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Discussion in 'Television' started by cartemd, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. cartemd

    cartemd New Member

    Earlier this year I decided to cut the cord with my cable company. I know a majority of people are already yelling at this post! How did I cut the cable? What am I doing now? The answer is, I truly do not miss it. I still have the internet so it allows me to watch Amazon Prime and Netflix. Also, I bought an antenna! Yes an antenna, but not the ones you remember. This is a flat antenna about the size of a normal sheet of paper. This antenna allows me to watch the network channels like Fox, CBS, ABC, and NBC for free. I actually didn't watch much outside of the network channels anyway. This saves me approximately $50 a month. I already subscribed to Netflix and Amazon Prime previously so I just cut down my content a little. Honestly, this just motivates me to get up more and enjoy my family and get out of the house. As a gen Y person, I see this more and more common. Companies like CBS are catching up too. CBS just announced a CBS Access plan for a subscription. Mobile is the way things are going. Give it a try. Are you truly going to miss that episode of The Walking Dead that much? I doubt it.
  2. DevonEllery

    DevonEllery New Member

    Congratulations! I cut the cord in 2010 and never looked back. Why pay ridiculous cable rates when there are so many other options? I've used Roku & Boxee in the past, but lately I've moved to Chromecast and even beaming shows from my phone to the TV. Don't you just love technology? Most newer shows are available on their network's website, and if not, all it takes is a quick Google search to find a stream or download. Thankfully, I don't have to miss that Walking Dead episode after all! ;)
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  3. demjroberts

    demjroberts New Member

    I am thinking about getting rid of my AT&T U-Verse just because it is so expensive. All but one of my TVs are dinosaurs, so it would be harder for me to get by without some kind of service. If anyone has any suggestions for this not-so-tech-savvy girl, let me know.
  4. Shannon M

    Shannon M New Member

    Yes! We did this only because the company we used didn't offer service in our new area (only internet). Between Amazon Prime, Hulu & just stuff being online we have survived! We have even managed to get by with getting Hulu service for free.
  5. ninjaraine

    ninjaraine New Member

    I totally agree with getting rid of cable. 6 years ago I found I could get just as much entertainment for the whole family from the internet. We use Netflix on laptops, PCs, cell phones and tablets, which in my opinion beats cable hands down because you can't take it with you. We can all watch something together on the larger screens or we can all do our own individual thing watching what we like.
    Add Youtube to the mix and we haven't even noticed that cable was gone.
  6. Jazzer12

    Jazzer12 New Member

    Getting rid of cable was definitely a good idea. There are many streaming services like the ones you mentioned that have hundreds of movies and shows that you can watch for much cheaper! I find that most television providers whether it be satellite or cable put the good shows in a "bundle" with a bunch of channels that won't even interest you. So you have to pay extra money for a bunch of channels when you only want one or two of them. I have been cable free for a year and I have never looked back.
  7. AAAHokie

    AAAHokie New Member

    Good to know. I just bought two Rokus for Christmas and plan on adding Hulu. My cable bill is close to $200 and I'm sick of it. I am concerned about missing HBO and Showtime though.
  8. janetx

    janetx New Member

    Every now and then the kids complain about wanting to get cable. Half the stuff on television is not appropriate for children so why pay the extra money expose. I'd rather leave it to the just the Internet with parental control on their logins
  9. missbishi

    missbishi New Member

    In England we call it the "satellite" and I got rid of it 2 years ago. You are right, there are so many other ways to enjoy television shows now. I have saved £21 per month by doing this.
  10. Krazyman

    Krazyman New Member

    Got a Roku box in 2011 and never looked back! Netflix can provide the movie fix that you are looking for and they are constantly updating their stuff. In fact, with some of the new original programming Netflix is now offering - I'm very happy (House of Cards - Orange is the New Black) that I made the move.

    Hulu Plus works for watching shows on NBC and ABC that you don't watch live (because let's face it, with the creation of DVR who watches live TV anymore?).

    If you have a Prime Membership to Amazon you have access to their programming - it's limited, they still make you pay for many of the movies on Prime, but it's 100 free shows and 100 free movies you have access to with your membership.

    Cut the cord - nobody should be spenindg $200 a month for cable/dish. It just isn't worth it!
  11. neohippie625

    neohippie625 New Member

    The only thing that cable is good for is sports. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a good replacement that allows me to watch my favorite teams. I don't know, maybe I'm missing some great service thats out there? I can definitely see how someone who is not a big sports fan could live off of just Netflix and its competitors though.
  12. dmays

    dmays New Member

    This is EXACTLY why I find it hard to drop cable right now. The only way to watch a lot of sports if if you're subscribed to channels like NFL Network, and even then some games are blacked out in your region. The only way to watch football games online without shelling out a lot of cash is to stream, but in a lot of cases that's illegal, which puts me on edge honestly.
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  13. Arch3r

    Arch3r New Member

    It's amazing, isn't it? Cutting the cable wasn't so difficult for me since I basically didn't have it after I moved out on my own. I had a roommate who didn't want to spend money on cable, I didn't have any strong reason to want cable myself, so we just...didn't. And neither of us missed it. That was years ago. I haven't had cable since. I subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime. I used to use the free Hulu, but haven't lately. It covers all of my needs! I still watch the popular know...a little later than mostly everyone else. And I'm fine with it. I love the money I save.
  14. skylar5

    skylar5 New Member

    I cut the cable cord two years ago. I use netflix and amazon prime for movies and TV shows. I do not use hulu plus because I did not find it worth the money. I hated all the commercials and there wasn't very much I actually wanted to watch. I have Plex media server installed on my Roku, which allows me to watch and listen to music, movies and TV shows that are on my computer. Plex also has channels, such as South Park, which allows you to watch all the South Park episodes that they have online.
  15. Shaunie13

