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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by shells, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. DNdu

    DNdu New Member

    I'm a fan of coconut oil too. I started out using it for my hair and skin but a few weeks ago I started using it as an appetite suppressant. I take two teaspoons of it every morning when I wake up. I admit it took a bit to get used to the consistency of it. The taste isn't bad if you like coconut but the texture is like eating a big glob of butter. It made me gag the first few times I swallowed it. Now I'm sure to have a glass of water handy when I take it. After the first few days of taking it I was surprised by how well it worked as an appetite suppressant. One day I nearly forgot to eat until someone reminded me I hadn't eaten anything yet. I went the whole day without feeling hungry at all.
  2. SuzieQ

    SuzieQ New Member

    I have found the most amazing use for coconut oil. I mix a tablespoon of it with Olay skin scrubber into a soft paste. Then rub into your skin until it dissolves. The result is amazing. It feels like skin polishing on a whole new level. A baby's butt would be envious.
  3. lemongrrl

    lemongrrl New Member

    I love coconut oil and have been using lots of it since inheriting a huge bucket of it from a friend that had to leave town suddenly. I've since used it for cooking (mmm, pancakes) and for my skin. I keep a small jar at my bedside in place of massage oil and it leaves my skin oh so soft and smelling yummy!
  4. mpvb

    mpvb New Member

    I too am in love with coconut oil and am convinced of its benefits! My husband and I switched from lotions to using coconut oil only and it really hydrates and makes your skin feel so much better. It's been a big help as far as a face moisturizer. I never break out using coconut oil on my face and my husband's complexion is a lot clearer than it used to be. We also use coconut oil for cooking since it's much healthier than other oils!
  5. MJY

    MJY New Member

    I am using virgin coconut oil everyday. This oil is very potent in fighting some bacteria and viruses. It has been reported that there are numerous good effects this oil has on the body. I prefer to use the one that did not undergo heat processing.
  6. sitkakoala

    sitkakoala New Member

    I have never heard of using it for athletes foot! Something I shall experiment with for sure!!
  7. coffeemate1616

    coffeemate1616 New Member

    As far as I can remember, coconut oil is a fixture in our home. Especially here in the Philippines, which is one of the main exporters of coconut in the world, there are many uses of coconut oil never mentioned in scientific researches I have read. When I was small and during brown-outs, we have a "gasera" (oil lamp) and the oil used there was cooked by my mother, from coconut. My mother, once a week or about twice a month, would massage her hair with coconut oil, which serves as her hot oil treatment. My mother by the way is sixty-four years old and doesn't dye her hair, it's thick and only has few grays on it. When kids in our family would twist their arm, or suffer high fever, we would go to a "hilot" (a massage therapist) and she would use coconut oil during her massage.

    Nowadays, coconut oil in the name and form of "virgin coconut oil" is widely used for its healing properties, even in psoriasis and diabetes.
  8. Jorjorgreen

    Jorjorgreen New Member

    Best for detangling hair after a protective hairstyle has been taken out.
  9. Stephanie Fleming

    Stephanie Fleming New Member

    I love coconut oil. I mainly use it as a carrier oil with my essential oils. I also use it in a pain salve recipe with Copaiba, frankensence and balsam fir essential oils. It is amazing for your skin. I think that over use of any oil internally is probably too much saturated fat, but in moderation, coconut oil has numerous health benefits and makes your food delicious to boot!!
  10. Gingergirl

    Gingergirl New Member

    I've been using coconut oil as skin lotion and as a deep conditioner for my hair for over 20 years. I swear it keeps me young. People don't believe my age, I even get carded quite often! Coconut oil is amazing, so many uses. I keep a jar in my bathroom and my kitchen!
  11. kateash

    kateash New Member

    Huge fan of coconut oil. I use it as a hair treatment. I've also made an under eye cream using it mixed with vitamin E oil, works wonderfully. My new favorite thing that I created was actually deodorant. Yep made deodorant, hands down this is my favorite thing so far. My underarms are so much smoother and smell so nice. In love with coconut oil. I gave the oil pulling a try for a while, I couldn't handle it. Only because I have a weak jaw and it was causing issues.
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  12. Ceci

