Dear Self

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  1. peppy8

    peppy8 New Member

    What's your message for yourself? Yourself who, for many times encountered pain, struggles and heartbreak. Yourself who, against all the odds, have recovered and now smiling like no stain of pain in the past.
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  2. kyutei

    kyutei New Member

    Dear self,

    I know there are times you scared of what things might happen. I know your afraid to trust again. After what you have done to save the relationship you've build for almost seven years. I know your trying to be strong right now and ignore all the pain inside. I know you want cry the whole night but you can't. I know there are questions you need to be answered but denied. And I know there are things you want to do but time seem so limit for you. I know you are struggling right now but still fighting. Self?things might come and go. There are some questions we don't want to be heard for it might hurt you. If your scared to things might happen then give yourself a benefit of a doubt. If things got worst in relationship then try to hold on. Just don't give up. Pray and believe on God. What He's given you right now is just a way to make you believe in Him. Have faith and let go the pain your holding inside. And one more thing fight for you what you believe is right.
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  3. Dan Manera

    Dan Manera New Member

    Life is just like a race. I know that you are very strong. Forgetting and giving up is not your way of dealing your problems encountered in life. Motivation is not your tool too. Innate determination is the reason why your journey is still going. Your family serves your inspiration and yells of your watchers and fans is the boost of your race. And I know that you will not quit even there are obstacles in . Actions are your engine to fulfill your goal and end a good race until to the finish line.
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  4. Merz

    Merz New Member

    Dear Mercy,

    People saw you a happy, funny, joker and strong woman, And all of those are true. But they didn't know that every time you watched a movie or even a television who happened having a heavy drama story you always cried and your kids starting to looked at you and laughing while your tears fell down in your cheeks. They will asked " Mommy why you always cry every time you watch a movie? You just said " its so sad baby i can't stop crying. And they will hugged you and laughing while telling their dad about it. Just stay being positive in life . I know sometimes you want to go back to work full time but then you need to stay at home and focus with your 2 kids and small business and of course try harder to learned about home base online job. Stay funny and appreciate what God hath giveth on you. He love you so much and count your blessings.
  5. Brokenhollow

    Brokenhollow New Member

    Dear Self,

    I know a lot of times we dont go along. I consistently fail you and sometimes I am bit of annoying. I have always felt that if I was able to meet the 8-year old of myself, will he like me? Or will he just hate me because I was not the person he wants him to become, I fail a lot and becomes too emotional. But, lets forgive each other and have peace. Lets work hard and smart to achieve our goals. Lets help each other. Lets be brothers to each other. You are the only person who can ever understand me more than anyone. No matter what, I am still happy that you are me.

    Thank you so much and I love you.
    Best regards,
  6. leidelmo10

    leidelmo10 New Member

    Dear Self. People in general has so many problems, from the smallest to the biggest one. The "Whys?", "What Ifs?", and the "What will be?" in their lives. Of all those questions in mind, all you can do is talk to yourself. The "Dear Self". This kind of thing could really help you ease whatever pain you are feeling right now. Sometimes all we need to do is to internalize. Try to understand why those things happened to you and why it has to happen. I believe everything happens for a reason. Maybe sometimes to pull you down for a while but once you stand, it would make you a better person at the end.
  7. psyche24

    psyche24 New Member

    Dear Self,

    I know you are sad and alone because you have your heart broken for trusting easily and you have a very sensitive heart, learn to love anyway. It's free, contagious and It's one of the best things in life.
    I know you already have a lot of doubts and traumas from your past experiences, you are afraid to fall and get hurt again, be brave anyway. Some people come in your life as blessings. Some come in your life as lessons. You see? It all happens for a reason, there's no point on being a coward.
    I know you are trying to be happy and you love him still, let him go anyway. If it's meant to be, it will always be no matter how many obstacles that comes in your way. If it's not, It will never be no matter how hard you will try.
    I know you made a lot of mistakes and failures, there are many times you have let me down, I have forgiven you anyway. At the end of the day, you are all that I have and you are my best friend.
    I know you have been betrayed many times by the people you trust and love , forgive them anyway. They might not ask for your forgiveness, they might not deserved it but you deserved peace. You deserved to be truly happy and you deserve to live freely. Let Go and Let God.
    I know you are having lot's of anxieties and questions about what your future might bring, live your life to the fullest anyway. We don't know what our future holds, just learn to give your best in each day. Live the present very well, be productive, be happy and cultivate relationship especially your relationship with God. Live your present like there's no more tomorrow and let the future unfold on it's own.
    I know you are having a tough life, be strong anyway. life is tough but you need to be tougher.
  8. shielamae

    shielamae New Member

    Dear Self;

