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Discussion in 'Writing Digital Content' started by Noel Angeles, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    For content writing purposes I would have to choose a Laptop over a PC because it's light, mobile and versatile. I do own a Lenovo Laptop and I have been using it for several years now for my writing, until recently when I discovered that using a large screen Phablet suits my writing needs perfectly.

    Writing using a Laptop means added mobility and inspiration in the sense that i can bring it anywhere to do my writing jobs and in times when I'm feeling blue or burnt out I'll just travel with it to different places until I see something or someone that sparks
    my inspiration to write again.
  2. anne123

    anne123 New Member

    I prefer Laptop rather than PC because it is portable and people can use it anywhere. In the purpose of writing a content, I prefer using Laptop because when I need to refresh my mind, travel, explore things anywhere and need to see some beautiful scenery to get more ideas and imaginations in writing.
  3. Tarik Hadzic

    Tarik Hadzic New Member

    For writing, I would always choose a laptop. It's weird. I get this feeling I'm some sort of a professional book writer or something and writing my new best seller when using a laptop. The good thing about it is that you can move all around the house and try using it on the work desk, kitchen counter or even in your lap as you lay down in bed. Writing on a PC is a dull experience, and as I like to think a lot about the topic I'm writing about, writing lasts a long time for me. Sitting on my chair all the time is uncomfortable and I just love how I'm able to work on my laptop wherever I want. I guess that also a big part of that is that my PC keyboard is really cheap and using the one on the laptop feels so much better and more professional.
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  4. Nathaniel Crossdale

    Nathaniel Crossdale New Member

    I would choose a PC. It's light, compact, and very portable. This makes it ideal for writing on the go. Being able to write content everywhere and anywhere is key for one to maximise their ability to write as much high-quality content as they can. Being able to write anywhere allows a person to quickly react to any inspiration they see, making their content more interesting and fresh for their readers. However, the desktop is still a viable alternative if a laptop isn't available.
  5. Davisho

    Davisho Member

    I'm using a laptop right now that has big keys so I have no problem with it, but the pc keys are sometimes smaller because the device itself is made to be portable so you have more keys that need to fit on the casing.
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  6. Melancholy

    Melancholy New Member

    Hmm. I would go along with laptops since they are very convienient to use - I'm using one right now, infact - but purely on how easy to write it is I would go for PC. I have a mechanical keyboard, which, whilst a little loud, gives a kind of feedback and feel that laptop keyboards don't really posess, unfortunately. It's also easier to touch type (where you don't look at the keyboard whilst you are typing) on a PC, though I suspect that's simply because I'm more used to typing on a PC rather than a laptop.

    This is probably a little irrelevant, but I also prefer PC because there's no need for WiFi or a charger. A laptops pure advantage is that they are portable, but if you can only write for an hour or two before it runs out of battery then that's negligable. With a PC you're always sure that you can write for as long as you want - unless there is a power cut, of course. I also find PCs to be more reliable, as troubleshooting and part replacement is much more easier. If my laptop screen stops working, I can't write or try and fix it, as it's all internal. If my PC's screen stops working, I can troubleshoot (mess with cables, adjust settings) and replace it if I have a screen on-hand, plus I can know if it's the screen that's broken, or something else in the computer, whereas if a laptop screen fails, you're left wondering if it's a hardware/software problem, and what part is having issues. And you usually can't take it apart to troubleshoot without breaking the warrenty :/

    tl;dr: PCs are comfortable, Laptops are convienient.
  7. keikatsuragi

    keikatsuragi New Member

    Personal Computers are convenient because of the keyboard is better unless your using a Mac. laptops for me are less convenient in typing but portable because i can bring it somewhere at anytime because it is a lot less heavy than a whole desktop set and has its own battery so that it can be used without charging for a while. anyways, i dont think there is someone who was in a coffee shop and brought a whole pc set just to surf wifi. if there is? it would look so funny :)
  8. daisy15

    daisy15 New Member

    For me, it's just as convenient to use the PC and laptop. you can do a lot of things on the PC as well as on the laptop like writing or making articles. although the laptop can carry you wherever you go. the similarity of these devices is also almost universally different. I can say these things because I both have it and I've been using it for five years.

    For me the PC is great to use if you're in your home because you can use it for a long time just like a laptop. it can be used all day while the laptop is also available to you but my time limit. the laptop is convenient to use because it can carry anywhere. You can bring it to the mall, the park at the coffee shop and much more. so for me it is equally useful.

    Now for my answer to this question if the basis is comforting in writing using this same thing. I prefer the PC because of the breadth and space of his keyboards, the easier you can type the letters, though my answer is far from what other readers would have hoped that my basic opinion would help you.
  9. Smallfish

    Smallfish New Member

    Yeah. For writing only, a laptop will be more convenient, I guess. But me, I use a lot of video and photos editing software, and laptop can hardly handle them. I use Adobe After Effect a lot, and sometimes Blender, Adobe Photoshop etc... Some laptop can handle them, but they are often heavy and expensive, like the Alienware for example. I already tried a core i7 with a graphic card laptop, but it couldn't perform like my core i3 PC. I really had hard time creating VFX on it, and I had to wait a long time when I needed to render a video. So using a PC is saving me a great deal of time. Furthermore, most of the laptop's screen aren't color accurate. And painting, or color grading on them are just pointless, because I always had to color correct them again on a better screen, before rendering the final product.
    So if performance and accuracy are a must for your job, then you'll need a PC. And you can use a laptop if you want more mobility.
  10. JustinBioSci

