?Desktop or Laptop?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Chain081395, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. Chain081395

    Chain081395 Member

    ?Desktop or Laptop?Desktop or Laptop??Desktop or Laptop?
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  2. kmbrlymd

    kmbrlymd New Member

    LAPTOP!!! When you're a student, it's easy to bring laptop because it's very handy. You can placed it in your bag unlike desktop you can't bring it in school. Also, most laptops have their built-in camera unlike in desktop you need to connect a webcam. Laptops also have their touch pad so you can use it even if you don't have a mouse.
  3. Marcosdc

    Marcosdc Member

    For me its laptop, because you can bring it anywhere you want. For gaming I prefer desktop because you rely on desktop more than laptop. So it depends on what you are going to do with a computer.
  4. Ninjapro32

    Ninjapro32 New Member

    Depends on your needs.
    If you're a student and carry your computer here and there, it's definitely laptop. Laptops offer portability and are easy to handle. But, if you're a gamer and portability doesn't matter for you then it's a desktop because you get better specs at comparatively lower prices.
  5. rrirr00

    rrirr00 New Member

    Desktop, if you want to play games, or work on heavy programs, its the best option. But if your looking for portability you know what to do, however, it's a little bit pricey.
  6. Denscabs101

    Denscabs101 New Member

    Definitely, desktop is much better on gaming. Especially on games like counter strike, generals, modern warfare, medal of honor, and the likes.

    Still, desktop is better than laptops in terms of video games.
  7. kimv

    kimv New Member

    Using laptop is more convenient, you can use it anytime and anywhere especially when you are a student who has a lot of research papers to be done. If you want an electronic which is lightweight, at reasonable price, and if you are just a normal user who wants a not so big capacity.
  8. MarcFrancis

    MarcFrancis New Member

    It's a laptop for me, it's more convinient than a desktop. You can always take it with you wherever you go.
  9. beesinatrenchcoat

    beesinatrenchcoat New Member

    Desktop is probably better for actual gaming. But laptop is much more affordable
  10. Geofrey93

    Geofrey93 Member

    I prefer Laptops! Because laptops are designed for portability, there are some important differences between them and desktop computers. A laptop has an all-in-one design, with abuilt-in monitor, keyboard, touchpad (which replaces the mouse), and speakers. This means it is fully functional, even when no peripherals are connected.
  11. TrishaGoins23

    TrishaGoins23 New Member

    I like to use my Laptop when I'm working, But if I'm gaming or something like that I like my Desktop. For one it has a much larger screen than my Laptop, and it's a lot more powerful of a computer. You really can't play many games on a Laptop. However I still use my Laptop daily for my work, and love how portable it is. But overall for me I would probably have to go with a Desktop at the end of the day. Hope this helps!
  12. NVGDTO

    NVGDTO New Member

    Desktop if you're a gamer because desktop has more advantage specially if you play a lot of games. Desktop storage can be upgraded that can hold big amount of video game storage. But if you're a student or an office worker, prefer to choose laptop because it's so convinient and you can carry it while on the go.
  13. I prefer using desktop since it is more capable and reliable for every task you need to accomplish. Performance is better. Dekstop have more cooling capabilities than laptop. Maintaining a cool computer can help with overall performance and total lifespan of its parts.
  14. KostaP5

    KostaP5 New Member

    Put it simply:
    Cozy - Laptop
    Professional - PC
    If you want to play quality games, with less money spent on configuration, then you go for PC.
    If you want to play medium games but also have portable device, than laptop is for you.
  15. Zzazzafrag

    Zzazzafrag New Member

    Desktops are better for performance and will usually be the best option for long term use since you can upgrade individual parts rather than getting a new system. Laptops, on the other hand, are usually less expensive and more convenient because of their portability. However, laptops can't have most of their parts swapped out for better ones so you would need to buy a new laptop every few years. To conclude, I believe it depends on the situation and if you are willing to sacrifice performance for mobility.
  16. JosonAyuso

    JosonAyuso New Member

    I prefer to use Laptop because of its portability. You can use even your not at home. In terms of gaming there a lot of better gaming that can support high definition games. Desktop needed to be plugged in before you can use it unlike Laptops. It terms of writing content it is better to use laptop because you relax in your bed. I like the thin Laptop that are very light to handle. Desktops are spacious unlike Laptop. Electricity wise its better to have Laptop than desktop. You can charge your Laptop in your office so you have less on electric bill. Portability wise, it's better to have Laptop so you can work anywhere. You can play games, watch movie or do work related during your bus ride.

