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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by shells, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. starbengal

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    It’s much cheaper to order it online and that’s what I do since I use so very much of it , it had replaces so many chemicals in my house I am still a bit shocked at how well it works. With all of the above don’t forget to cook with it though. It’s a great tasting good for you oil that can be used in higher temperatures than olive oil while having the benefit that it is a fat the body burns verses storing providing you with energy verses fat accumulation.
  2. Daniele1214

    Daniele1214 New Member

    Coconut oil has a variety of uses. For dietary purposes, it is a healthy fat that can be incorporated into recipes as a substitute for butter or other oils. As a beauty product coconut oil can be used many ways. I have personally used it as both a body and facial moisturizer as well as a hair conditioner. I was impressed with how soft my skin was and how shiny my hair was after only a few uses. When coconut oil can replace beauty products and add to a healthy diet it is definitely worth buying and learning to use.
  3. Courtney K.

    Courtney K. New Member

    I've recently started the oil pulling with coconut oil, and so far I think it's great! It has really helped with my gums and with sensitivity. It also really clears my sinuses which I love.
  4. crapapples

    crapapples New Member

    I love using it after I shower to moisturize my body (since I take really hot showers). The coconut oil is a little greasy upon slathering but you get used to it and the next day my skin is as smooth as a baby's bottom. I haven't tried oil pulling though. I heard it's good for whitening your teeth, is this true?
  5. Kyrro

    Kyrro New Member

    How could you not. I use it for soo many things i dont know where to begin... Cooking and as a hair products are the two main ways. It leaves the hair shiny without feeling to greasy (no i dont work for a shampoo company) The uses for this wonder nut are endless.. I even drink the coconut water not oil but just as delicious
  6. Claudine K

    Claudine K New Member

    I have been using coconut oil now for a couple of years and I must say that it is one of the healthiest and most useful oils; not just for cooking but for personal use as well.

    Coconut oil is very effective in treating common skin issues like acne and even eczema as it contains antibacterial and anti fungal properties. So if you are looking for a natural alternative to over the counter products for such treatments, I definitely recommend it. I have used it recently to replace my prescription cream for eczema , and not only does it do a better job, but it leaves my skin moisturized .

    Just to add, for those of you who suffer from an overgrowth of yeast, you can use coconut oil internally as a part of your anti fungal treatment.
  7. Dom Cote

    Dom Cote New Member

    I use coconut oil mainly to do Ayurvedic oil-pulling before I brush my teeth daily. It leaves a faint coconutty smell which I simply love, while keeping my breath fresh and nice, and also preventing bacteria from growing in my mouth. But I also use coconut oil when my mom makes us wraps, as it goes well with the chicken and beef, together with some zucchinis and some fresh veggie, topped off with a scoop of yogurt or sour cream. Coconut oil has many health benefits, being the number one healthy oil, which olive oil had dominated many years before.
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  8. sasha maslen

    sasha maslen New Member

    Coconut oil is a major addition in my health cupboard as it has so many uses. I also use it to oil pull and have had amazing results but i mainly use it as a hair treatment and it has never failed to return my hair to an amazing state. You will never be disappointed if you buy this product, it is quite expensive to buy but it will definitely be worth it.
  9. RubyRed78

    RubyRed78 New Member

    I'm a huge fan of coconut oil. I love using it in smoothies, coffee, as a moisturizer and to shave my legs. I love the scent of coconuts so I enjoy using it whenever I can. I recently found a recipe to make little bite-sized coconut oil "candies" with Stevia and lemon juice, but I just couldn't get into eating coconut oil on its own like that. Do you eat coconut oil?
  10. VirtualMgr

    VirtualMgr New Member

    I am impressed with all the positive comments posted here on the wonderful attributes of coconut oil. I assume "virgin coconut oil" here means un-"refined" or unprocessed, right?
  11. skyminded

    skyminded New Member

    You just swish the oil around your mouth for couple of minutes or more if you like. I'm doing it as I type these lines because this topic reminded me of it :p

    You can find many reports about its healing properties on various health sites and blogs.

    Many great posts with valuable information here. Thanks everyone!
  12. Caroline P.

