comforting silence

Discussion in 'Writing for Blogs' started by ranmuelleski, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. ranmuelleski

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    There are times when it is difficult to speak, to utter a word, to relieve your throat from choking from things you wish you have said. There are times when shouting becomes impossible despite the screaming voices inside your head. I don’t know, but maybe, sometimes silence is more comforting than any other words.
  2. phasermindzet

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    Silence is golden. When my father died, the great comforts I received were the warm pat on my shoulder, the sincere hugs, the tender gripping of my hands, and the smiles that conveys, "your dad is no longer in pain now".
    In deepest hurts, when words can only break the heart,
    In our loved ones failure, when words can only add injury to the wound,
    In our own failure, when our excuses cannot justify what happened;
    Comforting silence in needed.
    In silence there is a heart to heart connection. That even in the eye movement you understand each other.

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