    I will recommend laptop for the people who are always on the go. :thumbsup:
  17. jaykenth

    jaykenth Member

    Desktop! The best and only reason for me to hate laptop specially for gaming is that they heat up fast. In desktop, you can play or use it all day without any issues. Yes laptops are portable but you can not do anything about it if you can not use it for a while.
  18. Beni-Ixri

    Beni-Ixri New Member

    For gaming desktop but for learning laptop is easier
  19. Icyflame

    Icyflame New Member

    Unless portability is necessary, a desktop is the better choice as it allows for far superior performance, flexibility, cooling, and customization. You can choose your display, keyboard and mouse separately, not to mention the components in your build. While laptops have come a long way with powerful compact video cars and solid-state drives, desktops are much less limiting.
  20. jadi125

    jadi125 New Member

    For me its laptop beacuse its easy and its handy..U can move laptop any where u want. I m a stundent and i have laptop i play my all games in my laptop. Laptop is more convinient than desktop.
  21. idking212

    idking212 Member

    Listen, If you like to travel and play in the computer I am recommending you to buy leptop. If you want to your computer to bring you some preformence I am recommending you to buy a regular computer
  22. mohab120

    mohab120 New Member

    if you like to travel you will need to buy laptop but i prefer desktop because desktop will life more than laptop
  23. mimie125

    mimie125 Member

    laptop for me! it is very accessible and i can bring it anywhere, especially when i am working.
  24. wkndroyal

    wkndroyal Member

    Laptop definitely. Mobility-wise and for convenience, it's great to be able to take it anywhere with you and to be able to plug and play this device anywhere you go whether it be for work or entertainment. It definitely suits those who like to travel.
  25. moemen55

    moemen55 Member

    it depends on what you need. if you need a mobile thing everywhere with and finish your job buy a laptop. if you like to stay at home, or you are gamer make stream, or working on heavy program. so you need a desktop.
  26. jamomandre25

    jamomandre25 New Member

    I rather choose laptop, Laptop is easy to carry in any situation that we have. Just like student now a days, all student need a laptop to write there theses they choose laptop because its easy to use and its easy to carry. Rather than a Desktop its balky and big to carry in any situation that you need.
  27. Missydama

    Missydama New Member

    Definitely, I prefer a laptop you can take it anywhere. Desktop if you're a gamer it's much easier and doesn't heat up quickly as the laptop does.
  28. AkTel

    AkTel New Member

    I love both, but for gaming? Definitely a desktop for me. It's cheaper, and can be custom. I love the idea of researching different parts to bring them together to create a perfect beast PC. Also, when I say it's cheaper, I mean it can often be cheaper in it's initial value, but also if a part breaks, or becomes outdated. Oh, your GPU is too old now? Well just buy a new one and replace it, you can play for many more years now! I also love the touch of a mechanical keyboard, but I suppose you can connect keyboards to laptops, but it's just not the same.
  29. diazvac

    diazvac Member

    It depends. If you are a mobile person that tends to travel all the time then the laptop is right for you. If you are an office worker that preferably stays in the office then the desktop is appropriate for you. It also depends on what you need within the computer and how, and for how long, you use it. High end graphics and multiple discs mandate a desktop or tower. Match your personal situation to one or other of the above, or something else.
  30. milkyways

    milkyways New Member

    It actually depends for me. For educational or work purposes only, laptop is the best because you can bring it anywhere and it is useful if you have presentations and such. For gaming, you have two options which is the laptop and the desktop. The laptop for gaming is actually quite expensive and the upgrades are only limited but you can bring it anywhere. The other downside for laptop when it comes to gaming is that it's also a bit heavy compared to the normal ones. The desktop for gaming is what I recommend since it is cheap plus you can customize and upgrade it however you want but the downside is that you can't bring it outside so you have to stay at home in order to use it. Overall, the choice between the laptop and desktop depends on where you'll use it for.

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