    Caroline P. New Member

    I'm the biggest fan of Coconut oil. It helps me a lot with my good diet and loose weight. I used to take care of a lil guy and his mom always asked me to make him massage with coconut oil.
  13. Debrich

    Debrich New Member

    OMG! I love coconut oil. I use it for cooking, baking, put it in my morning cup of coffee, use it as a facial moisturizer, hair conditioner, have brushed my teeth with it on occasion...I could go on and one. If you read up on it, you'll find it have many health benefits. I always get the virgin coconut oil.
  14. LearningToBe31

    LearningToBe31 New Member

    Ah! We absolutely LOVE coconut oil! My favorite use is for Baby Girl's bum. If she gets a little red or has a rash, coconut oil has saved the day every single time. I also use it for when she scratches her face with her nails.

    We have also started using it to make our own health & beauty products. I've made a vapor rub and a muscle rub with a coconut oil & beeswax base. Love them both!

    And, I truly believe oil pulling has helped me stay a tad healthier. Trying to get Hubby on board with oil pulling to see if it helps with his migraine issues. Have you heard if it helps with that? I thought I had at one point....
  15. YanaYang

    YanaYang New Member

    I just started discovering some of the benefits of coconut oil and I'm really excited
    to try it in all of the possible ways, as for oil pulling and cooking. Since I started to use shampoo
    that contains coconut oil and organic coconut oil to moisturize hair and scalp I noticed how
    my dandruff problem disappeared. Lipbalms with coconut oil are also great as it makes lips
    so soft and supple.
  16. NickiMacaroni

    NickiMacaroni New Member

    I love coconut oil too! I also have started oil pulling. I have always hated the taste of mouthwash (even the supposedly more mild orange flavored kind) and oil pulling is a gentler, natural alternative. I've definitely noticed that my teeth are whiter, and healthier, since I've started oil pulling. The only problem with it is, once I couldn't get the cap off the jar of oil, and when I finally managed to get it off, the jar slipped and fell. Unfortunately, it was a warm day, and the oil was in a liquid state, so it splashed everywhere! It was impossible to clean up completely. So now, I am always extremely careful when opening the jar.
  17. Lilah

    Lilah New Member

    Hi Shells,

    I am also very much in love with coconut oil. I wish I discovered the profound effects of this wonderful oil sooner. I love to use coconut oil for cooking. It is a great alternative to vegetable oil and it makes the food tastes delicious and juicy!

    I also love to use coconut oil as shaving cream, body butter, hair moisturizer and "oil pulling" for great dental hygiene. These are just some of the few out of many uses of coconut oil. I researched benefits of using this great oil online and surprisingly this oil has great health benefits as well.

    For women, it makes a great antibacterial for BV and has been known to cure those annoying side effects by killing toxins and bacteria in the vagina. It can be applied by freezing in aluminum foil and inserting in the vaginal canal or inserting with a tampon.

    I hope this helps and keep using this awesome oil! I know I will
  18. Julian08

    Julian08 New Member

    Coconut oil is truly a miracle oil because of its natural benefits. It is natural, safe to use and most of all affordable. I used coconut oil to soften my skin and sometimes in my cooking. I stocked up coconut oil specially in the winter as it is where I consumed a lot of coconut oil due to my dry skin. Also, it is nice for hair. As in, there are many ways to use coconut oil.
  19. here2h3lp

    here2h3lp New Member

    Pure heaven. Coconut oil is something that we refuse to run out of in my home. We use it for literally everything from homemade body scrubs to diaper rashes to cooking, to moisturizing after a shower. We all have natural hair so it is great for moisturizing our curls and as an overall conditioner. There a ton of uses for coconut oil. I personally love the smell too! I love how it goes from its solid form to a liquid that easily rubs onto your skin. It works wonders when I apply it to my face before putting on my makeup.
  20. MitchellVaughan

    MitchellVaughan New Member

    Totally agree! I use it as moisturizer, deodorant, and hair gel. Its great to cook with and works well in a smoothie to add some healthy fats. I only started using coconut oil two years ago, but what I REALLY LOVE is coconut water!! I could live off of it!! I find coconut oil can be a bit expensive; so if anyone knows of some discount online suppliers let me know!! Thanks!
  21. Smalltownkitty

