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Discussion in 'Writing Digital Content' started by Noel Angeles, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Member

    For content writing purposes I would have to choose a Laptop over a PC because it's light, mobile and versatile. I do own a Lenovo Laptop and I have been using it for several years now for my writing, until recently when I discovered that using a large screen Phablet suits my writing needs perfectly.

    Writing using a Laptop means added mobility and inspiration in the sense that i can bring it anywhere to do my writing jobs and in times when I'm feeling blue or burnt out I'll just travel with it to different places until I see something or someone that sparks
    my inspiration to write again.
  2. anne123

    anne123 New Member

    I prefer Laptop rather than PC because it is portable and people can use it anywhere. In the purpose of writing a content, I prefer using Laptop because when I need to refresh my mind, travel, explore things anywhere and need to see some beautiful scenery to get more ideas and imaginations in writing.
  3. Tarik Hadzic

    Tarik Hadzic New Member

    For writing, I would always choose a laptop. It's weird. I get this feeling I'm some sort of a professional book writer or something and writing my new best seller when using a laptop. The good thing about it is that you can move all around the house and try using it on the work desk, kitchen counter or even in your lap as you lay down in bed. Writing on a PC is a dull experience, and as I like to think a lot about the topic I'm writing about, writing lasts a long time for me. Sitting on my chair all the time is uncomfortable and I just love how I'm able to work on my laptop wherever I want. I guess that also a big part of that is that my PC keyboard is really cheap and using the one on the laptop feels so much better and more professional.
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  4. Nathaniel Crossdale

    Nathaniel Crossdale New Member

    I would choose a PC. It's light, compact, and very portable. This makes it ideal for writing on the go. Being able to write content everywhere and anywhere is key for one to maximise their ability to write as much high-quality content as they can. Being able to write anywhere allows a person to quickly react to any inspiration they see, making their content more interesting and fresh for their readers. However, the desktop is still a viable alternative if a laptop isn't available.
  5. Davisho

    Davisho Member

    I'm using a laptop right now that has big keys so I have no problem with it, but the pc keys are sometimes smaller because the device itself is made to be portable so you have more keys that need to fit on the casing.
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  6. Melancholy

    Melancholy New Member

    Hmm. I would go along with laptops since they are very convienient to use - I'm using one right now, infact - but purely on how easy to write it is I would go for PC. I have a mechanical keyboard, which, whilst a little loud, gives a kind of feedback and feel that laptop keyboards don't really posess, unfortunately. It's also easier to touch type (where you don't look at the keyboard whilst you are typing) on a PC, though I suspect that's simply because I'm more used to typing on a PC rather than a laptop.

    This is probably a little irrelevant, but I also prefer PC because there's no need for WiFi or a charger. A laptops pure advantage is that they are portable, but if you can only write for an hour or two before it runs out of battery then that's negligable. With a PC you're always sure that you can write for as long as you want - unless there is a power cut, of course. I also find PCs to be more reliable, as troubleshooting and part replacement is much more easier. If my laptop screen stops working, I can't write or try and fix it, as it's all internal. If my PC's screen stops working, I can troubleshoot (mess with cables, adjust settings) and replace it if I have a screen on-hand, plus I can know if it's the screen that's broken, or something else in the computer, whereas if a laptop screen fails, you're left wondering if it's a hardware/software problem, and what part is having issues. And you usually can't take it apart to troubleshoot without breaking the warrenty :/

    tl;dr: PCs are comfortable, Laptops are convienient.

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