Coffee or Tea?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by citrondoses, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. eyoho21

    eyoho21 New Member

    I have the same encounters with tea and coffee; tea makes me more awake and alert when I take the time to make it in the mornings, but coffee tends to make my thoughts foggy and my attentian span non-existent. I like coffee a lot more than tea, however, so it is often difficult for me to want to make tea when I first wake up rather than going to a coffee shop and ordering a big, hot, cup of effortless coffee that I didn't have to make myself.
  2. The President

    The President New Member

    I love coffee and tea. The first thing I do in the morning is brew a hot pot of coffee. I tend to enjoy herbal tea in the evening hours as a comforting drink to wind down after a long day.
  3. Peter Smedley

    Peter Smedley New Member

    Overall the benefits of tea outweigh that of coffee, as in a typical cup of tea there is only 11 mg of caffeine, opposing coffee which stands at a typical 40 mg. This may cause some slight confusion in that many people get a certain asphyxiation toward caffeine and think that the more the better, however this is not the case. Too much can cause headaches, nausea, increased heart rate, and can even amount to sleeping disorders. In my own experience as someone who remains, for the most part physically active, and was very big into soda drinking I can say that since I stopped my intake of such a high amount of caffeine I've become much healthier. Just as well tea, although containing some amounts of the drug, which isn't entirely bad in moderation also has many health benefits as it is rich in anti-oxidants, as well as reducing the chances of a heart attack. Personally I enjoy tea as a great substitute to coffee, whilst still getting my daily caffeine fix.
  4. aqua02

    aqua02 New Member

    I like coffee because I like the smell of it brewing and I like the taste of it .Coffee awakens my body up to a new day , it motivates me to threw the day . I can't wait until the morning time , so I can drink my coffee .
  5. FeralManChild

    FeralManChild New Member

    I drink coffee when it is easily available for free. nevertheless, i am going to switch to a healthier habit and start drinking tea. I want to try some quality leafs and maybe add a sole salt brine plus some quality raw honey.
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  6. emkay428

    emkay428 New Member

    I personally prefer black tea in the morning with a little bit of skim milk. I find that having coffee in the morning on an empty stomach makes me feel to jittery. As the day goes on I will have green tea. I find that green tea keeps me hydrated and makes me feel calm as I am getting my work done. I switch out my green tea for coffee on days that I feel very tired. I usually go for a medium roast blend with a touch of creamer. I find that it wakes me up and keeps me going through the day. I also find that having coffee after I have had a meal helps me battle the jittery feeling i get when I have coffee on empty stomach.
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  7. FeralManChild

    FeralManChild New Member

    A very small pinch, sprinkle—or maybe it is called a dash—of cayenne pepper will help irritate & engage the saliva glands and potentially a much more enjoyable coffee or tea. From my experience, with quality cayenne pepper, it is difficult to get it just right. a light sprinkle, a half pinch, just a dash maybe, is all that is needed before it becomes unsatisfactory.
  8. Emilyhutchinson0922

    Emilyhutchinson0922 New Member

    I love both coffee and tea, but I primarily choose coffee now.

    When your coffee is from a reputable source, free of mold and toxins, it is actually healthy for you! (If you drink it black.) Studies have shown people actually live longer by drinking coffee.

    It is best to cycle between caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee so as to do become dependent on caffeine as well.
    Coffee actually contains enzymes that can breach the blood brain barrier. If it consumed with healthy fats and minerals, coffee can help deliver potent and beneficial nutrient to your brain for added intellectual health.
    Coffee all the way!
  9. CompassRose

    CompassRose New Member

    I prefer a market spice tea. Coffee makes me jittery and leaves me feeling yucky after an hour. Tea wakes me and keeps me happy. Plus the smell is so delicious. Plus, coffee leaves a weird coffee smell in my urine and makes me have to go to the bathroom more.
  10. NicoleMarie88

    NicoleMarie88 New Member

    Every morning I start my day with a cup of coffee. I love the smell, the taste, and how one cup makes me feel ready to tackle whatever task I may need to. With this said, I do enjoy tea as well. I am a big green tea advocate, as I feel that it is completely beneficial health-wise. If I feel the need for a hot beverage throughout the day and I have already had my coffee, I will reach for a cup of tea.
  11. Excelsior9292

