Copywriting is not a good thing.

Discussion in 'Copywriting' started by imtrying, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. imtrying

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    Copying articles, statement, essay or anything from internet, magazines, newspapers, etc. might be an easy way to do but the fact is we cannot learn from it. People might say good things about your way of writing but you could never feel that so called self-satisfaction because partly, you’ve never work for it. Having something you’ve never worked for has a lot difference on things you’ve been putting efforts on. You would feel overwhelmed and satisfied whenever you’ve done it right because it’s you who worked hard for it and it’s you who shed sweat just to have it. So Why not do it on your own? I believe that writing is a skill and skills can be learned. Why not try? always remember that if they can, so do you.

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  2. Enzoblogger24

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    I am completely agree with this forum title. First of all, copywriting is a form of stealing. You are stealing somebody's work that usually they spent effort and time making. Secondly, copywriting does not give you further learnings as well as stopping your self to grow and expand your knowledge. Relying on somebody's work does not help ypurself to be better. This can also let people falsely praise, trust and recommended your work or yourself to others. However, only downfall is waiting for your especially after the original maker/s claim his/her work from you, and especially when people started to see your incompetence and lack of skill as contrast to your presented copycat output. Lastly, copywriting is punishable by law.
  3. Maryknoll

    Maryknoll New Member

    Yes. Copy writing is kind of fraud. It is better to do that comes in own idea than to copy.
  4. Aimee Calo

    Aimee Calo New Member

    I thought Copywriting was more on paraphrasing, and/or reading different articles for information and then creating a new one on your own. Like a research paper?
  5. Klsbrd

    Klsbrd New Member

    I think there may be some information getting lost in translation! Copywriting is using text for marketing purposes, and not literally copying someone else's writing. If you're a Copywriter, you "write copy". Check out the Copyblogger website, it will give you a good overview of what copywriting entails!

    I may just be missing out on a tongue-in-cheek comment thread, but I wanted to make sure you knew what it was!
  6. ewapc101

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    A Top-Notch Researcher and Interviewer
    In an ideal world, a copywriter would also be a subject matter expert, able to rely solely on his immense knowledge to write compelling copy. More often than not, though, copywriters will need to pivot from client to client and sometimes industry to industry. As such, they’ll need to get up to speed -- quickly.

    Effective research is not limited to a few Google searches or pouring through collateral that a client may have provided. Although an important and necessary step to a job well done, truly effective copywriters know that interviewing the appropriate stakeholders is just as imperative for two reasons.

    One, a conversation with a vested party provides a different point of view, which can help frame the direction of the copy. And two, interviewing an expert is a more efficient way to get to the core of what’s important, as opposed to trying to discern it from a wealth information sans context.

    To do so requires strong interview skills, so we suggest brushing up on those.

    2) Knowledgeable About the Intended Audience
    When it comes to why it’s important to understand your audience, legendary copywriter David Ogilvy said, “If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think. We try to write in the vernacular.”

    Quality copy, be it ad copy, ebooks, blog posts, or headlines, is more effective when understanding what the intended audiences thinks, speaks, and searches for. Otherwise efforts can result in campaigns that totally miss the mark.

    Of course, gaining an intimate knowledge of an audience is not possible without the necessary research and interview skills.
  7. NewBeginnings

    NewBeginnings New Member

    OMG you guys don't get it right !
    What copyright means is that you have the copy right. Which means you as the author have the right to get paid any time another person wants to copy your text , your music, your video, whatever it is that you created. So "copywriting" means that you have registered whatever it is that you created and so you are protected by law.
  8. JHablado

    JHablado New Member

    Copy writing is a good thing it is plagiarism that is not good because you are stealing the work of the author. Copy write gives the authors or writers privileged and right to secure their works and it is supported by law. So I cant agree that copy writing is not good because as a writer we have to be respected by others as well as as you're works should be appreciated because it is you're own hardship that help people to be aware and knowledgeable.
  9. Kiradude