    Ceci New Member

    I love coconut oil! There is A LOT of thing you can do with coconut oil!!!! I use it as a hair treatment, for cooking, as a shaving lotion, facial scrub, to make a homemade lip balm, a massage oil, and as a body moisturizer.
  13. jacksonv

    jacksonv New Member

    Coconut oil is such a great product! I've almost completely replaced canola and vegetable oil with coconut oil and have it every morning with my eggs. I heard from a new Mom the other day that it also makes a great overnight diaper rash repellent for her little girl.
  14. Jesse93

    Jesse93 New Member

    Coconut oil is incredible. I love using it to make homemade chocolates, especially peanut butter cups. It's also great as a butter substitute on toast and bagels, or just in recipes. Also if I start breaking out, I just put a bit of coconut oil on my face before bed and leave it on while I sleep. If I do this for a couple of day, the break outs go away. Oil pulling works wonders too. At my last dentist appointment, my dentist was surprised at how much my teeth had improved.
  15. Ingrid Cazala

    Ingrid Cazala New Member

    For some reason I became obsessed with coconut oil. Moreso in my beauty regime for my hair as an overnight hair mask. However every once in a while I cook with it. I have learned a few things along the way. The first time I cooked with it was the first day I bought it.
    I cooked it with minced beef to make chilli con carne. I will never ever use coconut oil to make chilli con carne! The taste of coconut was not good and agce the meal a weird taste that I didn't even finish my meal. If i use it for chicken just by itself its quite nice but I only cook with it if the taste of coconut would go with what I'm cooking. I don't know if that's just me and I made a mistake while cooking however I dont think so..... But I think coconut oil is best used to make silky soft hair!
  16. NBair

    NBair New Member

    I too am IN LOVE with coconut oil! I use it as diaper cream, body lotion, in cloth wipe solution, cooking, supplement, oil pulling, intimate lubrication, cut or scratch ointment. How do you use it as a hair treatment? Just layer it on the scalp or apply it to all of the hair?
  17. Scuba Nurse

    Scuba Nurse New Member

    I am also on a health mission, and have fallen in love with coconut oil! Recently, I started learning how to make my own soap for bathing. By making it myself, I can control the ingredients and amount of fragrance. Because it leaves my skin feeling young and silky, coconut oil is one of my favorite ingredients in making homemade soap.
  18. arash1

    arash1 New Member

    Coconut oil is a staple in my house now. It is perfect for everything moisturizing, oil pulling and cooking. I love cooking with coconut oil it adds its own flavor the food but it a healthier oil and cheaper than cooking with olive oil.
  19. LilAnn

    LilAnn New Member

    I just recently discovered the medical oil, myself. I have used it as moisturizer on my skin and my hair, for frying food, to wash my face, and I have started using it to moisturizer my dog's skin. As useful as this miracle oil is, I'm so surprised I never heard of it sooner. It's a relief though, knowing there is something that useful that isn't manmade.
  20. inessa

    inessa New Member

    A spoon of coconut oil mixed with a spoon of honey is great for stabilizing my blood sugar throughout the day. It keeps my skin silky smooth and sometimes I like using it as an all natural tanning accelerator. Using coconut oil instead of butter in a sugar cookie recipe makes for a batch of especially soft and chewy cookies,
  21. Shift.Perspective

