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    This is one topic that needs urgent attention. A lot of people are battling with depression and the figure is on the rise daily.
    Several things could be responsible for depression: heart break, failure , lack and want , low self esteem etc are among the causative factors.

    Persons suffering from depression are seen walking around sad, lonely and are never lively . In fact nothing makes sense to them, nothing amuses them , nothing makes them happy.

    A good number of them who are overwhelmed with whatever they are dealing with gets suicidal, though they live a hint about this , they try to communicate to someone about their pains and their desire to end it all .

    It is important to be sensitive and quick to take action when such persons are discovered, never take a chance. Once a hint is given, ensure you stay around them and never leave them alone for a moment.
    Take time to talk to them , counsel them, get to to leave the environment and try somewhere new, visit fun places, go watch movies with them, make them happy.

    Hopefully at the end you will end up saving his/her life.
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    Depression is a serious mental health condition that has an impact on both Physical and Mental Health. Depression is a common problem but with a serious mood disorder. It affects the well being of a person, feeling of Helplessness, Hopelessness and worthlessness can be intense but it is a treatable health condition.
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    Depression is a serious mental condition which is overlooked by many people. Its one of the most serious condition I know. Imagine being in a constant state of sadness irrespective of the happenings in your surrounding, weather good or bad, basically nothing makes you happy. someone said its like being a long dark tunnel all alone day in day out. You end loosing up developing suicidal thoughts. People should start caring for their mental health and happiness otherwise the body is almost useless with the mind.
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    Depression is a lot more than just having a bad day. It is a sign that a person is slowly being overcome by certain factors that have taken a mental and emotional toll on them. If left to continue, that person can be a threat to him/herself or worse to others. This needs to be addressed asap. We have to uplift their spirits and help them take that negative pressure of f their minds and hearts.
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    The stakeholders should raise awareness about depression. It is very alarming to see many teens posting images and messages that pertain to suicide. Parents should be very much aware about the situation of their sons and daughters, because there are lot of times that these depressed ones don't show what they feel to other people and so the depression builds up.
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    Depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way how you act and the way how you think. It causes feelings of sadness or loss of interest in activities that you enjoy. But then again, depression is treatable. What are the signs of depression? They are irritable, anger and anxiety. They complain of headaches, stomachaches and other physical pains. Possible causes of depression are faulty mood regulation of the brain, stressful life events, medications and medical problems. A serious condition of depression may lead to suicide.

    But how to cope up with depression? Stay in touch with your friends and loved ones. Socialize so it can improve your mood. You need someone to talk to when you are low. Be active by doing exercises at least 20 minutes everyday. It can help you lift your mood. Eat a healthy diet and avoid alcoholic drinks. For better results, seek help from doctors. They will provide you treatments like psychological therapies and antidepressants. Always remember that do not withdraw from life. They are so much you can appreciate in your life.

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