Could you live without a TV for a week? month?

Discussion in 'Television' started by Sandy2896, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Jingoliva5

    Jingoliva5 New Member

    Yes definitely, I just gave my television to my grandmother since I haven't use it for a couple of months now and I am scared that it will broke down for disuse. I am using my android tablet or smartphone for entertainment though I am not updated when it comes news or politics but I can always google. Social media like FB and instagram also helps, Youtube if I'd like to watch something. Good thing, it doesn't have a lot of commercials as compared to watching tv. Someday, TV will become a taboo especially new gadgets and technologies keeps on updating.
  2. eme1links

    eme1links New Member

    Staying away from watching television is helpful to our sight. It help to clear the eye vision. Excessive watching of television killed the vision of the eye
  3. Lovey

    Lovey New Member

    Yes! Basically I'm not a TV holic. No problem for me even for a month. I can search YouTube for any feeds or anything that I need to know on a daily basis. And besides TV now a days is not as dependable in terms of entertainment. Well that's for me but with anyone else still they prefer to have TV other than sources of Entertainment.
  4. ElijahShaw

    ElijahShaw New Member

    Yes, I can definitely live without TV. I proved it when I lived in a dormitory from January 2018 to May 2018. Though the dormitory's lobby had a TV turned on most of the time, I ignored it since I need to focus studying for licensure exams. I may have missed out a lot. And my friends may laugh at me if I don't know what happened to Celebrity X and Celebrity Y. But it's not a big deal anyway. I like how I can focus on what should be done rather than wasting my time in front of TV learning nothing.

    Since I'm back home, I have a little glimpse on what's going on in the local media. But I have a principle of not taking care too much about other people's lives. I need to take care of my own and that's what should I focus more.
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  5. sybilchristie

    sybilchristie New Member

    Definitely yes.I have actually limited watching tv to only sports and targeted films. Youtube is a fantastic alternative with fewer ads!
  6. ecnesa101

    ecnesa101 Member

    Of course, Tv is not the only thing we live off of other things to like phones and iPads and computers everything we have to rely on these things but what we don't need to rely on the most is tv because tv is one thing we don't need at all.
  7. arkainejae23

    arkainejae23 New Member

    Mostly this days, television is not that too important. The purpose of television is to be updated to news or entertain ourselves to the shows that every channel shows us. But it is not that to portable unlike smart phones. Smart phones can do the same like television with more other features. Can we watch television when we are in the bathroom? No, except if you have one in the bathroom. There are too many things to do in our lives. We just need to find it. So definitely my answer to your question is a big yes.
  8. chrone03

    chrone03 New Member

    Yup, we have laptops and computers, we can watch our favorite shows online.And even if we didn’t there is no actual problem, I guess I could live for a week without it, but it might be hard.
  9. hiker_payne

    hiker_payne New Member

    Strangely, we do not have cable TV at our house, so we go pretty much always without TV! We have a large collection of movies though, so we’ll watch those, not often though, mostly just at night before bed. We have had a Netflix subscription in the past, but we didn’t watch shows enough to keep it. I will watch old Lifetime movies on YouTube sometimes! It’s a guilty pleasure. It may seem weird and people will ask us how we survive without television, but we spend our time doing other things such as hiking and reading, so TV just isn’t that important. Anything that’s important can be watched on an app or on YouTube anyway.
  10. NameGervin

    NameGervin New Member

    Yes. Because computers are more useful than television but of course they have pros and cons. I use my computers primarily for school and work, I may don't have time on sitting on couch and spend time watching on television because most of the time I'm busy. But with a computer I am able to multitask and work at the same time, also television has commercials and advertisement which can eat your time. If you are a fast reader like me you are gonna hate the slow pacing on watching a television, it's faster to read online than to sit and watch.

    Televisions actually has limited things it can do. The main advantage of it is it's screen size, you can enjoy watching in a couch with your family which is not a bad thing. But for me I prefer using computer than television, so yes I can live without television because I'm doing it right now.
  11. If you'll ask me that question, my answer is yes. Why? Because in this generation there's a lot of alternatives. If we don't have a television set! Why not use my mobile phone to be updated to the news. I can go to any internet cafe to stream my favorite television dramas. We are already in the stage of modernization.

    If you have a desktop or laptop and you have a internet connection! You can easily watch the television shows by just browsing on it.

    There are also a lot of books to be read. It's a good exercise to my brain to function very well. Learning is not only through watching television or browsing the internet. Leaning is more meaningful and powerful if we are going to read different kind of books.

    Living without television is just like living in the old days. Many people live without it yet they still survive! Why not I can do that. It's like bringing back the old days. And another, most of the children right now are focusing to television shows. They forgot to exercise because of those shows. They don't know how to play outside games.

    So if I will live for one week without television, that's not a problem. I can definitely spend my life to the fullest without it.

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