Coffee or Tea?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by citrondoses, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Emmitt Hoeft

    Emmitt Hoeft New Member

    Coffee I mean tea is OK I guess but when it come to a nice hot cup of good I mean really good coffee nothing else compares. The art of brewing a cup of coffee can be a rewarding experience, Grinding the fresh beans and the aroma as you grind then comes the brewing and you can almost tast the flavor just from the small Ahhhhhhhhhh heaven
  2. katszy

    katszy New Member

    I love my coffee with my peanut butter and jam sandwich every morning and I literally eat that every morning.
    I also love having coffee with my pastry. There's something about the coffee and sweets together which I don't really get from tea. However, I also love tea during the day because I always feel like I've cleansed my body after every cup.
    Whenever I feel like I'm getting a cough or cold I drink tea like crazy especially chamomile with lemon and honey, ginger lemon or roibus. For me coffee is definitely a perk-me-up drink while tea is calms and soothes me.
  3. CBelch

    CBelch New Member

    Coffee, coffee, and more coffee. I do not function if I can't get a few cups in each morning and a few more in the afternoon. My family keeps me BUSY. Sometimes my java is the only thing that keeps me going, particularly through bouts of teething and growth spurts. Sometimes in the summer and warm weather, though, I'll swap out for iced tea in the afternoons.
  4. ArleneCook

    ArleneCook New Member

    Тhе fіrst time І trіеd Coffee оr Tea, І hadn't уеt bееn converted tо а milk tea drinker, аnd І ordered а green tea sweetened wіth honey whісh set mе bасk оvеr $5 аnd І left feeling poor аnd confused.

    Over thе раst twо аnd а half years І'vе developed аn unhealthy love affair wіth milk tea аnd boba аnd nоw саn trulу appreciate Coffee оr Tea аnd nо longer find mуsеlf ordering $5 teas І саn сеrtаіnlу mаkе аt home.

    I find mуsеlf іn thе McCully shopping center оn а regular basis, аnd whеn І hаvе cash оn hand thіs іs а wеlсоmе treat. Му favorite іs thе wintermelon milk tea wіth light "bubbles" aka boba.

    Check іn wіth Yelp аnd save sоmе money оff уоur drink аs well.

    This business іs cash only, аnd thеrе іs sоmеtіmеs а language barrier аnd there's а time limit fоr thеіr tables but it's а business nоt уоur living room sо І understand thеm nоt wanting уоu tо stay thеrе аll day.

    The drinks аrе tasty, thе staff іs courteous аnd іt definitely hits thе spot оn а hot day. Тhеіr cups sау they're Hawaii's #1 but they're mу #2 :)
  5. unish khyaju

    unish khyaju New Member

    Every one says one coffee per day is very good for health so i drink it once a day as it also tastes great. Milk coffee is my best beverage ever. I don't like just coffee.
    Coffee is expensive than tea so i drink tea more than coffee. I drink tea a lot when i have to work until late night because it help me get rid from sleepy.
  6. irina alexandra

    irina alexandra New Member

    Tea is the best for me! I can drink any kind of tea,but I prefer fruit and vanilla. Tea is for me as "cofee" is for others..I drink it every morning slowly,no rush, just enjoing it..and if I skip it one morning I feel all day that something is missing
  7. Samuel Ainga

    Samuel Ainga Member

    Coffee is our largest foreign exchange earner but to us we prefer tea. I hardly drink coffee, I just don't know why!
  8. PenLady

    PenLady New Member

    I am a bona fide coffee hound, A coffee lover for many years, I would chose coffee over any other drinks. I only like fresh and hot coffee though. I don't like coffee that has been sitting in a pot for a long time. I have a keurig coffee maker and every cup is fresh and good. I also like regular coffee. None of those fancy flavors for me.
  9. JeaneBarnard

    JeaneBarnard New Member

    І usеd tо drink coffee еvеrу day. Іn fact оn mоst days І рrоbаblу drank tоо muсh coffee. І rеаllу enjoy thе taste оf coffee аnd І lіkе tо trу dіffеrеnt types оf beans grown іn dіffеrеnt regions оf thе world. Оnе оf mу аll time favorites іs thе kona coffee frоm Hawaii. Іt hаs а rеаllу nice balance аnd thе aroma іs divine.

