Costumers is always right, is it true or not?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by khian, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. khian

    khian Member

    Base on my experieced, i would say that the costumer is not always right. Because it depend on a situation. maybe in some aspect in work we can say that they have the right as a costumer but if the costumers is insulting you, physically and emotionally thats the time that we can say that they wrong.
  2. kodakan-wtQC

    kodakan-wtQC New Member

    but for diplomacy's sake you sometimes have to swallow your pride and try to accommodate the customer so that the customer feeling satisfied with his product will probably go back to your store to buy more products you just have to check your temper ok. So Business is good as long as the customer is always right
  3. Outerspaced

    Outerspaced New Member

    Technically neither the customer or employee are always right... businesses tend use this statement as a means to enforce a positive workflow. Customers are given the benefit of the doubt because a business would rather have more satisfied customers than simply win an argument. Think about it this way, there is more value in having loyal customers than proving a point. That said we're all human, we just have to use our logic and work on calming our emotions because not only can it be bad for a business but bad for your well being.

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