Coffee or Tea?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by citrondoses, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. citrondoses

    citrondoses New Member

    Every morning, I pick between two beverages and I consider it an essential part of my day because it sets the tone of how my mood will be for that day.

    I would pick coffee, but ironically, it makes me sleepy for some unknown reason and it just makes me work slower rather than boost me up, like it does for others.

    This is why I choose tea because it clears my mind and makes me feel fresh, especially when I have a lot of work to catch up on. I still like coffee a lot, though, but I'd rather drink it on a weekend when I do not need any office work done.

    Which would you choose?
  2. Daryl Gee

    Daryl Gee New Member

    I drink coffee on a daily. I love to use a press pot to make coffee. ALthough one must be careful as coffee is a drug and a bit addictive. Stopping can cause headaches for a few days.

    I love my coffee black. That way I can taste the coffee!!!!
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  3. Kaetzchen

    Kaetzchen New Member

    I would choose tea, because I don't really like the taste of coffee. I will say I enjoy the smell of coffee, but I'd prefer to not have to drink it. If there is enough sweetness and maybe some milk added in I can maybe drink through a cup, but I'd rather just go for the tea. I've found that I don't especially like coffee flavored desserts, like ice cream or cake, because the flavor of the coffee is so off-putting for me.
  4. I enjoy both, but at different times. It depends on the day and my mood.

    I thoroughly enjoy a cup of coffee in the mornings that I am working. It helps my brain kick into gear during those 7am starts! However, on the weekends, I love to wake up to a hot cup of English Breakfast tea in bed. I also enjoy sipping on a tea late at night just before getting into bed.

    I find tea relaxes me a lot more, and just gives me a warming calm feeling. Coffee really gets me up and going and on the edge of my seat!
  5. Openmind57

    Openmind57 New Member

    I drink one cup of coffee a day! Every morining, this is how I start my day. I used to have a cup of coffee at night before bed... it didn't bother my sleep... but I was trying to ween my self off the caffine, so now I'm down to one cup a day! :)

    I like tea every now and then ... and love iced tea in the summer.
  6. starlitdreamer

    starlitdreamer New Member

    I prefer coffee over tea, but I drink both. It depends on what kind of mood I'm in when I choose. Often times, I do choose coffee more than I do the tea.
  7. Brandonazz

    Brandonazz New Member

    Personally, I can't stand coffee or tea. Usually, if I need a caffeinated beverage, I just go for a can of soda. If I feel the particular need to sit and enjoy a caffeinated beverage for more than just a little while, I usually prepare myself a steaming cup of hot chocolate and dissolve some powdered caffeine that I keep handy.
  8. I greatly love both and can drink either at any time of day. My favorite coffees are usually African with light floral notes, but spicy South American blends are very enticing, too. If I must, I can drink a cup of Folgers or whatever other generic coffee my office has, but my personal favorite is Topeca brand.

    I love all manner and vehicle of tea, but nothing beats the ease of a single bag of Tazo Zen when I need a moment to unwind or organize my thoughts. The lemongrass is so delicate and the tea so refreshing, it's hard to limit myself (so I don't. At all.). It's especially good iced on a hot summer day. I'm also especially fond of Lady Grey when I'm in a black tea mood. I tend to stear clear of white tea or fruit teas, as I really prefer the "darker" teas.

    However, neither substance should be altered with milk or sugar. Something about sweetener in tea just makes my whole mouth this bizarre bitter. It's an especially controversial opinion to have of tea here in the South.
  9. katemcbride

    katemcbride New Member

    Traditionally in Ireland, tea is the drink of choice and many people do not drink coffee at all. I like both but I am inclined to drink tea with a sandwich or a snack whereas I prefer coffee as a drink on it's own without anything to eat with it. Also, I would drink tea at any time of day but usually only drink coffee early in the day. It is said that tea contains a lot of antioxidants which are reputed to be good for you. I suppose it just depends on the time, the place and the circumstances whether coffee or tea is preferred.
  10. mravi

    mravi New Member

    I would choose tea. I like coffee, but it is really bad and can be very addicting. I have coffee in moderation and make sure to only drink it once or twice a week, because only then it can have good side effects. I love tea because it helps wake me up and most types are good for you. It is definitely important, for me at least, to have a warm cup of something, whether it be coffee, tea, or just plain milk.
  11. Barbara yyz

    Barbara yyz New Member

    I drink both but i like coffee more. I love its amazing smell, taste and the pleasure to make a cup of coffee by myself. But coffee is a bit addicting, and drinking too much can do harm to your central nervous system, or cause the Calcium loss. Compared to that,tea is much healthier and has the same function to boost you up.So tea may be a better choice.
  12. Chichi

    Chichi New Member

    I prefer tea over coffee mainly because of their tastes as their effects on my body are more or less the same. Every day I usually take a hot cup of tea that is not only nutritious but gives me both body warmth and stimulates my body through the daily tasks ahead of me. Tea in other circumstances act as a relaxer after a long tiring day.
  13. sherland

    sherland New Member

    On any given day I rather have a cup of coffee to start my day. I was told that certain tea can help easy a hard day at work when consumed warm. Peppermint tea is my favorite, but no matter the task coffee gives me a boost like none other. Folgers has the best taste to me.
  14. Unique3

    Unique3 Member

    I prefer a cup of herbal tea over coffee. Bigelowe's Peppermint tea is what I drink more often. For a treat, try green tea strawberry with Upstate Farms intense vanilla milk. That was just too good. For a coffee alternative, Cafix is a good instant cereal beverage. Postum used to be my favorite.
  15. Rose Hanes