    Smalltownkitty New Member

    Coconut oil is a fantastic moisturizer for any part of the body. However, be wary of people telling you to use it in place of medical treatment. I had a good friend question my family going to the ER for shots when an irate cat of ours who did not want a bath, bit my husband and immunosuppressed daughter. She said " I would have just put coconut oil on it and gone about my day". No, it will not prevent infection from animal bites! But it will make your hair really shiny and can make your skin soft, and tastes great in a fried tempura batch too!
  22. Mekare00

    Mekare00 New Member

    When I was in Australia and my poor skin was suffering because of the dry and cold weather, coconut oil was my best friend. I used it as a moisturizing lotion every morning and every night before I go to bed. My skin sure lost it's flakiness and dryness, leaving a very smooth and soft to the touch skin.
  23. Kacie Houser

    Kacie Houser New Member

    I've found two amazing uses for coconut oil. The first is pretty obvious-- coconut oil is a moisturizer that's hard to beat. My first daughter grew up with horrible eczema all over her skin, even on her face. Coconut oil is one of the only things I have tried that really keeps her skin hydrated and cooled down so it doesn't itch so bad. The second use is oil pulling. When a friend of mine told me to put a teaspoon or two of it in my mouth and just swish it around, I was pretty skeptical. But it has done wonders to keep my gums from feeling sore, to get out the food particles that brushing and flossing leave behind, it even cured me of a horrible toothache a time or two!
  24. TabbieT16

    TabbieT16 New Member

    I am absolutely in love with coconut oil. Like you said it's the miracle oil! I use it for so many things!
    - Lotion and facial moisturizer after showering
    - Mixing into facial powder to make into face masks
    -Warm and put on hair as a moisturizing mask
    -Oil pulling
    -Cuticle Oil
    -I feed a half a teaspoon to my dog everyday for all the health benefits
    -I also freeze it in ice cube trays with random ingredients (ie - lavender, sea salt, coffee grounds)
    to make handy little bath scrub cubes, which are amazing gifts.
    One of my favorite things about the oil is that there isn't much you can't use it for and it is very very versatile.
  25. Naturale_anomlay

    Naturale_anomlay New Member

    I love coconut oil. It has so many uses and makes your food so healthy. I also use it on my skin and hair. Overall excellent product!
  26. Jackie Leigh

    Jackie Leigh New Member

    Oh coconut oil.....let me count the ways I love thee! Seriously I could talk for days about this amazing stuff! I have waist length hair and use it to condition, make homemade deodorant with it as well as toothpaste. I even drink it in my "bulletproof" coffee in the morning! We cook with it too, just make sure to get the right kind if you do or don't want the coconut flavor or scent.
  27. RevalinoB

    RevalinoB New Member

    I am 100% for coconut oil, but we have to be careful that the full benefits we are expecting from this oil is not being lost in the processing. Let me explain, the greatest benefit that is incurred from coconut oil occurs only if the process of abstracting the oil from the coconut is 'COLD PRESSED". This means that a lot of the beneficial nutrients, we crave and our body desire, we may not be getting because of the abstraction of the oil by the typical heat process. This limits the effectiveness of all the nutrients, the scent, the taste almost everything. I dare you you too open and smell a jar of cold pressed virgin coconut oil and compare with one that as gone through the regular process. You will be enlightened.
  28. LunaBleak

    LunaBleak New Member

    I love coconut oil! I mainly use it as moisturizer and to gauge my ears. I really like shampoo/conditioner with it in there, too. It's great for nearly everything.
  29. zebra900

    zebra900 New Member

    I'm on the coconut oil train, too. If you rub it on your gums it can kill bacteria that causes gum disease. If you chop up fresh garlic and put it in virgin coconut oil,you create a great anti-fungal cream for athlete's foot or toenail fungus.
  30. Faithfulmarie

    Faithfulmarie New Member

    Coconut oil is great as a moisturizer and to treat dry scalp. I also get lots of benefit by cooking with the oil. It's a light oil, that adds a distinct flavor to food. We in the Caribbean, use it to " oil" the bodies of newborns, a process where were stretch the limbs of the child. This is said to help the child to grow properly. The coconut oil is also put in the crown of the baby's head, this helps to prevent " colds".
    There appear to be a myriad of uses for the coconut oil. I am particularly interested in the dental process called " oil pulling" . I would be grateful if someone could share that with me.

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