    JustinBioSci New Member

    It actually depends on what type of lifestyle you have. If you are a student, especially in college, a laptop is almost a neccessity, a 'need' and not a 'want'. The main feature of laptops is the portability, which is a requirement of you transfer from room to room for every subject. Another plus points to portability is that the versatility. Laptops nowadays, must conform to the active lifestyle of most people, particularly those in business and college level. An answer to this aspect is that most laptop bodies and 'chassis' today are made of high quality material. Take for example, the MacBooks from Apple, which are made from aluminum with a unibody design, which reduces weak points when put under physical stress and temperature gradients. The Lenovo laptops on the Windows' side, are mostly made of magnesium alloy, which is for most part, on-par with the quality of aluminum but with a lower manufacturing cost. In short, versatility is a key factor and a deal-breaker for me.

    On the other hand, desktop PCs are good for those stay at home people like home office workers, doing online jobs and possibly full-time gamers. Generally, desktop PCs are more powerful in terms of processing power and graphics renderings than laptops with the same price. Another key factors for desktop PCs are it's serviceability and modularity. Most laptops today have unibody design, which means, it's not easy to access the main circuits such as the CPU and requires some level of technical skills in IT to do. But in desktop PCs, you can easily swap parts like the CPU (if you like to upgrade from i7 to i9) or the GPU (if you like to put in dedicated graphics card like the GTX 1080 Ti). But the thing that it lacks is the portability. Who would want to carry desktop PCs all the time? But, as I said earlier, it really depends on the lifestyle that you have.
  11. leovinodbelen

    leovinodbelen New Member

    Its not not a matter on what to used too in writing content. In would depends on the good idea and essence of the work that youre doing. Maybe others says, belived that its much good in writing content in LAPTOP because, Laptop can used anywhere, anytime as writer wanted.
  12. bradko2001

    bradko2001 New Member

    There is an way now where even external graphics Processor can be built in. An Diy can enable an GTX Size Gpu to be attached. But with the Desktop I would say pack on an Power Supply Unit built for an back up utility.
  13. sweetpick

    sweetpick New Member

    I prefer to use a laptop for writing because I can use it anywhere and everywhere. I can use it while I'm travelling, in the bathroom or wherever I am. Nowadays, laptops come with a strong mother board and graphic cards. So you can use it for gaming, writing or any other purpose.
  14. Xane911

    Xane911 Member

    I hardly recommend the use of desktop computers, considering that it has a big keyboard and a wide monitor, you can easily track your text on the screen. Laptop's keys tend to break due to tension and if really wanna use the laptop, I recommend to buy a extra keyboard to boost your typing skills and speed to deliver articles clearly and sufficient.
  15. lhanz

    lhanz Member

    For me laptop because it is more convenient to use and easy for you to carry. When you are at school and you don't have lessons to learn you can use it.
  16. foxprojects

    foxprojects New Member

    I prefer to use a smaller netbook for my writing projects. It's a lot more convenient than a desktop, as I can bring it with me anywhere. Now that many places have free Wi-Fi, I can easily work from anywhere.
  17. mmsveloso07

    mmsveloso07 New Member

    As I am now into freelancing work, I go for laptop or an iPAD so that I could still do the work even if I am not at home. But if given the chance and the money, I would buy a personal computer for working at home. I am sometimes get irritated that I get spelling mistakes when I use my tablet and the same goes for the laptop because of the small keys. There is still something about personal computers that make you prefer them over laptops because you can open more tabs and windows and work simultaneously with them. If I am doing a lot of things and multitasking, PC would still be better choice for me.
  18. Mafi

    Mafi New Member

    In writing for digital content, it is more practical to use a laptop than desktop simply because it is portable and easy to use. Though I must say, desktop has longer lifespan than laptops. It is equipped with parts that could last longer and perform more features. However, laptops are way cheaper. It is a good choice if you would love to travel to find for inspiration for your content and may match your personality if in case you're a kind of writer who gets an idea out of the blue. For me, the best choice would be laptop.
  19. Etaypink1

    Etaypink1 Active Member

    PC is better
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  20. Allanjohn30

    Allanjohn30 Member

    PC is stronger than Laptop in terms of specs and storage capacity, but I would still choose Laptop over PC if I am going to use it for a job or content writing purposes because it is more convenient, it is portable, and it has lesser consumption of electricity.

    Sometimes, I wanted to finish my written piece in a different place where I find inspirations so I must bring my Laptop and make things done without any electricity interruption (compare to PC). In addition, you can just put your Laptop besides you if you are in the bed going to sleep and once you wake up you can easily check things out.
  21. calebkaylix

    calebkaylix New Member

    PC or laptop? Of course I'll go for a laptop. Laptop if far much better of good for content writing even though PC has its strengths. Content writing can be done anywhere at any time therefore giving a upper hand the use of laptop rather than a PC. Laptop is portable, small, and thus easy to carry to wherever you're go.
  22. gabrielapostu

    gabrielapostu Member

    PC all the way, laptops are good only for portability.
  23. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Active Member

    I would use a laptop. It is convenient especially when you have to do field work. I would use one that has a long battery life and a lot of space. It also needs to be fast so that you can do your work better. I am open to a desktop if I am working at the office.

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