    I struggled fоr quіtе а fеw years wіth а fairly severe case оf acid reflux аnd hаvе definitely consumed mоrе thаn mу fair share оf antacids. Finally, І decided tо adjust mу diet tо sее іf І соuld root оut thе саusе оf thе heartburn аnd eliminate thе nееd fоr medicating it. Раrt оf thе change tо mу diet included reducing coffee аnd substituting wіth green tea. Тhеn І discovered thаt peppermint tea іs good fоr thе digestion аnd саn hаvе аn еffесt оn reducing stomach acid аs well, sо І incorporated thаt іntо mу diet аs а combination wіth thе green tea. Тhе result іs thаt аll оf thеsе adjustments began tо work, аnd І аm happy tо sау thаt І nо longer hаvе issues wіth heartburn оr acid reflux аnd require nо medications tо manage thе discomfort.

    I dо stіll hаvе аn occasional cup оf coffee, mауbе оnсе оr twісе а month, but mу everyday hot beverage іs nоw green tea wіth peppermint. Іt hаs mаdе аn impact оn mе tо bе mоrе conscious оf mу оvеrаll diet bесаusе іf thе rеsults оf thіs small change саn bе sо significant, І аm аlwауs searching fоr оthеr ways tо improve mу health thrоugh better consumption choices.
  10. Tacheo

    Tacheo New Member

    I'm a tea person now, even though I have an immense passion towards coffee. The number one problem I have now is my stomach ache. It often wakes me up at night and I need some water or an apple to calm it down. Also, when I drink a little bit too much coffee, I can't fall asleep for hours. Ironically, I'm still the biggest coffee lover among my friends. That is probably going to change, because coffee and cigarettes are just not good for me. Often my family gathers to drink coffee, and now, instead of refusing refreshment, I just go with the tea.
  11. Maselina

    Maselina New Member

    I drink coffee every single day. For me, it sets my mood to begin the day and without it...I lack energy and am actually moody without it. I do like tea for the flavors, but I will always choose coffee over tea because I am quite addicted:)
  12. ravian

    ravian New Member

    In pakistam coffee or tea both are not our traditional drinks historically but when England ruled subcontinent it introduces tea to the people of subcontinent and now as time passes tea became an essential part of our lives
    I also love to drink coffee in the chilly winter nights but in routine I always prefer tea over coffee as it clears my mind and give me energy to fulfill all my duties
  13. SpectrumsAtoZ

    SpectrumsAtoZ New Member

    Coffee all the way. I'm a smoker so naturally, coffee is my best friend in the morning. Half a pack of ciggarettes and a 24oz coffee from speedway to start my day!
  14. carbon9i

    carbon9i New Member

    Hah, if someone ever stopped me from having my daily cup of coffee I don't know what I would do! I've probably developed a major caffeine dependancy, but I am absolutely in love with the rich, creamy flavour of coffee. Plus, it helps me feel energized in the morning, which is always needed!
  15. michellem

    michellem New Member

    My brain begs for coffee every morning! There is something about the smell of roasting beans that wakes my body more effectively than the sunshine.

    At nighttime, however, my body needs the tea to begin the winding-down process before bedtime. I actually make a cup of loose leaf chamomile or lavender tea. This is refreshing to my senses in a different way from the coffee.

    Ergo, my answer is both. I really cannot wake up or go to sleep without both in my life every day.
  16. PLP Rob

    PLP Rob New Member

    For me, coffee's a morning drink, while tea's more for evenings. I don't drink coffee every day, so it's nice as a treat a few times a week. Also, I'm hypersensitive to caffeine, so I don't drink it after the sun goes down; otherwise, I'm in for a night of restless leg syndrome... except with me it's more like restless all over syndrome. Heh.
  17. Okudasan

    Okudasan New Member

    Coffee, by a long margin. You can easily pair it with a buttery or sweet pastry and end up with a incredibly satisfying experience. The versatility of coffee is underrated, pretty much anything enhances the taste of coffee and vice versa.
  18. misteryes

    misteryes New Member

    I would choose coffee because I absolutely can feel the caffeine kick. The only problem I have with both beverages is that I'm not a fan of hot drinks. I try to drink other caffeinated beverages but I usually drink them too fast simply because they are easier to down, at which point the caffeine acts faster.
  19. Joshua Feller

    Joshua Feller New Member

    Personally, I've been drinking coffee once a week for the last six months. Coffee acts as an antioxidant. It cleans out your system of many toxins, however, too much coffee can actually dehydrate you and use up your reserve energy. Maybe for you drinking coffee once a week will allow your body time to build that reserve energy source up.

    As far as tea goes, some teas can actually have rejuvenating antioxidant effects. Green tea is a very common antioxidant and provides a clear, relaxed mind throughout the day and doesn't dehydrate you.

