonnylyndon Guest

    Coconut oil is definitely a miracle worker. I have a daughter and we have used nothing but coconut oil for diaper rashes, heat rash and massages. The best part is that it works very quickly. I also get very dry and flaky skin around my nose and coconut oil helps with that. I have read that it is good to cook with food, reducing dandruff or even drinking it straight for stomach problems. It even smells great! :)
  4. ursell

    ursell New Member

    I love coconut oil but I just use it to cook with. It makes your food taste good. It brings out the flavor in
    your food and you wonder why you haven't used it until now. I heard that it was good for a diabetic that is one
    of the reasons I use it. I like olive oil but I like this better. It makes your food taste better than olive oil
    does. They need to make a bigger containers for it.
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  5. Jennifer Reeves

    Jennifer Reeves New Member

    I love coconut oil. There are several ways that I use it in my home. The first thing I use it for is cooking. I can grease a pan before making a grilled cheese, or substitute it for oil in many baking recipes. I use it to make home made toothpaste. My son and I both get eczema, and rubbing coconut oil into the irritated skin really helps. I use coconut oil as a deep conditioner for my scalp, because I get really bad dandruff. My boyfriend uses it to rub onto his feet to cure athlete's foot. My friend gives it to her dog to keep him healthy. I also do oil pulling, and it helps my sensitive gums and whitens my teeth. Coconut oil can be used on a cutting board as a conditioner, to restore the surface of the board. Some people eat coconut oil for good health, which is something I have yet to try.
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  6. Bree Mommy of 2

    Bree Mommy of 2 New Member

    I love coconut oil as well. Both of my children had terrible cradle cap for several years. The pediatrician recommended a whole host of specialty (expensive) shampoos, creams, etc. We tried it all. Finally, a friend mentioned that she used coconut oil on her daughter's cradle cap and that it cleared right up. I went out and got coconut oil that day, put it on my kids' scalps that night, and by morning there was already visible improvement.
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  7. bluemoose3

    bluemoose3 New Member

    I don't know much about the health benefits of coconut oil, but homemade popcorn cooked in coconut oil (and just a tiny drop of truffle oil if you have it) is one of the most delicious snacks you can eat.

    From what I understand though, doesn't coconut oil have a huge amount of saturated fat?
  8. Litnax

    Litnax New Member

    Traditionally coconut oil is famous for healthier scalp and beautiful hair in most South East Asian countries, mine included (Malaysia). Coconut oil hair products are abundant here, I seriously considering buying one since my normal shampoo seems useless for my itchy scalp. The only problem I have with this product since I was a child is the smell. It was too overpowering for me back then but as an adult, I might be able to stand it now.

    The 'issue' regarding coconut oil's saturated fat has been argued back and forth - I guess we have to use our own judgement since the 'experts' often come up with contrasting opinions.
  9. Lilav

    Lilav New Member

    I'm in love with coconuts overall! I was on a trip to Bali recently, and the entire month I was there, I had drank and ate an entire coconut almost every other day. I noticed at the end of the month that my skin, hair, and nails were shiny, smooth, and strong. I think the reason for this was all the coconuts. I used to use coconut as a lip balm, moisturizer, and makeup remover, but now I am going to incorporate coconut into my diet. Coconut flour, flakes, milk, and oil will be a priority on my grocery list from now on. It's a miracle nut!
  10. Litnax

    Litnax New Member

    Very encouraging post Lilav :thumbsup: I'm definitely going to buy that coconut oil product for my scalp problem.
  11. khillis

    khillis New Member

    Unless I am making a curry, I do not generally cook with coconut oil. I use coconut oil in the production of soaps, lip balms and creams. My husband and I are big supporters of organic, locally sourced food. There are so many chemicals in beauty products; I decided to start making my own for my family. It would not make sense to watch what I ate, and ignore what I put on my skin. Coconut is a key ingredient (not crucial, but I wouldn't make products without it), it adds so many nice qualities. It is an amazing component, my products would simply not be the same without the coconut oil. Beautiful smell, lovely texture and beneficial you your body; it's an all around win.
  12. Vicki Geddes

    Vicki Geddes New Member

    All of your favorites above are awesome ways to use coconut oil. Coconut oil can also be used as a body lotion for dry skin or rashes. Coconut is also a natural anti bacterial, and a natural anti fungal, so it works for any cut, rash, ringworm, dermatitis that effects the skin. It can also be used to treat yeast infections, and herpes. I have several animals in my house, and I use it liberally for their little cuts and scrapes, and it is actually good for them if they lick it off, so there is no worry that they are ingesting something dangerous. When they do ingest it, it makes their coat silky smooth.
  13. TonyaLynn_84

    TonyaLynn_84 New Member

    I love coconut oil as well! I was introduced to coconut oil when I first started crossfit. I now use coconut oil for cooking, hair and body, and I just read the other day about oil pulling which I plan to start. I heard that it's good for eczema, which my daughter has. I told her I was going to start putting it on her skin to see how it works, and her words were, "mommy your going to cook me?".
  14. Atlanticgrl

    Atlanticgrl New Member

    Coconut oil is in fact a "good" fat...IF you use the "cold pressed" virgin oil. The heating and processing is what makes it a "bad" oil. Some studies have shown that cold pressed coconut oil can actually help burn fat, but only in moderation. As with anything, too much is never good.