    Excelsior9292 New Member

    I drink few cups of green tea daily. It refreshes my mind and helps me to concentrate on my works. But I love coffee as well! The aromatic scent of brewing coffee actually helps to relax my mind, ward off drowsiness and keep me focus on my daily routines. Whenever I am feeling drained or having a party overnight, a few sips of coffee definitely helps to keep my day alive.
  12. carrot87

    carrot87 New Member

    I almost always go with coffee out of habit, but every once in a while I will get into a tea kick. A good black tea with a little milk is sugar is so delicate and special. Every time I drink it I am reminded of home. For me, coffee is more of a brute force kind of drink. It packs int he flavor and some bitterness leaving you feeling awake and ready for the day.
  13. miriam55

    miriam55 New Member

    Avid coffee drinker. The stronger the better. I don't know what is in plain black tea but it makes me sick. I mean throw up sick. I'm afraid to drink it because it comes right back up. I did drink a flavored tea one time and I didn't get sick, but I prefer to stay away from it. It's just not my cup of tea. Coffee, coffee, coffee! It doesn't keep me awake so I drink it all day. I love it. Especially when you get that rare cup that tastes like it smells when it's brewing. My favorite beverage that I happen to be sipping on now.
  14. thaddeus

    thaddeus Member

    Coffee before workouts, but tea if i am just hanging around the house or relaxing.
  15. Myia714

    Myia714 New Member

    I agree. I can drink both tea and coffee, depending on my mood. If i am in the mood for more energy, I will drink coffee. I also like to drink coffee because of the taste. I love the creamy flavor. If I am in the mood for something a little lighter, then I will drink tea. I will also drink tea if I am sick.
  16. joge

    joge New Member

    Tea essential part of my Egypt because it sets the tone for how temperamental it will be for that day.
    And I love tea and coffee. But should underestimate them because of dark circles
  17. brittykitty

    brittykitty New Member

    Tea, always. I just can't get on board with coffee :cry:
  18. nphoju

    nphoju New Member

    A tea lover may opine that it’s much easier to just brew a cup of tea than coffee. There are a ton of antioxidants in tea, much more than you’re likely to get in coffee. Tea can help you shed some unwanted pounds and be a great aid in helping people who want to lose weight. Tea also contains fluoride for healthy teeth unlike coffee that have the side effect of discoloration of teeth. And so on…
    Similarly a coffee lover may opine that instant coffee is too easy to brew. Coffee also contains antioxidants as tea. It can help you gain muscle. Coffee contains smidge of calcium good for teeth and bones. And so on…

    If you had to choose between tea and coffee, I probably wouldn't be experiencing anything too different in terms of health benefits. Both coffee and tea each contain a unique variety of components, some of which are healthy, and some of which have the potential to pose a risk.
    I also think we can't really say one is superior to the other, so fill your mug with whichever brew you like. I would like to get benefited from both of the drinks; I usually start my day with a cup of tea for a refreshing start and drink a cup of coffee every time before power nap for heightened alertness.
  19. cmbsc2

    cmbsc2 New Member

    In terms of health benefits, I'd highly recommend drinking tea rather than coffee for it has more health benefits, though most of us are coffee lovers and is after its caffeine content, tea also contain caffeine and other phytochemicals that coffee contains.
  20. WonderMommy92

    WonderMommy92 New Member

    I enjoy both coffee and tea. Actually, I just recently decided to try Green Tea and I am now addicted! I drink at least one cup of Green Tea a day. I make it hot and either put in frozen blueberries or raspberries as like ice cubes and to add that little bit of extra flavor. To me, it tastes amazing. I don't know why I was so afraid to try it before. Actually, before trying Green Tea, I would have at least 3-4 cups of coffee a day. Now, I may drink 1-2 cups of coffee a week. I feel better not drinking coffee to be honest. With tea, I feel more alert and focused, coffee makes me jittery and too antsy to really get much accomplished. Anyone else feel that way?
  21. shygal

    shygal New Member

    I like both coffee and tea but for different reasons. I will drink herbal tea for the health benefits. Green or black tea I drink either with a little sugar added or just plain. Coffee is like a treat I have every once in a while with added creamer and sometimes a bit of rum. Plain black coffee is just not for me. The flavor is bitter and overpowering.
  22. Kirti

    Kirti New Member

    I would prefer herbal tea in the morning which gives a good fresh start for a tiring day. Tea has less caffeine. Coffee usually has two to three times the caffeine of a tea. As a student sometimes to stay awake till late night I do prefer coffee. It actually depends on our day to day reqiurements on what to choose tea or coffee.
  23. shaloowalia

    shaloowalia New Member

    I quit drinking tea in 2008. I was drinking about 3-4 cups of coffee daily before I quit drinking coffee four months back. Now I drink only green tea.

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