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    Depression. That one topic no one likes to talk about. Some people don't take it seriously, others simply don't understand it. People tend to say that those with everything don't have the right to be depressed. Saying "why are you depressed? Look at all the great things around you" is like saying "what do you mean you have asthma? look at all this air". People don't choose to be affected by this disease, and yes, it IS a disease, because you can't control it on your own, some medications work while others don't, and it affects you in ways no one is prepared for. It affects their mind in unimaginable ways; it IS a mental illness, anyways. It affects their whole life, along with the people around them; it's an ILLNESS. Some people hide in the darkness, facing their battles alone... so if you suspect that someone is depressed, talk to them. They are human beings, not wild animals that you should fear. And if you deal with depression, seek help. Happiness is not as far as it seems.
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    Depression can kill you.If you dont take an action on how to deal with it then it can take your life.
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    I have suffered from anxiety and depression since childhood. There is such a social stigma around mental illness that it becomes a roadblock to helping people overcome their disease. So many depressed people live in silence and refuse to seek help because it can make you feel socially unaccepted. We as a society need to embrace all people and empower each other to be the best we can be. It is okay to admit you need help. It is okay to be different and to have challenges that not everyone faces. The important thing is to do what is best for your own mental health and worry about overcoming your roadblocks, not hiding from them.
  4. When major depression is diagnosed, one recommendation is psychotherapyor talk therapy. Since a depressed person usually has greatly disturbed ideas, many have been aided by their talking to a therapist. Such professionals may include psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and others with specialized training. However, some have found help by talking with a lovingly concerned minister. There is a close interplay between the mind and the body. Our thoughts can affect our body and can produce a chemical imbalance in the brain, leading to depression. Our body, because of deficiencies, disease or physical defects, can also affect our mind and contribute to depression.Putting your feelings into words is a healing process that prevents your mind from trying to deny the reality of the problem or loss and, hence, leaving this unresolved. But open up your real feelings. Don’t allow a sense of false pride, wanting to have an undaunted by adversity appearance, to inhibit you.
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    The signs of depression shouldn't be neglected. One of these is, spending time alone in the room most of the time. Lose of appetite, moving slowly, doesn't want to talk to anyone, etc. It would lead to a major problem if we don't take action regarding this serious matter. If the person who has depression would be ignored, he may hurt someone or himself. He couldn't think properly or worse he might commit suicide. It is not easy for the person with depression to manage himself. They need help, care, and love! Reaching them out is the first step, befriend them, make them feel like they are not alone. It is important to reach them and give them what they need. So that we could save their lives, and they can live a normal life again. Not just being healthy again but to become a better person and be with his loved ones physically and emotionally.
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    I've been diagnosed with clinical depression, and still find it hard to cope with it on some days. I find that taking things slowly and trying to establish little routines if possible helps. Things such as tidying your room everyday, or going out for at least 20 minutes a day can do a lot in the long run as you will get used to doing these things everyday, making them easier, and you can take encouragement from that to further improve yourself.
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    Don't mind what others think (it's not your responsibility to please them), think about your own health and well-being first. People who deserves to be in your life will understand what you are going through and will even lend their hands to lift you out of the pit of depression.
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    I've dealt with depression since early adolescence. For many years I sought out treatment from "professionals" that I assumed would be able to "cure" me if only I found the right pill or combination of pills. After trying and failing countless times, I finally came to see the darkness as a part of me to embrace and work with instead of hate and fear. It's not always easy, but it works for me.
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    What is the ultimate goal of your life? The ultimate goal of man is the very essence of all his acts. People tend to set as many goals as possible to satisfy their needs. Aristotle points out that happiness is the main objective of one's life as all things were for people, in one way or another, to be happy.

    That is the ideal of life. Setting out goals, plotting dreams and achieving it are the primary target of existence.

    It is, however, not as easy as it may seem to be. Often times, society set standards which are expected to be met and failure to do so leads to rejection – that is the formula for having depression.

    Have you ever felt of being so empty that your heart is like a shallow void of sadness? If you do and if that resulted to increase or decrease in appetite and sleeping, difficulty in thinking, and feeling of hopelessness, then you're undergoing depression.

    As a psychoneurotic or psychotic disorder, depression is a serious medical condition that needs a professional treatment as it is more fatal than having a cancer. Depression downgrade one's well-being, and cause suicidal tendencies among its victims. Moreover, what's alarming is its escalating growth rate of it in the society, especially, to the youth.

    Many crimes are committed due to depression, and failing academic grades, job stress, and relationship break-ups are often ended with rope in the ceiling. These are just hurtful realities evident in our every community, and the pain depressed people is undergoing remains immeasurable beyond scientific explanation.

    The silent majority is soundlessly howling for help, a cry that can't be heard, or opted not to hear. People tend to ignore the greatest challenge this world is facing and such avoidance leads to apathy towards one another. Perhaps you have classmates who are alone and ignored in one corner of the room. Or maybe a laughing stock in the section where bullies can show their prowess. They, along with many more who are silently shedding tears, are victims of oppression, rejection and ultimately, depression.

    Thus, it’s now in your hands to either be the cause, be an effect or be a solution to that word called Depression.
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    I am dealing with depression right now. Looking back, I never thought I would be in this situation. I thought I will always be the "nurse" who gives medical attention, support, care and love for the patients in need. I used to be cheerful, carefree and funny but now diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety. Everything just fell apart. I guess, time really changes the person in you. I am still fighting my demons, I am still struggling to every bit of exhaustion I feel. I still question myself when will this end.

    But you see, the point for all of this is that I am fighting and I am trying. I know and I believe that someday I will be my old self again. :)

    People all over the world should be educated that depression shouldn't be taken lightly. Life is a gift and it should not be wasted nor neglected.

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