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    Actually I've been looking for online data entry works too. I already registered on Smart Crowd, but I haven't taken the evaluation yet. I want to create an account on Fiverr but I don't think I'm ready because of my typing speed so I'm practing my touch typing. I've been looking around Youtube for tutorials but one say, if the data entry is captcha, the pay is not really that worth it compared to your time. I'm looking into transcription jobs too, took some test but I have not been in luck yet.
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    Captcha is very trending nowadays. I have tried Unity Wealth also. Another one is CaptchSure 130. CaptchSureGold is already available but I think it is always under maintenance.
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    I would say Rev, but you must be very fast at typing and you probably also need to understand English perfectly. I've Registered for Rev but they didn't accept me because of my grammar errors. I wish you good luck finding your ideal freelancer job.
  4. you can access were to just need to take a survey and get points that can convert into cash.
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    I listen data entry job. I want to data entry job online but not find yet. I searched data entry job but not high paying. I need but high paying by data entry.
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    Free Job to Work at Home. Data Entry. Online Jobs. New Positions Enter Here! New Vacancies Are Published Daily. Be The First To Apply – Sign Up Today! Home Work. Part Time. Teacher. Accounting. Online Jobs. Sales. Marketing. Copy Paste Work. New Vacancies. Virtual Assistance. Services: Online, Part Time, Data Entry.
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    • SmartCrowd.
    • 2Captcha.
    • ClickWorker.
    • OneSpace.
    • Indeed.
  8. I tried to message
    Hi mam per you need to reffer us in order to be part of the team. I already sent an email but you should be the one who will send a refferal. Mam pls refer me to be part of your team
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    This is the link where i am doing some data entry to earn some crypto that i want to earn,honestly you really need a lot of effort here for you to be able to reach the desired pay out amount.But i surely guaranteed that this one is paying!
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    Thanks a lot dear.
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    I am getting information on the legitimate Date Entry websites to be sure before i sign up. My desire is to earn at least in every ten days a substantial amount which can pay part of my bills. Any help will be highly appreciated.
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    There are two types of data entry jobs available in internet, online data entry job and offline data entry job.,, data entry jobs providing sites I known. These are not only for data entry jobs. There are some other jobs available video editing, graphic designing etc.
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    Frankly speaking some data entry job are scam, they put fake payment proof in their website and ask people to pay some money before the secrete to make such money is reveal to them, you need to be very careful about this type of offer, dont give your credit card number to them.
    Any data entry job or online work that is legit must be free to learn,the only data entry job that I have tried before and its work is the captcha program where you get paid to type in digit or figure into a particular space provided but the disadvantages is that if your connection is slow you will encounter some difficulty working there.
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    Two types of data entry jobs available in internet; online data entry jobs and offline data entry jobs. In online data entry jobs captcha jobs and Pay To Click (PTC) or Pay Per Click (PPC) jobs are very simple jobs. These two jobs are clicking advertisement and earn money.

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