Create Characters with a Story of Their Own

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Which is your favorite female fantasy character?

  1. Alice in Wonderland

  2. Dorthy in Oz

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  3. Tinkerbell in Neverland

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  1. Rebecca Nedrow

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    Regardless of the plot, all stories' success lies in the development of your characters. What characteristics are revealed to readers are only part of the characters. You have to spend time with your character and allow for natural development. Achieving this is about learning to balance the characters strengths and weakness. Your character's good qualities must be balanced with their flaws; for example, Vylette is strong and can defend herself yet she is distracted by taking care of her little brother. This can be worked into her story because it shows her weakness alongside her abilities to protect herself. It is also helpful to find phrases which describe their physical qualities in a way that is rememberable. Such as describing Vylette by saying "eyes as blue as the sky", "creamy skin", and "hair like a raven's wing" are ways to express how she looks. Do not forget to give your character some depth through facial expressions or quirks they have. The most important tip to help you develop characters is to put yourself in their shoes by writing in the first person from their viewpoint. You may not use everything you compile on your characters; however, they make great reference points. What tips can you add?


    • Write a background story
    • Interview by asking questions
    • Develop a family tree
    • Brainstorm characteristics & situations
    • Put yourself in their shoes

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