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    It's the perfect time to daydream! Instead of thinking about workload all the time, why not take a short while to look afar and have a good imagination of things that you wanna have and achieve. By doing so, you could be surrounded by positive energy that could greatly influence your mindset and thinking, at least for that particular moment of your life.

    Let's begin this brand new journey with lightness and positivity. Daydream guys!
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    Yes, we sometimes need some rest from the harsh "brush" of realities that we have to go beyond this physical realm and move toward the "idealized" sphere of imagination. However, we have to make our imagination positive, and somehow, make it related to the physical state we wish to be in. This can make you rest from the stressful experience you have had, and can enlighten you of how you can "better" the previous or the current.
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    I am in favor of daydreaming.
    This is because you need to work more and more to achieve your goals.
    Daydreaming is actually visualizing of your goals coming true. Thus, it can make you feel that some of your goals are being fulfilled! Such feeling of happiness is driving force of further work. It thus inspires you.
    This may also provide you some energy required to work more. In other words, it may protect you from the negative feeling of disappointment.
    If you are cheerful, your efficiency is more!
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    Sometimes your mind drifts off to another place, especially while sitting through something like a long lecture in a classroom, seminar, etc. You tend to allow your thoughts to wonder without consciously noticing it, just a quick or momentary escape from the current setting that you are in where you think about whatever instantly pops into your head. But in cases where your consciously start thinking of things like your goals and dreams, places, a person while sitting alone somewhere is pretty normal and healthy because this could help you suddenly devise a plan or some way to help you achieve whatever it is you are hoping or wishing for in the future.
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    Daydreaming is good than thinking bad happens in life, and day dreaming help me to escape the bad memories happened to me.
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    Based on what I have read, researchers have found that daydreaming is a form of hypnosis, and can lower stress levels as well as blood pressure. People who are experiencing anxiety and stress can spend time daydreaming to relieve stress, as well as enjoy the benefits of lowered blood pressure.
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    Daydreams are positive private thoughts of every individual which can be, for me, also called wishful thinking. Daydreaming usually occurs when someone is idle, bored or sometimes in a not so happy situation. It is a form of diversion so that the wandering mind can give a form of relaxation and relief from stress, problems and difficult situations. For me, it is helpful because it frees me of negative thoughts and emotions although too much of it can lead to straying away from the real world.
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    They say daydreaming is a waste of time. I say its a tool for goal-getter. I used to day dream a lot when I was younger that is because I used it to "picture" what I want to happen in my life. It's creating a situation that you would like to happen in the future, a scene.
    Using it like that is helpful but daydreaming too much without the needed action is really a waste of time.
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    I have to agree with you. It is one thing to dream but making it real is what it is all about. It is never easy as there are so many obstacles that can be thrown your way. Still if you are determined enough, you will prevail. Make your dreams come true.
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    Daydreaming is a scape place from reality. But i want my dream turn into reality.

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