    Hey! What's up? I heard you've been rejected for four companies that you're applying, I know it's sad and at thesame time you feel hopeless, I know that you are struggling from financial, I know that your baby has needs, I know that you have to be strong or your family. Sometimes I feel like my life is bunch of trash, first I didn't make it to an interview for just simple English! Second, I have depths on my previous company which is not fair. I left my job because I feel like I am not productive as a encoder, I always make mistakes and my reputation gone so bad, to make the story short I resigned to my post. I have an online business but I don't have any income. And I ask myself "Why Am I Struggling?" Then I prayed to God that whatever happened to me, whether it is not on my plan I know God has always a plan for me and He gave me this test to made me strong as a Mother and as I Individual. I know someday somehow God will put me in the place were I'm happy and satisfy.
    When everything turns into pieces I know that God is just up there waiting for you pray.
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  9. irah cunanan

    irah cunanan New Member

    Dear self,

    I want you to know that everything would be okay. Everything may not be easy, but things will get better soon. Just continue fighting! Wake up everyday thinking that there are so many reasons to be happy. Work hard everyday thinking that whatever you are doing right now, is something that your future self would be thankful for.

    Cherish the people around you. Be the reason why they smile, and always see the good in them. Realize that happiness is something that you just feel inside and keep. It is something worth sharing.

    Finally, don't ever let anything, or anyone bring you down. Don't let anything or anyone make you feel worthless. You are worth it. You yourself should not quit on you because you are worth it. You should fight for you because you are worth it.
  10. Fmattson

    Fmattson New Member

    Dear self, remember be thankful for the gift of life god has granted me. Dear self, don't forget to stop and smell the roses every now and then. Dear self, pray for self control when your around negative energy and focus on the good or how lucky you are because it could be alot worse!
  11. patriciamamon

    patriciamamon New Member

    Dear self,

    It's not your fault that they can't love you
    You are worth more

    It's not your job to worry about everything
    God is leading you

    People will always say bad thing
    please see the good in them

    When you start crying at night
    please smile in the morning.
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  12. bel

    bel New Member

    OMG! Love this Quote!! :cry:
  13. bel

    bel New Member

    Dear self,

    Hey! How are you? Nobody had ever ask you how are you feeling for a long time. I know it's been hard, what you're going through lately, but don't worry everything will be okay. Everything will fall in to places, at the right time. In time will come that the people who have hurt you, will realize their wrong. Please stop being upset and depress about things. Hold on to your goals and don't stop chasing them. You are young, you maybe made mistakes before but your not a bad person. Your beautiful and I love you! I also want to whoever reading this to realize that life is short. You are not your mistakes. You deserve to be happy.
  14. Sam A

    Sam A New Member

    Dear self,

    Hey you, I hope you're hanging in there. I know lately things have been rough and stressful, but you're pulling through like a trooper! I know that nobody really asks how you're doing or feeling anymore, but don't ever think nobody cares about you. You're an amazing and beautiful soul. You are a strong woman, and your daughter that you are expecting is very lucky to have a strong and independent woman as her mother. Always keep your head up and move forward. I understand everyone has rainy days, but after rain is a rainbow and sunshine! Treat every day like your last, you never know when your time on Earth is up until it comes. Do not take anything for granted. Love yourself and your family always. I love you and I am proud of you for being who you have become today.
  15. Liezeliezel

    Liezeliezel New Member

    Dear Self,

    You've been through a lot of difficulties in life, I'm impressed that you are standing still. You've given up so many times, you didn't even do your best for the past two years, it feels like you're just existing in this world and not living the life that God gave you. Stop thinking of the past and the future because it will only give you an anxiety. You will never change the past and the future is uncertain, so live for the present and start living your life, be free, be happy and don't look back.

    I hope for the remaining days of this year and for the upcoming years you'll do your best, I know you did but it is still not enough. You have so many things you want to do in life, especially for your family, you only want all the best for them and I know you can make it, just believed in yourself, push your limits, take the risk and most of all, be kind all the time.

    Just hang in there, don't worry too much, you will get there soon.
  16. Benedict Tabernilla

    Benedict Tabernilla New Member

    Dear Self,

    Its been 29 years and four months of existence in this world, for almost three decades of your life have you ever thought of the things that you have experienced? What are the things you have done and you have achieved for a self growth? To exist is easy but to survive and be a human is a tough thing to do. I know sometimes life is difficult to deal with, but have you ever asked yourself if you did your part and contribute something for the society? Do you deserve to encounter both the good and bad things in life? Since you were a child, you became a wanderer and become a curioser to find out things around you, but sometimes these things lead you to danger and it brought you to serious things that gives your parent a reason for them to reprimand you, and when you are being scolded do you give your self a moment to listen to them wholeheartedly. I know some things are unfair and things get worse, but you should always think that it wont last and you should learn how to adapt to this situations. And you should be thankful that what have you experience is just a glimpse of what those people are worse to experience than you. Think of alternative things whenever you are idle and weight things to make your situation better and to relieve anxiety and stress, try to smile and be optimistic as much as you can.
  17. PMarga