    I use it to cook with, especially eggs and anything one would use butter for - toast, popcorn, corn on the cob. I also use it in my hair. I have extremely curly, dry hair and coconut helps give it a natural sheen and relaxes my unruly locks.
  15. MStory

    MStory New Member

    Yes! I love coconut oil! I just wish it was easier to find around here and not so expensive. I use it in cooking, baking, and for skin care. A little coconut oil rubbed onto my cracked and dry hands really did the trick!
  16. Akei

    Akei New Member

    I used coconut oil as a little girl with a long curly hair. My mother taught me to spread some in my locks for smooth combing. I never used conditioner back then but my hair was silky and shiny. No doubt coconut oil did the trick.
    Extracting coconut oil out from fresh coconut is as easy as 1-2-3.
    It is done by boiling the coconut milk in a slow fire until the milk solidify into brownish and turns oilyy. Sweet aroma comes out throughout the cooking process. The brown solids can be used as toppings for rice cakes too and other native delicacies in the Philippines, my home country.
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  17. Penguin32

    Penguin32 New Member

    I'm a huge fan of coconut oil as well. We use it for "oil pulling" too and have for several years. We feel a difference with how clean our teeth feel. I also use it to make body lotions. For baking, I use it as a butter substitute. I love the flavor and the health benefits.
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  18. Sputnik

    Sputnik New Member

    The people of Fiji have discovered hundreds of ways to use coconut oil. They use it as a hair and skin product, food additive, cleaning solution and even as a fragrance in an oil heater.
  19. crassus

    crassus New Member

    I recently developed a strong passion for coconut oil. I cook with it, I give it to my dog, and I even found an interesting recipe for deodorant that has coconut oil as the main ingredient. It is important, though, to use virgin coconut oil.
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  20. hispoiema

    hispoiema New Member

    I love everything about coconut oil. It helps me to lose weight. I am on a high fat, medium protein, low carb diet so coconut oil helps me get the fat intake that I need each day. I put it in my coffee 3 times a day and it helps curb my appetite and give me energy. I also use it for cooking to grease my pan.
    It also works well as a hair conditioner (comb through hair and leave in for an hour or so and them wash out) and to soften skin like a lotion.
    I love all the replies here. Coconut oil is amazing! :)
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  21. Jujuko

    Jujuko New Member

    This is the second place I've heard the term "oil pulling". Can someone please explain what it means?
  22. Manojnn

    Manojnn New Member

    Coconut oil is not only good for hair but for overall health too. Coconut oil is good for the skin while through the ageing process. It is also a good moisturizer. By using organic coconut oil on the skin, we are not at risk of applying toxins. It is not only good for your skin, it is safe to use on babies and young children too. Coconut oil is filled with antioxidants which improves cardiovascular problems.
  23. VanessaSaver

    VanessaSaver New Member

    I love coconut oil. I have been using it for 2 years now. I cook everything with it and also use it for treatments on my daughters hair... works great!
  24. montgomeryguy

    montgomeryguy New Member

    I'm dealing with fatigue right now, and someone on another forum suggested that I try taking a tablespoon of unrefined coconut oil twice a day. It does seem to help and I do like the taste. I've also found that if I want to grill some vegies that melting a little coconut oil and brushing them with it before I put them on the grill helps to bring out the flavor.
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  25. happykathy

    happykathy New Member

    I am back to using coconut oil multiple times a day. I start with "oil pulling" that you mentioned the very first thing in the morning before I eat or drink anything. I try to go for at least 20 minutes, then brush my teeth and tongue. I put a tablespoon of coconut oil in my morning coffee. I understand that some people are opposed to eating the oil directly, but I have no problems with placing a spoonful in my mouth as I sit to have my lunch or dinner. I don't need the conventions of making a salad dressing or mixing it in with oatmeal. I just eat it with my meal as if it is any other food product.

    I was reading recently that its anti-fungal properties are good for athlete's foot fungus! My son is a runner, so I told him after his shower, to massage in some coconut oil to prevent itchy feet!
  26. Jennifer Morris

    Jennifer Morris New Member

    I love coconut oil for myself and my whole family. I use coconut oil on my children's hair and skin, it helps with their eczema as well. I have been oil pulling with coconut oil for a few weeks now and have noticed that my teeth are much more white! I am starting to see some other benefits as well. Coconut oil is a miracle product with endless uses. I love it!
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  27. pseudonomy

    pseudonomy New Member

    I love the smell of it and drink it straight sometimes to get in the extra calories I need. I'm trying to gain weight at the moment so it helps a lot when I don't have time to prepare full meals.
  28. phillipedes

    phillipedes New Member

    Coconut Oil is amazing!

    I use coconut oil as a natural moisturizer, and also as a base for my home-made sunblock during the summer. It's a base for my shaving cream, lip balm, hair masks, and a great base for natural remedies for skin problems. Issues like athletes foot and ringworm can be stopped short with daily treatments of tea-tree and eucalyptus essential oils, "diluted" into liquid coconut oil. The coconut oil acts as a carrier/base oil, and is also a gentle anti-microbial agent.

    Just between us, I also eat coconut oil by the spoonful. :)
  29. BJudah

    BJudah New Member

    I love Organic Coconut Oil!I can use it on my body to clear up my eczema but I don't like to consume it!I can't get with the taste!Consuming Virgin Coconut Oil, which contains Medium Chain Fatty Acids or medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). Unlike trans fats, Virgin Coconut Oil provides good fats and nourishment to dry eczema skin. It also contains lauric acid, which makes up 50% of the fatty acids. Lauric acid has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.
  30. Kihluna

    Kihluna New Member

    I love oil pulling. My biggest issue is my gag reflex, which has caused me to accidentally swallow the oil after about 10 minutes. By reducing the amount I start off with I`m able to continue to pull once a week. It really helps with sensitivity and it lately seems like my teeth are straightening out and pulling closer together.

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