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  1. clase15

    clase15 New Member

    Does a mother wants comedy or drama?
  2. Purplehayze

    Purplehayze New Member

    It depends on my mood but more often than not I would choose drama.
  3. chwitwine

    chwitwine Member

    I personally prefer comedy especially romantic comedies. I like how I feel whenever I watch comedies and how light and refreshed I feel compared to watching dramas. Although I also like watching dramas and how it can affect me, I like the feeling of joy and relaxation that comedy films give. I always prefer the positive vibes rather than me feeling sad or affected by the drama I just watched as it can affect my mood throughout the day.
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  4. Hosseinyhas

    Hosseinyhas Member




    I think this old gem still has a lot of truth to it: “Tragedy + Distance (from the event) = Comedy”
  5. Mphoza2020

    Mphoza2020 New Member

    Romantic Comedy makes you fall in love while having a good time with a beloved one
  6. Mphoza2020

    Mphoza2020 New Member

    Comedy is a Natural form of excitement
  7. Mphoza2020

    Mphoza2020 New Member

    The best Comedian Hands Down os Eddie Murphy lets be Honest
  8. Mphoza2020

    Mphoza2020 New Member

    The best Comedian Hands Down is Eddie Murphy lets be Honest
  9. aprilmonedero11

    aprilmonedero11 New Member

    Okay my mind is battling here! I love both,but I'll choose comedy.
    It's helping my day a lot and I feel like I'm in another dimension that I forget all of my problems everyday.
    When you watch comedy,it makes you laugh,that means it lessens your stresses,then it keeps you healthy.
  10. kumarsunil123

    kumarsunil123 Member

    I like comedy better than drama. I always watch comedy, comedy decreases my stress and i feel better when i watch comedy. It is natural of excitement and i like especially romantic comedy.I forget all my problems during the comedy time. It looks good and i make you laugh and happy.Then i fit physically and mentally.
  11. ellajessa

    ellajessa New Member

    My mom mostly watching drama. In most drama movies, we can mostly relate our lives full of drama. In drama, it shows different life challenges and demands, a reality in short. Maybe that's why our moms were catched by dramas.

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