Coffee or Tea?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Annabeth Grey, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. grannysue

    grannysue New Member

    I love a good cup of coffee, but I love it with sugar and flavored creamer. I can drink tea plain, and that saves me a ton of calories. So, for taste, I think I prefer coffee, but for health, I prefer tea.
  2. SyMuze

    SyMuze New Member

    Oh . . . coffee, you delicious thing. I could not face the day without you. Seriously though, my significant other and I have a before breakfast ritual that includes hand grinding individual portions of coffee and carefully brewing each cup. Crazy? Yes, a bit for sure. We've done it this way for decades. We also have a lovely tea ritual but it's nothing like that first warm cup of java in the morning.
  3. phansize007

    phansize007 Member

    Tea works for me since it does not contain caffeine and therefore does not raise my blood pressure levels. But it's also good even if you do not experience high blood pressure.
  4. Camm

    Camm New Member

    Tea, tea, tea! I can never seem to find the right balance between those 100% sugar water drinks and straight black coffee. On the other hand, almost every tea tastes great to me—even those decaf Lipton packets that they have at hotel breakfasts. I love tea so much that my boyfriend ordered a green tea birthday cake for me!

    I've been drinking a lot of traditional Chinese teas lately. Some are kind of bitter (you're not supposed to drink them with sugar or milk) but they do wonders for my state of mind. There's nothing like a hot cup of tea in the morning to wake you up!
  5. Kurokurokurin

    Kurokurokurin New Member

    It's got to be tea! So many flavours - sweet, fruity, herbal, spicy...all delicious! I love popcorn tea (green tea with roasted ground rice, sounds disgusting but really isn't!) with the smallest dash of agave. I quite like cacao nib and peppermint too. Flavoured coffee is always far too sweet for me.
  6. Liteisha

    Liteisha New Member

    I prefer tea over coffee it is healthier for you you can get it in decaf and also you don't have to worry about any liver issues.
  7. schmidt11

    schmidt11 New Member

    I like Green Tea and black coffee. Both supposedly have great health benefits (increased focus, reduced risk of health problems, etc.). When I drink coffee, I normally drink it black. I guess I've gotten used to the taste and actually prefer it that way. A quick pro-tip though - when I drink coffee, I also take an over the counter green tea extract called L-Theanine. It's pretty cheap, well studied, and reduces the jitters commonly associated with coffee.
  8. Rachel_D

    Rachel_D New Member

    I personally feel that tea is the healthier option. I would like to say that tea is my consistent drink of choice, but it honestly depends on my plans for the day. There are certain situations where I prefer the boost of a Cafe Americano, such as right before a workout or during a study session. Also, if I'm in a coffee shop, I feel a little guilty about paying $3 or more for a cup of tea; I think you get more bang for your buck from a coffee drink.
  9. chantelwolff

    chantelwolff New Member

    I love both coffee and tea. I have been drinking coffee every morning after waking up for close to 10 years, until recently. I have also been drinking tea nearly every night for as long as I can remember. I got into the habit of drinking coffee when I was in junior high. It wasn't the caffeine that drew me to it. It was the different flavored creams and the way that it made my stomach feel warm, especially on cold mornings when I was getting ready for school. My favorite creamers have always been pumpkin spice, french vanilla, and caramel.
    I recently stopped drinking coffee because it no longer made me feel good. I started drinking it numerous times throughout the day, rather than in the mornings and I started to get really bad headaches and the only thing that made them go away was to drink even more coffee! I just didn't like the way I was starting to feel, so I cut it out completely. I quit cold turkey and now I feel so much better! I no longer have the headaches and as strange as it sounds, I feel like I have more energy. The only thing I miss about coffee is the flavor, but I still have my tea!
    I have been drinking for nearly my whole life. One thing I love about tea is that there are so many different flavors and I like to mix different flavors to make new combinations. I have replaced my morning coffee with a nice mug of hot tea. I never get headaches from drinking tea, and because there are so many different flavors, I always have different options and I don't really miss coffee. I love all kinds of different flavors of tea, such as peach passion tea, passion fruit tea, mango, and peppermint. I love flavored tea, but my all time favorite is just plain green tea. You can never go wrong with green tea.
  10. Billie