    Shaunie13 New Member

    Cutting the cable cord was extremely easy. It seemed nothing worth watching is never on. I have always been a music person anyhow, so television was never really my thing. I mostly watch or should I say monitor what my children are watching because these cartoons are getting out of hand these days. I guess you can call me a "peer pressure TV watcher." I barely turn the TV on for myself, but if someone else is watching and the show catches my eye I will watch it. If I was to move and refuse to bring any tv's with me, I would not deem it as torture. :rolleyes:
  16. melbautoast

    melbautoast New Member

    When we first got married we decided not to get a TV for the first year of marriage. 8 years later and we still don't have a TV and are pretty happy with the decision. We used to watch everything on HULU, but now we have Netflix and it's so nice to not have to watch the same commercials over and over (no commercials at all, actually)! The only thing that is a bummer is the lack of access to live sports, but that is becoming available more and more. In the meantime, we have fun going to sports bars and watching with the other fans or, with the money we save by not paying for cable, we can go to a game or two.
  17. ProShell

    ProShell New Member

    I have been trying to get myself away from the cable company for a long time now, but it's hard to find a package that includes high speed internet but no cable.
  18. BettyRedd

    BettyRedd New Member

    I have been wanting to cut cable for years. My children (teens) and I watch all of our shows through are devices. The only reason that I have cable at this moment is simply because my hubby feels he simply can not live without all of his sports channels. So were basically paying for sports channels. When I figure out how I can stream live sporting events from the channels he watches to his TV then the cord will be cut.
  19. Roxanne

    Roxanne New Member

    I think a lot more people are going to take the direction of watching shows on the internet instead of TV. I am one of these people. I just signed up to Netflix and I realize how wonderful it is to watch a show or movie without the hundreds of commercials. This thread confirms what I thought I was going to do : Cut the cable !
  20. orangesunset

    orangesunset New Member

    I got rid of my cable because it was starting to get too expensive. On my limited income and with rising prices we have to start to cut corners. I thought I would miss the cable, but now I use my time to read books and browse the internet. I initially missed my cable, but now I realize how much time I was wasting watching TV. I am a lot happier now and saving money. Get rid of your cable.
  21. Furiousity

    Furiousity New Member

    I've been a cord cutter for over a decade now. It was hard in the past because of Netflix and Hulu's shortcomings, but that's certainly not the case anymore. I've seen Hulu in particular get aggressive with TV titles, having entire catalogs of things intead of just a handful of recents ones. Netflix is also getting movies a lot faster than before, albeit having everything to do with how well the movie did at the box office.

    Now I have both the Chromecast and the Fire TV Stick. Now that Dish is about to offer ESPN (aka live sports), the final pieces of the puzzle are emerging.
  22. ricksta257

    ricksta257 New Member

    I'm still living with my parents so I don't really decide on the cable, but I can proudly say I haven't watched TV in about 6 years, save for the times I've been in someone else's room, in the kitchen or at the bar. I gave up on it since they stopped airing good cartoons and the news stations truly lowered the bar. I find nothing interesting other than Discovery and NatGeo shows and those I feel bad about watching out of order.

    I think the future of all shows is video on demand and that TV will become obsolete in a few generations.

    Now we just have to wait and hope for internet to get faster, more reliable and affordable; and for all shows to be made available through some online service or another.

    Is anyone else hyped for this or do you think TV will stick around for a lot longer?
  23. ShinobiSol

    ShinobiSol New Member

    I truly believe that online streaming platforms will be the way forward, with more and more companies and networks who traditionally are in the "cable business" wising up to this. Its a trend that's there for all to see. They just need to act on it now and I think within 5 years we will see a lot more over the top video on demand streaming services available. We've already seen the success of original programming on Netflix. We know it can work. We know it does work! And soon so will the powers that be in cable.
  24. Sarah T

    Sarah T New Member

    Hand up here! My husband and I too got rid of our cable over a year ago, and have not looked back. What will be truly interesting is to see how the cable companies (and likely, the internet providers as well) deal with this over time. With fewer people watching cable, the advertisers will pull out of that area and focus on advertising online, rendering the cable companies useless. I suspect we will see internet rates rise (unless they can agree to have pricing offset by advertisers) and perhaps an increase in promotion within the show we are watching so we don't necessarily watch commercials, but the commercials are within the shows. Our patience for watching commercials went away a long time ago, so it will be up to the advertisers to find ways to market to us, that are not conventional ads. This is one consumer who will be watching this unfold with great interest. Congrats on cutting the cord!
  25. Hollyp

    Hollyp New Member

    I have been thinking about "cutting the cable" but I just don't know how my kids will deal. They are obsessed with the Disney channel and Nick. I was thinking about buying an Apple TV and subscribe to Netflix but I am concerned that they won't have all of "my shows" that I like to DVR. Maybe in my first sentence I should have said I don't know how I will deal with it. I have to have my shows! Are there people out there who are really happy with just having Netflix?

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