Desktop Computer Vs Laptop Computer

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Why do you prefer Laptop whether it is expensive?

  1. Expensive but stylish than desktop

  2. Expensive but movable than desktop

  3. Expensive but All-in-one-machine than desktop

  4. No, I prefer desktop

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  1. Harikrishna Brahma

    Harikrishna Brahma New Member

    Laptops are expensive to maintain and repair. If you don't believe me, ask how much cost to repair a laptop screen then you will flip back. Also, it is more difficult to perform any modification in reference to the CPU, motherboard,and graphic chip.

    The configurations on laptops are limited specifically those that are by laptops manufacturers and this is not the case with desktops. Additionally, some software might not be compatible with the laptop hardware and its settings of the operating system. With a desktop it is easier from all the angles to work more efficient and with less headaches.
  2. NewSues

    NewSues New Member

    I use both a lap top and a desktop. Both are quite old and both have needed repairing but I have not found the cost of repairs to my laptop any more expensive than repairs to my desktop.

    I use both as I work from home and I find it more comfortable to work for long periods of time at a desk using a desktop. I use my laptop for all non-work and social activities as it enables me to sit in other rooms/on other chairs. By keeping the two separate it also means I have a higher chance of keeping my work computer free from viruses.
  3. slayeraeb

    slayeraeb New Member

    I use both but I prefer laptops because of its portability. I am a college student and almost all my classes require me to work with computers because i am a CIS major. Therefore I enjoy the portability of a laptop because it makes my life easier and majority of the things i can do on my desktop I can do on my lap top :)
  4. rdeng2614

    rdeng2614 New Member

    You can upgrade a desktop so you will never be behind on technology. Also desktops are much faster and much more capable than a laptop. Did I mention that desktops are much cheaper? You can build a extremely powerful desktop for 500-600$, and for that price you can't even get a half-decent laptop. They say desktops aren't portable, but some cases are actually really small and easy to carry around.
  5. sam sen

    sam sen New Member

    Yes it is the same...the only thing different is a desktop sits on the desk or floor or anywhere whereas a laptop is portable! Both would be personal computers whereas would be different if it was a business or office computer.
  6. wwjw

    wwjw Member

    I want to say that I have never bought any desktops because they are so big and inconvenient to carry when I want to go outside.Besides,if there is something wrong with a desktop,I won't keep it anymore.laptops are much nicer and easier to use for me.
  7. asadmahmood

    asadmahmood New Member

    There is no denying the fact that desktop computers have better configuration than laptops, however, flexibility and portability is much more important than mere technical specifications. This is the reason people are increasing using iPods and other mobile devices. Freedom is the key to everything we do these days. Laptops provide this flexibility. I enjoy using my laptop more than desktop, simply because I can take it where I need to. Constant advancement in technology means there is only marginal difference between the two in terms of technical specifications as well. Moreover, basic computer users are hardly affected by minor tech differences, anyways.
  8. GreyHelm

    GreyHelm New Member

    I prefer my laptop; the mobility is key, as I don't like the idea of being stuck at a desk all day when I have work to get done. On a nice day I can even get some writing done outside. Can't say the same for a desktop (which isn't any faster than my laptop in my experience).
  9. Mats Maatson

    Mats Maatson New Member

    I'm just like you using my desktop for my gaming and my laptop when I want to watch movies and series. I've got my laptop connected to my TV via HDMI and watching everything on there. I'm also using my laptop for school where i study Computer Science.
  10. super_mario

    super_mario New Member

    I'm all old school as far as this debate goes. I've been using desktop computer since I was 10 and never owned a laptop in my life. It is too small for my needs and too hard to work on. Lacks comfort and keyboards are weird and unique for almost every model, which I dislike. Since I do CAD design and 3D modeling I'm used to big screens, comfy chairs, a lot of room for arms. I just don't see myself as efficient with laptop as I am with desktop PC.
  11. ElaineWeston

    ElaineWeston New Member

    I have a laptop, because I need it with me all the time. It's an ASUS G74sx, and one of the most powerful gamer laptops on the market. It costs around $2000, but it's worth it. I prefer a laptop because of it's mobility and design. Though, in a couple of years, I will buy a beast Desktop PC that can run everything smooth.

    These are my specs:

  12. biolizade

    biolizade New Member

    I definitely prefer desktop to a laptop. Laptops are definitely handy if you need the portability, but I prefer gaming on a desktop PC. Plus I love typing on a full keyboard and using my mouse. I'll probably get a laptop for uni since then I'll be able to take it to lectures and wherever I want. But in an office/home environment I prefer a PC due to the customizability and the power advantage.
  13. amigdals

    amigdals New Member

    I've only had two computers in my life, the first being an old IBM and the second being an ASUS laptop, so the majority of my experience has been on the laptop. That being said, I'm a little biased, having never been able to work on a high powered desktop. I thoroughly enjoy working on my laptop and am comfortable with it. I never used to use it for portability, but having begun to do so, I am confident my next purchase will be a high powered sleek ultrabook. Desktops seem to be for gaming, coding, and home office needs. Most casual users should be satisfied with the power and portability afforded by a laptop
  14. Kit.nz1

    Kit.nz1 New Member

    Laptop always for portability! Being able to take work and leisure with you everywhere you go makes life much easier for me, I am an English teacher and use so many tools on my laptop. Though I have a brand bias- I love Toshiba.

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