    Billie New Member

    Hate the taste of coffee so I have to go with tea, hot or cold. Coffee is just not for me and does not agree with my stomach or taste buds either.
  11. Sheryl

    Sheryl New Member

    I work the night shift, so I love my coffee. Unfortunately I also like it with alot of creamer and sugar. Every once in a while I decide to drink tea. I always go for the fruity teas.
  12. mariposavitt

    mariposavitt New Member

    I am head over heels in love with tea. My favorite is herbal, chilled in the summer and hot in the winter. Lemon, mint, orange and raspberry tea are all lovely, and a great calorie free flavored drink option. I also like chai, which I drink with lots of milk or half and half. Although I usually drink my herbal tea plain, my best friend makes a lovely mint tea drink. She adds milk and honey, and then we drink the tea while it's warm. It's also very good chilled, and I like to drink it before bed. She's also a tea enthusiast, though she likes green tea more than I do. Unfortunately, caffeine makes me drowsy. This is strange, but in small doses, caffeine and I get along alright. However, I can't drink too much coffee or caffeinated tea.
  13. BadWoolf

    BadWoolf New Member

    Black coffee is good in the morning, when i wake up. It give extra energy for rest of the day. I love cold tea in hot days, with lemon and honey, to refresh and low the stress.
  14. marconat7

    marconat7 New Member

    That's an easy one: tea! My body reacts to coffee in a way I don't like. Just after drinking it I have to rush to the bathroom to make number two. It's as efficient as a laxative. Even stronger, I think. That's a bummer because I really like how coffee tastes. Decaf won't make a difference. So, tea is my 'go to' hot beverage, always.
  15. islandroots680

    islandroots680 New Member

    I like both, but now that im trying to lose weight definitely tea. Tea has lot of beneficial facts from curving your appetite, boosting metabolism to cleaning toxics in your body thats been sitting around for years. For me flavor wise, tea have all significant taste and the only way to make it better for your own taste is the amount of honey or sugar. Best advice is to choose tea according to your lifestyle, you want to have a relaxation day pick a tea like herbal caffeine free tea or if you want more energy n work out kind of day pick a tea with caffeine to boost your energy.
  16. anarodrig98

    anarodrig98 New Member

    I love both. Coffee is definitely my best friend in the morning. Without it, I would be the walking dead. Tea is so calming and soothing especially at night. I love tea because there are so many flavors like vanilla or wild mango. I love the variety.
  17. Baylee

    Baylee New Member

    I prefer tea. It has healthier substances as well as the same caffeine. I love tea personally. I could drink it all day long. I like green tea the best. There are millions of different flavors and kinds. Tea is also still tasty cold.
  18. BRENDA1953

    BRENDA1953 New Member

    I love coffee but I do drink tea. My husband is a tea drinker hot tea, cold tea, green tea and black tea. I could never give up my coffee in the mornings. I drink black coffee and the hotter the better. When I started out drinking coffee it was more milk than coffee never really cared for sugar so that has never been an option. As the years passed I changed to totally black coffee and some days it is a all day event. I work better with each cup and think better also. I do think I have ADD and coffee somehow helps me focus on one thing at a time. My vote is for coffee all the way.
  19. garth-9

    garth-9 New Member

    Tea pleas! My ex turned me on to tea, and I have never looked back she really reaped the benefits of tea drinking. She grew up in a house where here parents only drank tea, the downside was that she had to make tea whole day every day. Today she is often told how young she looks and in my opinion she looks at least ten years younger than her real age thanks to the health benefits of years of drinking tee.
  20. rmd1982

    rmd1982 New Member

    I am not a tea drinker at all. I love my coffee with agava, creamer and coconut oil. I use to use sugar in my coffee but I couldn't stomach it but I switched to agava and coconut oil and it started to heal my stomach. I know there are studies on how agava is so bad for you but I don't pay any mind to them because I know my own body. Coffee for life.
  21. mike5

    mike5 New Member

    In my opinion, tea is the better choice because you are less likely to stain your teeth. It's also not bad for your intestines like coffee and you have way more options as far as flavor goes.