    Rose Hanes New Member

    I prefer coffee in the morning, brewed, strong and two cups of it. My senses will not completely wake up without this routine. I must admit, though, that when I drink coffee at night, it makes me sleepy. I like tea in the middle of the day, black tea is my favorite with a dash of milk. Green tea I take after dinner from time to time.
  16. naveeda

    naveeda New Member

    I love to take black tea with milk in the morning with my breakfast. Usually in the afternoon, I prepare peppermint and cardamom tea, which make me so fresh and delightful. Coffee is not my favourite, because I don't like the smell and taste.
  17. Sheldon938

    Sheldon938 New Member

    I like both tea or coffee, but I prefer tea mostly because some brand of coffee have a very bitter taste. I mostly drink the cold beverage with added sugar then the hot one on a summer day and in winter I occasionally drink hot tea.
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  18. CurbsideQueen

    CurbsideQueen New Member

    The best part of waking up, is green tea in my cup. I like some coffee drinks (I have a weakness for iced caramel macchiato's), but I have to drink coffee on a full stomach otherwise it really messes with me. And I can't drink too much unless I want my piss to smell like coffee for the rest of the day. But with tea, it wakes me up, and I usually have all different kinds throughout the day that make me feel good.
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  19. chjery

    chjery New Member

    My first "go to" in the morning is my cup of coffee, usually followed by another one after that one is gone. Anymore than two and I'm jittery. I love green tea as well and will usually sip on a few cups of it throughout the day. It keep my energy up without making me feel too crazy.

    So I really like them both.
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  20. Brittnee

    Brittnee New Member

    I love both coffee and tea. I grew up drink warm tea before school everyday, and having tea parties with my grandma. I still enjoy it from time to time especially when I'm sick. I am much more of a coffee drinker now that I am a mother and get up so early, I feel it gives much more of a caffeine kick than tea and prefer to drink tea at night as a calming warm drink before bed.
  21. Nymph

    Nymph New Member

    If this were three years ago, the clear and irrefutable choice would be coffee, but recently I have been suffering your symptoms, citrondoses, in that I am experiencing the unforgiving whip of caffeine burnout. More often than not, I get the feeling of deeper lethargy than the energizing rush I used to feel. On that note, my new favorite is tea; green tea and orange pekoe tea are what I prefer. I sometimes take a leap of faith and buy other flavors. In the end, there is a far greater variety of flavors to choose from when it comes to tea than there is coffee, and better health benefits, too.
  22. Adryanna

    Adryanna New Member

    This is a very difficult question because I love coffee and tea. In the mornings I would choose coffee for the sweet, rich flavor but during the day, unsweetened hot tea is my choice. I assume drinking tea is healthier for my body since I do not add sugar or other sweeteners but coffee gives me a boost in the morning that cannot be replaced.
  23. Oluwatosin

    Oluwatosin New Member

    I love both coffee and tea but Tea(Green tea) is my favorite. I noticed of recent that coffee makes me feel sleepy immediately after taking only to keep me awake and alert at night when I need my sleep mostly. Green tea is a yes for me because aside it making me feel warm in my really cold office, I know each cup I take gives me lots of antioxidants in my system. When given an option of which to take amongst the two, I will always reach out for Tea
  24. JonWilson11

    JonWilson11 New Member

    I prefer to drink coffee and do so throughout the day, not just morning. The aroma and taste of coffee are what I enjoy most about this hot drink. I enjoy strong, black coffee so the true taste comes through in every cup. I own a drip coffee maker and percolator. I use my drip maker daily, but prefer the flavor of percolated coffee over any other method.

    I enjoy strong tea as well, but mostly drink this as a cold beverage on hot summer days. Again, I do not like it with sugar or any other flavors added.
  25. squeegee828282

    squeegee828282 New Member

    I love it both for different reasons. I don't typically drink tea for a caffeine boost - I just drink it because of the taste. Coffee, on the other hand, I can't live without it!
  26. Jodi-Ann Walker

    Jodi-Ann Walker New Member

    I usually drink tea; but my taste buds are learning to accept (and appreciate) coffee. I have to admit though that although I can drink black coffee, I still prefer it with cream or condensed milk mixed into it.
  27. Bookreader1991

    Bookreader1991 New Member

    I always loved tea more than coffee. Though recently I started drinking Green tea and I have to say it is far better than both regular coffee and tea. Simply because it energizes me so much and makes me feel really peaceful. I drink it very regularly, I prefer to use honey when I make it instead of sugar. The reason I dropped the regular tea was that it just didn't have the same health benefits or the good feeling you get after you have a cup of organic green tea.

    I never really liked coffee, it is reserved for those nights where I really have to stay awake and get stuff done. That's when coffee goes higher up on the list of preferred beverages.
  28. keithr13

    keithr13 New Member

    I enjoy both coffee and tea.
    I grew up having tea as the first drink of the day, and would then chose one or the other during the day.
    For some reason, I seem to have fallen out with tea.
    I now have 7 types of coffee in the house, and the first drink of the day is always a "petit dejeuner" Tassimo coffee.
    Unless i'm in a real rush, then it's a Nescafe instant!
  29. flutterby

    flutterby New Member

    If I'm looking for a boost I'll choose coffee, but I personally much prefer the taste of tea. I kind of see tea as more of a 'before bed' drink - it's warm and relaxing, not exactly what I'm looking for when I'm struggling to keep my eyes open in the morning. If I could find tea that gave the same kick as coffee, I would choose that in a heartbeat, though! Unfortunately, I don't think that's very likely, so coffee it is.
  30. sowmya

    sowmya New Member

    I prefer tea to coffee. I like the taste of tea more than that of coffee. Sometimes I like coffee, sometimes I don't. But, tea is always good to drink. The fresh smell of tea leaves and its flavor are incomparable.

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