Dear Self

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  1. Jade30

    Jade30 New Member

    Dear Self,

    Hey! I know you've been through a lot last semester. You've drunk countless cups of coffee and gone sleepless nights just to review for your exams. Do not think that all your efforts are not enough, it's just that you are studying for the most difficult subject of the engineering science department. I know that this semester, you'll make sure that you pass your exams and even aim for exemption in finals. You just have to put extra effort and your heart to whatever you study so you can truly understand the topic. Please never ever give up because it will be worth it in the end, okay?
  2. JM D Looper

    JM D Looper New Member

    Dear Self,

    Im am so proud of what you accomplished so far. You are such a hardworking man and very disciplined. I only have one ask of you, please take care of yourself and maintain health life style.
  3. MmClavel1890

    MmClavel1890 New Member

    Dear Self,

    Yo! What's up? How are you feeling today? Is everything okay? Are you happy? You'll go home soon and I know you can't wait and very excited! I know you're facing a lot of responsibility but you don't have to worry because everything will be alright! Hakuna Matata baby! Stay positive all the time, don't stress your self too much, diet and continuously do your exercise every night, forget about the problems. Now that you will go home live the life that you wanted and do the things that makes you happy! Don't forget to think and take care of your self too! Someday, you'll meet someone that will hold your hand so tight and will never let go of it no matter what so no need to rush ok? Stay single and happy for the mean time! I love you my self! Always!

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