    Kiradude New Member

    Copy writing is plagiarism. You copy someone work. The author will sue you if he/she knows it. People must know copying is cheating, cheating leads to embarass you in the inside out. You must be aware that when you copy someone work theres a consequences so be ready if you that so yeah copywriting is not a good thing to do.
  10. Emsiness

    Emsiness New Member

    Yes. Copywriting is not a good thing. Authors did not make writings just for other people copy and take credits for it. Effort and time are also stolen when one copies someone’s work without permission. However, if one likes the idea of the author so much then he/she can re-phrase the article just don’t copy the text word by word.
  11. IcyPrometheuslol

    IcyPrometheuslol New Member

    Copy wiring is seriously not a good thing you could go to jail. If the Author found out that you copyrighted there work and he or she will sue you. You will be in big trouble and be embarrassed.
  12. mark joseph vinco

    mark joseph vinco New Member

    Copy Writing is bad do you attempt to get copied by others? it was annoying right but helpful sometimes.
  13. Killersoul13

    Killersoul13 New Member

    Copy writing is not necessarily means that you will copy parts/book contents of a certain author/writer, In contrast the author/writer give one's a previledge to edit some of his/her works in exchange of monetary conpensation favorable of the law.

    In general, copy writing is not an act of plagarism if the author/writer permits a person to do so.
  14. tbymrtn

    tbymrtn New Member

    Copywriting is creating text for advertising or marketing messaging. It is not copying what someone else wrote unless it is, in which case its called plagiarism. So copywriting when original, creative, and suited to the requirements of the client can be a very good thing.
  15. HORR

    HORR New Member

    Copyright protection excludes individuals other than the possessor from duplicating, presenting or carrying out the protected work. Therefore, copyright protection may avoid your work from being distributed as largely or as fast as you might like. This is mainly a disadvantage for an author pursuing public consideration rather than monetary gain. For example, an unfamiliar instrumentalist may want to get her music out into the public in order to generate curiosity. However, people may be reluctant to distribute her songs through the Internet and other media due to a fear of copyright infringement.
  16. Sgdadu

    Sgdadu New Member

    copywrighting is easy but a show of laziness!....Basically thousands of people all over the world use this method to develop projects and so forth. To them the end justifies the means, provided they get the end result, the process doesn't matter!....It is good to read other peoples works and get their ideas and out of those ideas, develop your own work and maybe make occasional references to their works but not copywriting so that you finish up an assignment with easy!....Once you begin practising this method of wanting to do things without working for them, then your brain will refuse to critically think and with time you become useless!
  17. lyryhs

    lyryhs New Member

    The internet is a tool for everyone to get information. All we have to do is to enter our inquiries on the World Wide Web and we will have an access to whatever we wanted to know about. Copy writing is good because it is primarily making "COPIES" for products for the purpose of promoting some business. Thus, copywriters exist!
    If someone else's work is basically taken by somebody and presents it as her/his own, that is plagiarism. Hence, copy writing and plagiarism are opposites.
  18. rlkyle

    rlkyle New Member

    Copywriting holds a legitimate place in the world of literature. Without it we would not have many of the great works of history. Consider the Qumran scrolls. The community of Jewish scribes who resided at Qumran saw as their greatest mission the exact replication of the books that comprise the Torah. The methodology employed was meticulous, including the physical counting of not only characters, but spaces. If a scroll was found to contain an error it was ceremonially destroyed and a new copy begun in its place. The arid climate around the Dead Sea where the ancient caves are served to preserve and protect these first century B.C. treasures for us to compare and validate our own modern Scriptures by. Copywriting as a proof reading and preservation tool is absolutely necessary for future generations to gain an accurate understanding of history, and an indispensable skill for scholars of all levels.
  19. EoinAnn

    EoinAnn New Member

    Copy writing is not good for you, because you not learn your own. you always depends on the others articles. If you create your own article or post you will know what is the idea if someone ask you about your post. Unlike the copy right you still need to study what is all about so that you can have the answers in every comments trowing you. You not cheating other to copy the writing of others, but you cheat your self for not learning with your own.
  20. Sonnyboy

    Sonnyboy New Member

    For sure copywriting is not good thing the person who do that thing has no mind on his own he or she has no own creativity in life...

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