did television destroyed the library?

Discussion in 'Television' started by bghsof, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. bghsof

    bghsof New Member

    people stop reading books because of television ,is it due to the fact most of us are lazy ?
  2. djGit

    djGit New Member


    I think internet destroyed all traditional forms of communication. No one is watching tv anymore everyone is on internet and watching shows and movies. Bottom line is if you want to read you can. By a book from internet. :D :D :D
  3. andrew1998

    andrew1998 New Member

    yes i though that when people watching tv they don't have time to read books and that mean less time to read
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  4. alisibai26

    alisibai26 New Member

    I think no because Tv isn't the future of technology I think books will be the future but in the Tablets and I hope television don't waste your time because it's a waste of time.
  5. edzonlagat

    edzonlagat New Member

    Television didn't, but I think the internet did. Television programs are intended to entertain, communicate, and inform but I think the information from the TV programs may not be enough to satisfy the needs for a specific topic. If you have researches, assignments, theses, or reports you may want to go to the library than watching TV to gather enough needed information. But if you have access to the internet, then you might as well search Google or Wikipedia from your smartphone or computer rather than going to the library, presenting your ID, looking for the perfect book within hours, flipping countless pages, before start reading. But don't get me wrong, TV programs are still one of the main sources of useful information. It's maybe not the primary option.
  6. NielDavidVillaverde

    NielDavidVillaverde New Member

    Television did destroy the library a little bit, but not completely. The reason is because it is easier for people to watch and listen than to read. We can learn information in the library but we can also do that through watching TV. There are some educational TV shows out there that teaches people new information that we can also find in books. Internet however made libraries obsolete, because we can find information using the internet much faster than in libraries. This is always the case whenever a new kind of technology comes out. Older inventions become obsolete.
  7. Anwright1988

    Anwright1988 New Member

    Television definitely destroyed books. I'll admit, I've become very lazy these days. If I have the option of reading the book or watching the movie, I'll pick the movie 10 out of 10 times. If there's not a movie out for a new book, I'm unfortunately probably not going to even be tempted by it.
  8. yssachwan

    yssachwan Member

    Rather than just Television, I think the overall media destroyed the concept of libraries. A lot of books are now being published online. Movie/TV Series also pops out everywhere, so instead of reading most people opt to just watch. Although these adaptations also help sell more books from the author. However those are mainly for enthusiast.
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  9. mmsveloso07

    mmsveloso07 New Member

    I think the concept of libraries is not really destroyed but was transformed into a different thing. Libraries now are either physical or virtual. When you have subscriptions on Scribd or Academia or Jstor, you actually have your own sort of virtual library. It is good because with just a few clicks, you can readily read a journal or a book or maybe even just a short essay or story. It's actually amazing that we have this technology now, if we had it before the Library of Alexandria was destroyed, we could have saved time rediscovering the things that we know now (because I believe that the people before us already knew the things that we know now). We could have prevented the spreading of many diseases and so much more!
  10. maryssmaricar

    maryssmaricar Member

    I think no. Television is a part of the leisure activities in lined with our different interests. Books have their distinct ways of broadening our knowledge and imaginations. Specifically books written for educational purposes. Some contents of a book cannot be found on a television.
  11. Dorothy-5me5

    Dorothy-5me5 Member

    Nope, now the library is less cluttered by people who don't want to be there. Reading a book is a choice and a pleasure.
  12. Mikoloco

    Mikoloco New Member

    The library was never meant for the masses, it's wrong to assume any sort of rivalry between the television and the library at any point in time. Before television, the masses were entertained by radio while the scholarly were in libraries, obviously, not wasting their time being told what to think and what to feel.
  13. joshlem

    joshlem New Member

    TV put the library in I.c.u and the internet wants to kill it and bury it. Before TV the primary mode of getting entertaining stories was by stage actors or by reading the good old handy book.
  14. ItsMazohra

    ItsMazohra Member

    Television didn't destroy the library. hence, Internet affects the library but doesn't destroyed it. it only affects it, due to the maximum amount of information we get on the internet and it is much easier to scroll and browse the internet than browsing a Book in the library.
    it saddens me that, it is really happening.
    Youth, Chooses internet than library.

    Therefore, television didn't destroy library
  15. subhan456f

    subhan456f Member

    Nicholson Baker didn't expect librarians to act like barbarians - but then he learned they were destroying or dumping millions of books and newspapers. He tells Oliver Burkeman why he had to take a stand
  16. iwisting

    iwisting Member

    I don't think so but I guess the internet does. The ability of books online may have hampered people to go to the library. It's an easy math. Why would you go to a library when you can access books through online?
  17. Sreelesh31

    Sreelesh31 New Member

    To some extent, yes the television has resulted in a lack of interest for people to visit libraries and read books there. The reason people tell is that they do not have enough time in this fast-paced world. They get enough knowledge and entertainment at one place that too inside their own house through the medium of television. On the other hand, in my opinion, libraries have their own importance. It has been said that the knowledge acquired by way of reading books tend to remain forever. Also, the pleasure of reading that one can get at the libraries is unparallel.

    We can summarize that both television and library have their own significance. Television cannot replace or destroy library and vice versa.
  18. donald78

    donald78 Member

    I think the internet can destroy the library, it's not the television. People can search for data through the internet alone. No need for you to go to the Library. Our knowledge depends on the books that we read. The importance of the Library has been acquired in years. Reading books alone will remain like a treasure in our lives.

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