    PMarga New Member

    Dear PMarga,

    I know that your struggles are real. Just hang on. In due time life will be better. I know that you have been financially struggling for quite some time now. Do not forget the power of prayer. Keep your faith strong. God will find a way to help you solve all your problems. He will slowly unfold to you all the answers that you have been asking and show you what path to take. Every human being has his or her own struggles in life. No one is exempted from it. Your family is there when you need them. They are your support system. Try as much as possible to have an open communication and discuss what you have been going through. Do not just keep it to yourself. It pays to have a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear to share whatever is bothering you.
  18. grey.sam

    grey.sam New Member

    Dear Self,

    Always strive for everything you want!
    Never give up, if you're tired, rest bu never surrender!
    Keep on fighting until the very end!
    Pray always, and never waver that faith!
    Keep on smiling, knowing that everything will be alright.
    Stop worrying so much.
  19. savw

    savw New Member

    Dear self,

    I can't believe how far you have come. No doubt you have been through so much. I know you thought everything you went through would break you and that all was hopeless, but you did it and you made it through the storm.
    I know you often look back on your life and think about the little girl you were. The little girl hiding and scared. The little girl who was beat and broken, but don't just focus on her pain. Think about the hopes and dreams that she held on to no matter how many times the world kicked her. She held on for a reason, she knew that there were great things coming her way! Always remember that you got through that for a reason and if you can make it through that, you can come through anything. Don't ever give up no matter how tough life is, you got this. You've made it through the storm once and you will make it through again. Life is never perfect but it is worth it.
  20. ayeshajan888

    ayeshajan888 New Member

    Dear Self,

    I know that you are in a very tight situation now. Having to quit your corporate job because you can't stand anymore your new boss and it really affects your health. You are so fed up of your so complicated status because for 19 years you were hoping against hope that the father of your daughter will have the guts to introduce himself. That's why you quit your job. For 26 years of your corporate job, you are now free. Free of all the stress and the watchful eyes in the office that makes you paranoid as if you think that they are all watching you and the father of your daughter all the time. And somehow there's peace that you are long been wanting to have. Unfortunately, you still don't have a job that will sustain your financial needs. Don't lose hope, don't be depressed, just keep praying. God has better plans for you and your daughter. Don't give up. I know you have gone through a lot of things, your ups and so many downs but still you're still here fighting, just keep going. I know right now, that you want to cut the ties from your partner because you know its the right thing to do, but it's not what's happening now. You do not want to destroy his family, all you want is to let him introduce himself to your daughter because you think its the missing part that you want fill in in order to make your daughter truly complete. I know you are not happy with the kind of relationship that you have, yes, your are happy when your together but that's only for a short time because he needs to go back to his family. I know it really hurts you, but what can you do. You're stacked up. You do not want this kind of life, you just want to be free and happy knowing that you are not hurting someone. Just pray to have a clear mind and guidance. Be happy and thankful for all the things that GOD has given you. Be strong for the sake of your daughter.
  21. Kishakarissa1021

    Kishakarissa1021 New Member

    Dear self

    I know that all your dreams in your life didn't come true. All your plan, the things that you want before didn't happen. And somehow you became lonely, but i know you can still do it. Everything is in God's plan, the life that you may have now is not the life that you want before. But I know your happy being a full time mother and housewife. You may miss your life before, but right now you have to take care of your family first. They thought it was easy but it's not. I know you can do it, your dreams doesn't stop because you become a mother. You still can do it, you can still achieved your long time dream. You just have to work hard and believe in God. Youre not alone, you have your family to support you.
  22. crizza

    crizza New Member

    Dear Self
    It's time to move on and be happy again do not let anyone hurt you again just like any others guy did to you. You have to stop being available to people every time they need you. You to stay away from people who don't know your worth and choose people who choose you. Thank you for being transparent I really appreciate your stubbornness sometimes. Your willingness to love even after being discarded is admirable. Keep going. You might not be where you want to be yet, but its okay take one step at a time and keep believing in yourself.

