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    crypto currency Updated September 13, 2018 What is cryptocurrency: 21st-century unicorn – or the money of the future? This introduction explains the most important thing about cryptocurrencies. After you‘ve read it, you‘ll know more about it than most other humans. Today cryptocurrencies (Buy Crypto) have become a global phenomenon known to most people. While still somehow geeky and not understood by most people, banks, governments and many companies are aware of its importance. In 2016, you‘ll have a hard time finding a major bank, a big accounting firm, a prominent software company or a government that did not research cryptocurrencies, publish a paper about it or start a so-called blockchain-project. (Take our blockchain courses to learn more about the blockchain. But beyond the noise and the press releases the overwhelming majority of people – even bankers, consultants, scientists, and developers – have a very limited knowledge about cryptocurrencies. They often fail to even understand the basic concepts. 39918
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    In my own language, I will say
    Cryptocurrency is a * decentralized* form of digital currency, which is characterized to be secured and transparent in transaction across the blockchain, and with a limited amount of *supply*, its value is determined by the corresponding rate of *demand*

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