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    When the heart start from crying. Where it really begin?

    I don't want to cry anymore, (maybe this will be the last time) when someone leaves. I will stop wasting tears on people who wouldn't shed tear for me, I will stop giving people free space in my heart when they kicked me out of theirs and I stopped letting people defined my worth.

    I still get upset and get dissapoint but I'll never again give power to anyone to break me so they can make themselves whole. I don't chase people or try to force them to be in my life if they don't want to. I don't want to waste my time energy running after things that will not make me stronger, things that only hold me back from getting to the finish line. I don't try to prove them wrong or win them back, I simply let them believe whatever they want to believe because they don't want to see the truth. I don't care if they want to paint me as the bad person or the good person and I don't care what they say behind my back because at the end of the day, they chose not to confront me, they chose to talk to everyone else but me and they chose to believe a bunch of lies instead of looking into my eyes to know the truth.

    My heart doesn't get shattered when it's broken anymore, it's been through all this before and knows it will be fine. My heart may still fall for the wrong people but it will never be owned by anyone but me. I don't wonder why they left anymore, I let them wonder why I never cared, why I never asked or why I didn't fight harder. But the truth is the people who let me down will never be the people who will lift me back up so I let them go, even its hurt, even if it's not what I want. The truth is I broke down so many times before over people whom I trusted and I tried to win them back but I realized in doing so I'm allowing myself to give someone the power to destroyed me and I learned to destroy thing before they destroyed me.

    Let me say again stop wasting your tears and stop crying.

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