    Shift.Perspective New Member

    Use it for lube(research this first), teeth care, skin care, cooking, stomach health, in your hair, and many other uses we probably don't even know about yet! Coconut Oil is amazing.
  22. chubbyamanda

    chubbyamanda New Member

    I absolutely love coconut oil. I make granola with coconut oil. It infuses the granola with a slight coconut scent and it's so much healthier than canola oil or vegetable oil. I also use it on my hair at night as a deep repair hair mask. I use it when I have a second day hair and I put it on at night and wash it off in the morning when I take a shower. I makes my hair so incredibly soft and smooth. I mix coconut oil with sugar and honey to make a lip scrub. It works wonders. This works just as good as those 20 dollars scrubs. It takes away all the dead skin cells and moisturize my lips. Coconut oil is an essential to my life now. I love it so much.
  23. sarahworksathome

    sarahworksathome New Member

    I have recently fallen in love with coconut oil!
    I have only explored it's amazing skincare benefits, however, and not any by ingesting it.
    Until recently I couldn't have it in my house due to a household member's allergies.
  24. koneko

    koneko New Member

    I use coconut oil in my food (like homemade luna bars), on my skin, and it's actually sitting in my hair right now! I'm using it as a hair mask before I bleach my hair later today. I've read that it's one of the few oils that can penetrate the hair shaft and help condition it from the inside, instead of just coating the hair.
  25. Janay Flournoy

    Janay Flournoy New Member

    Okay, so I've literally been using coconut oil for EVERYTHING lately. I originally purchased my jar of magic to deep condition my hair with, to help get rid of the split ends. Then I started using it in my skincare routine. Then I started oil pulling with it. Then I started to using it as an full body moisturizer. I will never not use coconut oil ever again in my life. I use the Spectrum Organic expeller pressed coconut oil from Walmart. I got my 14 oz jar for about $7. Coconut oil has changed my overall beauty routine, and for the better.
  26. heather1522

    heather1522 New Member

    I am in love with pure, organic, unrefined coconut oil. I have changed every oil out of the house to coconut oil. This oil is anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial. Also, there are recent studies that states it is improving people with Alzheimer's.

    I personally use it to cook with, personal moisturizer (yes even in the bedroom), and even on my cat who had horrible mouth decay and reversed it with coconut oil. I love this miracle oil and will always be one of the staples in my life :)
  27. Rebecca Jacobs

    Rebecca Jacobs New Member

    Coconut oil is wonderful for so many things! I solely use coconut oil when cooking, it withstands the heat and will not create free radicals in the pan like some of the other oils. I also love that coconut oil is great for warding off infections and can even serve as a skin protectant for minor cuts and wounds. I am never without coconut oil!
  28. jt5874

    jt5874 New Member

    One of the cool things about coconut oil is that it is composed of medium chained triglycerides, which means that it can be used by the body for an immediate energy source similar to sugar. Unlike sugar, though, MCTs do not cause a spike in blood sugar and the subsequent insulin production, which means that you don't get the "sugar crash" after consumption.
  29. Tommy Johnson

    Tommy Johnson New Member

    Coconut oil is definitely a trending product in the food and natural health care industries. Scientific authors A. Marina, Y. Che Man, and I. Amin wrote a peer-reviewed journal article in 2009 titled "Virgin coconut oil: emerging functional food oil" in the journal Trends in Food Science and Technology. I will briefly summarize some of their main points from this article. Virgin coconut oil is rich in medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which are responsible for making the oil a solid at room temperature. These are saturated fatty acids that were once thought to be related to heart disease, but new research has emerged to show that these may actually have positive health benefits on the body. A study was done on Polynesian populations, who are regular consumers of coconut oil, and this oil was not shown to have negative health effects in this population. Virgin coconut oil also has fairly high level of anti-oxidant phenolics that are believed to have positive effects in vivo.
  30. KelseyH.

    KelseyH. New Member

    Coconut oil is amazing! I use it for almost everything! I cook with it, I use it as a moisturizer, baby butt cream, chap stick, and my favorite--make up remover!! It removes my make up so easily it is insane and it leaves my face feeling nice and smooth and hydrated with out it being really oily. I have used it as a conditioner for my hair and honestly didn't really notice a difference except it was extremely hard to get out of my hair. I had to wash it three times just so that way my hair wouldn't look greasy, and I think washing it so many times to get it out defeated the purpose of putting it in there to begin with! Besides hair conditioner, it is wonderful and healthy for you!

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