    So overall, there's pros and cons to one or the other, but what I would do is plan out your diet to get the optimum health benefits. Hope this helped. :laugh:
  20. man83

    man83 New Member

    Often I drink, tea more than 4 times a day that bring me comfort, unrivalled especially after eating and also a very refreshing morning cup of tea either coffee's sometimes but it makes me feel sleepy always!!!
  21. Laura Haught

    Laura Haught New Member

    I used to be a huge coffee drinker, some days up to 2 pots a day! After reading all the latest studies done about coffee I soon realized that I needed to reduce my intake dramatically or stop drinking it all together. I found that within a week of reducing and slowly adding in Green Tea to replace the coffee I was feeling so much more active. It has been almost 2 months since I have drank coffee and my energy levels are still threw the roof! Hope this helps!
  22. Mamasan

    Mamasan New Member

    When I lived in southern CA, I would have answered, neither. But now that I live in the Pacific Northwest, my answer has changed to:

    Both, absolutely! As long as I switch to caffeine-free by 2 pm. Hot liquids are crucial in fighting off that "inner chill".
  23. Jessie S.

    Jessie S. New Member

    I personally like both of them and cannot choose. I am not able to drink it straight so usually I add 2 packets of Trivia or Splenda to my tea and some unsweetened almond milk to my coffee. I however will indulge in a drink from Starbucks once in a while but only as a special treat.
  24. WanderingLaci

    WanderingLaci New Member

    I've been trying to quit drinking coffee. I drank it for a while because I wanted an extra boost to get things done at home. I started exercising more to feel more energized instead of relying on my coffee habit. It is a great improvement but was difficult for a while. I used to have horrible headaches during the day or at the end of the day at least once a week. Since I stopped drinking coffee my headaches have stopped.

    The only thing that makes coffee even tolerable for me is to flood it with plenty of creamer. There are some ingredients in my favorite creamer like palm oil that I'd rather not ingest. Also, coffee is a diuretic that will dry out your skin. I already struggle with drinking enough water throughout the day. Coffee increases a stress hormone in your body. I don't want to increase my stress by any means.

    Tea is great because it has some caffeine but not a large amount like caffeinated coffee. I drink tea to get antioxidants into my system. Green tea has antioxidants that can help protect your skin from aging. White tea is another favorite of mine. I don't like the taste of hot green tea so I make a huge batch of it and chill it in the fridge to drink throughout the day. I'm concerned about my health and taking care of my skin so I've been reading quite a bit about tea vs. coffee the past year.
  25. kasmith

    kasmith New Member

    Caffeine consumption is an essential and welcomed morning routine. However, to acquire that necessary ingredient, I prefer to drink tea. I vary between hot and unsweetened iced tea, and the temperature of the day will often influence my choice. Rarely, however, do I chose coffee, as it tends to disagree with me and upset my stomach.

    Outside of the physical ailments coffee causes, I also find tea to be "lighter" and "crisper" in taste than coffee. Tea is more refreshing in nature and the tastes more subtle and smooth. I also enjoy the variety of tea flavors, especially those that reflect the current season or holiday. Lastly, and on a more superficial level, coffee does nothing but deter close proximity conversations. Coffee breath, as it is often referred to, is not appealing at all.
  26. Cory1one

    Cory1one New Member

    Citrondoses.... Just pick your poison already.
  27. Tcherice

    Tcherice New Member

    I personally would choose tea. While I do like the taste of coffee, the caffeine in it does not agree with my system. I know some teas have caffeine in them also, but it is to a lesser degree. My personal favorite is Lemon Ginger. It helps me to fall asleep at night and it warms me up from the inside out.
  28. Steph0722

    Steph0722 New Member

    I drink coffee daily, however I rotate between a few different preparations. Sometimes I use the Keurig, sometimes the French press. I drink coffee black, but will add a dash of pumpkin spices into the mug before I pour. At least once a week I make my own version of "Bulletproof" coffee with grass-fed butter and coconut oil. My husband and I will also make a Greek "frappe" with instant coffee and almond milk in the summer months. We save tea for the evenings when we don't want caffeine.
  29. khadeja

    khadeja New Member

    I prefer tea anytime of the day. But coffee tops it if I am feeling lethargic.
  30. pyokn

    pyokn New Member

    I began consuming caffeinated beverages at a very young age, and caffeine has always been a part of my diet. I believe I must have developed a considerably high caffeine tolerance as a result. That's the reason I typically resort to coffee, with a few extra shots of espresso, over tea. Occasionally I choose tea over coffee, usually on days when I'm sick or I don't need a big caffeine jolt. Tea makes me feel less jittery and more calm, but I can't say it does very much for my energy levels.

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