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  1. fadenaway4

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    I have never been a good cook, I get incredibly frustrated easily and tend to give up. Thanks to Pinterest, I want to try so many different things but I know that they will not end up like they do in the pictures. I have literally pinned hundreds of recipes but have only actually made a handful of them. My family tends to either eat out a lot or just eat boring, basic meals. What is your favorite thing to cook?
  2. thirdaron

    thirdaron New Member

    I would suggest watching the tv show "Good Eats" by Alton Brown. Its an older show, but it really provides an easy and fun way to get into cooking. I think it is Netflix these days.

    All of that is to say my favorite thing to cook is a form of fried noodles. Cook some spaghetti in boiling water. Chop an onion and garlic really small. When the spaghetti is almost done get some oil in a pan on high heat and fry the onions and garlic. Throw some salt on that. Drain the noodles, saving about 1/8 of a cup of the water from the noodles. Okay now here's the fun part. Put those noodles right onto the pan of oil/garlic/onions and keep the heat as high as it will go. Put the water set aside on top of those noodles and add some Parm cheese and any other preferred spices. Keep moving it all around until the noodles just start to brown and everything looks well put together. This is something simple, quick, and super tasty. Hope that helps!
  3. Pushkar Bhardikar

    Pushkar Bhardikar New Member

    The first time I watched the movie 'Ratatouille' I could relate to the little 'Rat-Chef' every now and then. I just love everything about cooking.
    There was no stopping me since I made a cup for tea for myself when I was 6 years old. Since then, at every family function there is always a dish prepared by me. Trying my hand at different recipes and mastering them always gives me personal satisfaction.
    The joy of serving my friends and family some delicious food is never enough for me and so I had recently opened a small food place of my own. Knock on the wood for everything to go well!
  4. imawestruck

    imawestruck New Member

    I've gradually learned to cook with confidence from years of practice and a total love of eating! American classic dishes, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Italian, even a bit of Thai and French. My mom was a good cook but limited to American classics from her English heritage - roast beef, mac and cheese, cookies. For example, she never used garlic, wouldn't have it in the house. So most of my love of cooking came from seeking out tastes I'd never had. The Internet has really been a boost for me, technique-wise. I love the video bits that actually show you how to do something. Too many cookbooks just say to add eggs to hot batter, for example. But the same recipe at a good online site will shown you how to avoid curdling the eggs, just like a TV cooking show. Another great thing about the Internet.
    Don't give up! Follow your tastes and make dishes you love. Over time, the skills become second nature. Bon Appetit!
  5. Rebecca L.

    Rebecca L. New Member

    I love to cook anything. Cooking relaxes me and I enjoy feeding the people I love. With that said, I am NOT a gourmet cook. I cook simple, traditional, filling food.
    The best advice I can give you is to just start simple. Learn how to cook easy foods and then work your way up to harder things. Remember that you have to crawl first before you can walk :) Wishing you the best of luck!
  6. TeamKaffe

    TeamKaffe New Member

    The simple answer: Good food! I love good things, and good food is a very big part of my life, I care more for taste than how it looks on a plate, very frustrating at times if you look at TV-shows where it is all bout presentation, they do close ups and linger on after the food is cooked just to show the details in the presentation. That does not really help you in cooking the course now will it?
    Old fashion cookbooks are very hands on and good, they clearly tell you what you need, how to prepare things before you start cooking and then explains the process to make the dish. They also suggest starters and desserts too, thus making it very easy to make a complete dinner.

    I suggest starting out with choosing one or two of your favorite ingredients and then look for simple and clearly explained recipes , make sure to read it well before you start and have all the things you need to complete the dish. Saving yourself from frustrating moments and setbacks as you cook.
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  7. cranberry87

    cranberry87 New Member

    My father is a chef and cooking has always been more of a family tradition. My siblings and I learned to cook at the age of 13 or 14. I cook mainly Indian or Pakistani cuisine and absolutely enjoy it.

    You mentioned you have never been a good cook. I believe that is not possible. Don't think about it so much and try to begin with food you will really enjoy eating or decorating. With practice, you will get the swing of things!
  8. Grinnie

    Grinnie New Member

    For a bit of inspiration, I would recommend Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals. He always comes up with healthy food with quirky twists and explains it in layman's terms. My flatmate and I used to watch his TV show before jumping up to cook our own dinner.

    My favourite thing to cook is spaghetti bolognese because it's such a comforting homey dish. It doesn't hurt that it practically cooks itself!
  9. ajbolron

    ajbolron New Member

    I too suggest watching the cooking show "Good Eats" by Alton Brown! He really helps the viewer to understand not only the cooking process but also the food that you are going to be cooking with. There are some episodes on Netflix and there is also some on both and of course I would also start out with just the basics. Once you've mastered those, everything about cooking becomes easier and more doable. Than you won't find yourself limited by your abilities but more so by time it's self! Have fun entering the world of cooking!
  10. JessOliver

    JessOliver New Member

    There are some great shows on the Food Channels like Good Eats and Rachel Ray. There are some great tips and recipes that can be found on youtube (I go there more and more). Watch some of the older shows on youtube like wok with yan or yan can cook. I also found Jenny Jones has a channel and some of her stuff is really good also.
  11. TMarie

