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    JAKARTA, Feb. 24 (Xinhua) -- In coordination with regional governments, Indonesian tourism ministry scheduled a list of traditional festivals, sport tourism and other tourism activities throughout April and May this year as part of efforts in complying with targets set in the sector.

    Indonesian Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said that parts of the 22 events scheduled during the two months was a major session to commemorate the two-century anniversary of Tambora volcano's devastating eruption.

    The commemoration is scheduled in April.

    The event, called Tambora Greets the World, would continue the ones held in the last two years in Indonesia's eastern region of West Nusa Tenggara province's Dompu regency.

    It would be filled by cultural attractions and related events in the conservancy-planned site for domestic and international mountaineering.

    "The event would also be part of 2017 Visit Lombok Sumbawa program," the minister said here on Friday.

    Tambora eruption in April 1815 was regarded as the most devastating one in modern history of mankind.

    The volcanic ash from Tambora eruption covered the hemisphere and blocked the sunshine, resulting in several parts of the world experiencing extreme climate change.

    The minister said that in the nation's western region, sport tourism activities, comprised of 10K Marathon and cycling, have also been planned in Aceh province. Domestic and foreign athletes were expected to take part in the events scheduled in mid April.

    In Aceh's nearby province of North Sumatra, provincial government has scheduled tourism events throughout the year called 2017 Horas Samosir Fiesta, featured with various festivals and international marathon championship around the Jurassic Lake Toba.

    Elsewhere in central part of the nation, the ministry also scheduled Enchanting Tomini Bay week in early April. The event is expected to spoil divers during the best period to enjoy undersea scenery in Indonesia's award-winning Sulawesi waters.

    Indonesia has been engaging its utmost to bolster the tourism sector since it has been declared as the nation's core business, replacing the previous oil and gas, coal and palm oil industry.

    Through the coordinated efforts carried out by related ministries and agencies, Indonesia expects to par with countries in Southeast Asia region in tapping benefits from tourism sector to propel their economies.

    Indonesia saw increasing foreign visitor arrivals in the last few years with more than 12 million recorded last year. The nation has set targets to see 15 million ones this year and 20 million ones by 2019 respectively.

    1. Cheetah

    The cheetah is the planet's fastest land animal and can reach rates of up to 113 kmh (70 mph). That's around 0-30 miles per hour in as low as 3 seconds (as good as most Ferraris) Danny Portugal Jersey , and it may keep its cruise rate for several hundred meters ( - 400 m). The long legs have non-retractable claws which enable additional grip on the ground, and also the cat uses its tail for proper balance and change of direction.

    2. Lion

    Over 250 kilogram of pure and strong muscle, which can run as quickly as 8 1 kmh (50.3 miles per hour)!

    3. Wildebeest

    Preyed upon by lions and occasionally cheetah Danilo Pereira Portugal Jersey , wildebeest'd better run fast. If they wish to match their assailants raven upon by lions and sometimes cheetah, wildebeest'd better operate fast! They might have lousy eyesight, but their pace is fairly remarkable up to 80 kmh (50 miles per hour)!

    4. Ostrich

    The ostrich is undoubtedly the most effective bird runner out there Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Jersey , as well as the fastest two-legged animal on earth. Though it can't fly, it certainly can run 72 kmh (4 5 miles per hour)!

    5. Thomson's Gazelle

    In the Serengeti plains, these small guys really are a cheetah's favorite meal! Easy quarry you may say Cedric Portugal Jersey , but Thomson's gazelles have excellent stamina and legs that propel them to speeds over 65 kmh (40 miles per hour)! Nine instances out of ten, they will outrun any predator over lengthier distances, and may generate sharp turns without difficulty.

    6. African Wild Dog

    Also called Cape Looking Dogs Bruno Alves Portugal Jersey , or Painted Looking Dogs, these wild canines possess the best achievement rate while looking (85%). Their pace can be somewhat extraordinary, with sprints of up to 64 kmh (39.7 mph)!

    7. Giraffe

    Giraffes have an unique slow-motion operating fashion! The cowl will not make the monk Bernardo Silva Portugal Jersey , because they can easily achieve speeds of fifty kmh (31 mph).

    8. Hippo

    Yep, you heard me right, the hippo is part of Africa's best 10 quickest animals! Difficult to believe They can speed as much as 48 kmh (30 mph) on-land Anthony Lopes Portugal Jersey , and may also run as rapidly as a man can walk while under water. Bring it on Mr. Usain Bolt, you still have a little work out to do!)

    New Brunswick Only to put things into perspective, Usain Bolt (the quickest guy living 'til this day) JUST runs at 37.57 kph (2 3 mph). Easy peezy Andre Gomes Portugal Jersey , operate this in my own slumber!;)) To put it differently, he wouldn't even make it in this listing.

    9. Rhinoceros

    45 kmh (27.9 miles per hour) for the Black rhino, and about 40 kmh (24.8 miles per hour) for the White rhinoceros over short spaces. Never To be disturbed!

    10. African Elephant

    9-12 kmh is usually the norm Adrien Silva Portugal Jersey , while complete fee get out-of-the-way rate readily reaches speeds upwards of 40 kmh! Hearsay has it that a charging elephant may be prevented by throwing a huge stone (or log) in the front of the animal's fore toes. Have never attempted it, but would not advocate you taking the danger though...an elephant charge is something that that you won't forget!)

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