    - Me <3
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  23. via_1226

    via_1226 New Member

    Dear Self,


    After nine months of leave from work because baby girl needs you to take a rest, finally you're back! And it is so overwhelming that everyone seems to have missed you, as much as you do to them. Be thankful to them for during the difficult and trying times, they were there to support you even in their silent ways. Others might have judged you but not those people who truly loves you. This time, take a lot of courage, focus more on your work and the people that truly matters to you, especially baby girl and your beloved family. Past is past, no one should live with the negatives of the past for the future holds a lot of promises for you. Move on, move forward. Life is beautiful. You may not always get what you want or even what you deserve, but God knows how and when to reward your heart's desires. Keep going, just keep going. Explore the opportunities you can find. Be more patient, for it won't be long, life will be sweeter again. Have a lot of faith, it will take you farther than you can think of. Cry if you need to cry, but remember to smile and laugh more often because you have more reasons to do it than to be sad. You are lucky, you are blessed, you are loved, you are BEAUTIFUL because God loves you.... very much!
  24. tramatesversicolor

    tramatesversicolor New Member

    Hey you,

    I know I've been trying to get a hold of you a lot lately, but it seems like you're pretty busy doing you're own thing. That's okay, I understand! Life is happening, and it happens a lot. I forgive you. You're allowed to get caught up and be forgetful, because it's in the past. But don't ever let that be an excuse for your actions in the moment. We both know that what is done is done, but you can always work to be better right here, right now. Not saying you aren't great. Please, please, please, don't ever think that's what I'm saying. I just want the best for you, and know that you are extremely capable of wonderful things. Remember that you always have strength within and around you. Remember that every bit of grace, strength, truth, and beauty you have, you have because you borrowed it from the universe. Which seems sad and fleeting, but remember that the universe is vast, powerful, and resilient; and you are part of it. Take charge of this moment, its all you have. I love you. I hope for you the warmest hands, the green smell of spring, and a feeling of comfort and home where ever you go.
  25. Mel629

    Mel629 New Member

    Dear Self,
    Most of the time you worry about the things that will happen in the future. You keep on thinking on how you will be able to cope with life struggles. Sometimes you don't seem to notice that so much time is wasted when you dwell on problems, trying to solve everything with a snap of a finger. You are not perfect. Sometimes, you just have to realize that things will not happen the way you want them to. Instead of negative thoughts, you should focus on the positive aspects of your life. Learn to appreciate good things that happen. Enjoy simple life while it lasts.
  26. Mel629

    Mel629 New Member

    Dear Self,
    Most of the time you worry about the things that will happen in the future. You keep on thinking on how you will be able to cope with life struggles. Sometimes you don't seem to notice that so much time is wasted when you dwell on problems, trying to solve everything with a snap of a finger. You are not perfect. Sometimes, you just have to realize that things will not happen the way you want them to. Instead of negative thoughts, you should focus on the positive aspects of your life. Learn to appreciate good things that happen. Enjoy simple life while it lasts.
  27. legend111

    legend111 New Member

    Dear Self,
    Always remember what the learnings you have earned from diffrent struggles you have encountered.
    Don't forget the steps wherein you stared discovering your true purpose.

    1. Concentrate on one MAIN GOAL
    You have decided where to focus your attention hence you must decide what you are willing to give up in order to achieve it. In order to achieve greater things, be ready to sacrifice much more.
    2. Forget the past
    Yes, you commited a lot of mistakes, or maybe you've had a difficulty with many obstacles in life but WORK ON IT AND MOVE ON. Don't let it prevent you from going on your way in reaching out your potential.
    3. Focus on your FUTURE
    The potential you are missing lies ahead of you. Don't be left behind, look ahead the future...
  28. BT005

    BT005 New Member

    Dear Self,

    I know you're in a bad place lately. You might not show it with your bizarre personality but deep down I understand that you're freaking out. Just don't over-analyze things and you'll be fine. Your future may be uncertain but don't give up. Learn to take care of yourself and try not to ruin your relationship with the people around you. In a few years you'll look up this letter and you'll be smiling because of its cheesy content. I promise, everything will be alright.
  29. Rowie

    Rowie New Member

    Dear Self,

    Thank you for holding on. I know times have been hard lately and you're starting to doubt yourself. Don't give up. Everything will be fine eventually. You've through tough times before. You'll get through this as well. I know that you are strong and smart. Keep your head up. Keep it together and don't overthink. You'll do great things in the future for sure. Don't let yourself down.
  30. lalamurillo

    lalamurillo New Member

    Dear Self,

    Hi! What's up! I know you have encountered a lot of new things, good and bad last year but still, you manage to overcome it. Many tears have fallen but you know that it will make you more brave to face the challenges that will come in the future. Making mistakes doesn't mean that you have already failed in life. Everyone can stand again and live life and pursue their dreams. Sometimes, it makes you feel that no one is there but always put in your mind that God will never leave you. Our loved ones will judge us at first but eventually, they will accept whatever mistake we made and forgive us because they are family. No one will ever accept you for who you are except the family.

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