    TMarie New Member

    I started finding recipes on Pinterest just like you did. I kept pinning things and was too afraid to try them cause I was not a good cook. I could barely boil pasta to be honest. This was about 2.5 years ago. Now- I truly LOVE to cook and most anything I make turns out pretty delicious. (not to toot my own horn) But Pinterest really taught me a lot about how to cook and different flavors that work well together. Be brave- try out the easier stuff first, and you'll gradually progress. Good luck!
  12. Sarah T

    Sarah T New Member

    Ah yes, the love/hate relationship with Pinterest. We love how everything looks there, and hate ourselves when we attempt it and it looks NOWHERE NEAR what the picture looks like.
    • Begin with fresh healthy food from scratch, get a decent basic cookbook (my book of choice is the Joy of Cooking) and start simple. You'd be amazed what a difference it makes when you actually READ all the pages "about pastry" in the book, and then make your own perfect pie crust!
    • Begin with a basic recipe like roast chicken with vegetables, or Spaghetti Bolognese and then add on from there.
    • Be prepared to fail a few times, (see below) but take pride in that failure. After all, you can still eat it, right?
    Have fun, enjoy the process and please share some photos of what you have done!

    Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 11.43.26 AM.png
  13. anoop arya

    anoop arya New Member

    My father is a chef and yes most of the boys in our family know cooking excepts me till i shifted to new place. I searched over youtube and some of the cooking channel to learn basic cooking like cereals, different rice, soups, pasta and breads. its been 3 months and i can at least cook for myself.
  14. musanna akanda

    musanna akanda New Member

    Cooking is like chemistry and it is an art. Not everyone is a good cook. It requires a lot of patience and good will. You can not rush into cooking. You have to be passionate about your cooking at the same time.
  15. RingoBerry

    RingoBerry New Member

    I absolutely love cooking! I guess it comes hand in hand with being a foodie. I grew up in Ireland but my mother is from the Philippines and there is this one dish I had that really stuck with me from my last visit there. It is a very simple dish called Adobo, it can be made with either chicken or pork. Just some salt, pepper, a few cloves of crushed garlic and soaked for about an hour in vinegar before slow cooking. You can add in chili flakes of an extra kick which I often do. Serve with plain white rice and you're ready to chow down. This dish is an instant hit to everyone I've cooked for specially my girlfriend.
  16. rjgilkey

    rjgilkey New Member

    Honestly the people who post the pictures on Pinterest found the best looking part of their dish, had great lighting and effects and when normal people make the dish it never looks the same but as long as it tastes good who cares what it looks like?
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  17. Cmok

    Cmok New Member

    After I moved away from my parents I had no choice but learn cooking. My mom taught me most of the stuff but I'm still learning. I don't know if it's weird but I tend to find cooking for others much more enjoyable than cooking for myself.
  18. Laura Bean

    Laura Bean New Member

    My favorite thing to cook is thai curry. It comes out a little bit different every time because I've gotten good at playing with the recipe. Then again I have probably cooked it hundreds of times at this point.
    I'm wondering how your attempts taste? To me that is much more important than how it looks. You can work on the aesthetics but first and foremost food should fresh and tasty. That alone should give it visual appeal even if it's not Pinterest picture perfect.

    Keep trying even if a recipe doesn't work out the first time. Artists don't pick up a brush and paint perfectly the first time. Chefs are no different. :)
  19. KBade001

    KBade001 New Member

    I don't know if burgers count but I love to cook burgers and I also make a really good homemade lasagna.
  20. Ele

    Ele New Member

    Im pretty good a cooking up a sandwich. I do a mean stuffed spud on a winter's night and BoY!, do I rock a good salad! ...A little bit o' spinach, a little bit o' cheeeeese, a couple of cheeky cherry tomatoes..... some more cheese.......
    WooO! SteP BaCk, i'm 'bout to put some dressing on that.
    Don't you get me started on the wine, I might just get all 'Gour-Met' up in hERE!

    (....I should probably just stick to drinking)
  21. honey_ham

    honey_ham New Member

    I also agree with thirdaron, Alton Brown's show "Good Eat's" is perhaps the main reason I got into cooking. His simple approach to tasty food is very valuable and he is also quite funny!

    My favorite thing to cook is chili, mainly because it is so simple and you can add almost anything you have in the fridge or cupboard. The general list of ingredients I use whenever I cook chili is:

    • 1 lb of ground beef
    • 2 cans of kidney beans
    • 2 cans of chickpea beans
    • 2 cans of diced tomatoes
    • 2 bell peppers (any color, but I prefer red and orange)
    • 1 onion
    • 1 can of corn
    • 2 Squirts Sriracha (10-20g)
    • 2 Teaspoons Black Pepper
    • 2 Teaspoons Chili Powder
    • Half packet of Chili Seasoning Mix
    Then I add whatever I have in my fridge and cupboard like carrots, pinto beans, black beans, and a sweet potato.

    I simply brown the beef and then add everything to a huge pot, bring to a boil and then simmer for about three hours. It makes a ton of food and usually lasts me for about a week and a half.

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