    I do drink coffee and espresso at the bar though. In my country one espresso costs around 1.20€ and one cup of tea 3€. I think coffee goes better if you drink it with your girlfriend/ boyfriend and tea with friends. I also like the taste of an espresso, without sugar it is awesome. Italian espesso and Turkish coffee are the only kind I drink.
  22. rmd1982

    rmd1982 New Member

    I grew up in Indiana where a pot of coffee was always on since it was always so cold but since moving away almost 13 yrs ago I have cut way back to 1 cup a day. I do agree that tea is probably better in the long run but I really don't like the taste of it. I rarely buy coffee in a cafe or a starbucks because it's way to expensive and loaded with sugar. In regards to staining my teeth I have been able to avoid that when I started using coconut oil for my toothpaste and oil pulling. It's really not a social thing for me since I rarely get out any where I just need it in the morning hopefully before the kids wake up.
  23. Orlando Garcia

    Orlando Garcia New Member

    I am not a coffee drinker. I have avoided coffee all my life and even right now in college. I have never had anything against coffee or anyone who drinks coffee on a daily basis, I just don't feel I need it. I do drink tea but thats also something I do rarely. Most of the time I have tea is at my grandmothers house where she always has tea for me and my sister. So between the choices coffee and tea… Im going with tea.
  24. Illaoi

    Illaoi New Member

    I prefer coffee over tea. I really love the smell of freshly brewed coffee, something about it just gets me going in the morning. I also prefer my coffee black. I used to be a big user of flavored creamer but then I started to diet and cut back on my calories because of that I got used to the taste of black coffee. Now I cannot even drink coffee with milk in it without craving that bitter taste that straight black coffee provides.
  25. angelxsss

    angelxsss New Member

    Tea definitely. Coffee has too much caffeine in it and it gives me a headache :( I love me a good chai tea latte yummmmm
  26. Erica Tanner

    Erica Tanner New Member

    While researching ways to improve my skin, I came across an article about Rooibos tea and its effects on acne. I went out the next day to buy some from Whole Foods. I wasn't expecting much, but the flavor was so earthy and rich that I fell in love with it. I find that steeping it for 15 minutes really brings out the flavor and color from the teabag. I drink it at least 3 times a week, and while I haven't really seen changes to my skin, this tea is a keeper for its taste and smell.
  27. PERX

    PERX New Member

    Neither!!! Drink water, but if you had to choose one, I would go with tea. I love the smell of coffee, but I feel like if you drink it too much, you may become dependent on it when you are tired. My father must have 3 or more cups of coffee a day or he can not function. He is a true coffee addict haha.
  28. Willowstar

    Willowstar New Member

    Coffee first thing in the morning but flavoured tea thereafter. I am a firm believer in a strong cup of coffee to kick-start my day! I don't think it's healthy to drink coffee continuously throughout the day, therefore I opt to drink rooibos tea, green tea and other flavoured varients throughout the day mainly for health reasons and because I love the flavours.
  29. tony1979gr

    tony1979gr New Member

    Love the taste, love the smell of fresh coffee and of course the energy it gives me.
  30. Maigan

    Maigan New Member

    I've always hated coffee with a passion. I think it is because I associate the smell with being woken up in the mornings, and I am absolutely not a morning person. I also find it extremely bitter. I feel that if I have to poor cream and sugar into something to make me like it, maybe I shouldn't be drinking it?

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