Did you cry after watching Hachiko A Dog's Story?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by wittyme, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. wittyme

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    I even cried while watching that movie. Every time I think about that movie it makes my tears fall. Hachi was so adorable and playful. Professor Ueno had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage while he was giving a lecture and died without ever returning to the train station where Hachiko waited. He's been waiting for his owner for 9 years , 9 months and 15 days at the train station and hoping for a reunion that would never come. If you are a dog lover and you haven't watch it yet. Please watch the movie it will really touch your heart.
  2. Chaze22

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    I saw a story regarding Hachi on the web and discovered there was a movie with with Richard Gere called Hachi: A Dog's Tale. I thought it was a good movie but I have to admit after watching it two days it still hurts to know that a dog was treated this way. I did watch the Japanese version and it is slightly different. The owner, Richard Gere, finds the dog running lose in the train station. Apparently, the dog was sent from Japan and the tag was partially ripped on the dog's crate. In turn Gere couldn't locate the dog's owner. He decides to keep Hachi but his wife isn't too happy but decides it's okay. Hachi lives in a shed outside despite bad weather.

    We go on to the dog escaping the backyard since he wants to be there for Gere. He does that for quite some time but then Gere doesn't show because he has collapsed in his music class. The poor dog isn't told anything about his owner's death. Gere's daughter decides to take Hachi in since her mother decides to sell the house but he escapes to wait at the train station. The daughter and her husband find Hachi and she says okay you can come here. Basically, fine you can fend for yourself. Hachi lives under a train cart and continues to await his owner. He gets food scraps from vendors but no one takes him in. At some point the wife revisits the town and discovers Hachi, pets him and leaves but does nothing for his well being. In the end the dog passes away at the train station and dreams about his owner. So very sad.

    The Japanese version is similar in certain aspects. In the Japanese version the owner adopts Hachi since his daughter says she will take care of the dog. But then she gets pregnant out of wedlock. A little while later she gets married then the owner wants to find someone else to take Hachi, no one does. Hachi spends nights out in a shed again. The wife isn't happy and in fact gets very jealous. The jealousy is much more noticeable in this version. Another difference is that Hachi is present at his owner's funeral and the wife tries to find an owner for the dog . In the end one of the better owner's dies, yes, another person dies and his wife tells Hachi to fend for himself. Later on the wife returns and discovers Hachi again feels badly and tries to help Hachi but he runs away. The wife asks around if anyone has seen Hachi but then leaves. The people in town really do not like Hachi but in the American version they seem to a little more. In the end Hachi passes away, looking old and so sad to look at just as in the American version. They pan in on the wife showing her with two puppy Akitas.

    Very different than the American version. In the Japanese version the wife to me just seems a lot more cold and bitter. Despite the fact she tried to find a place for Hachi to live. She did at some point. Hachi spent some time at her Uncle's but they kept Hachi chained up in the horrible weather. He just kept running away to the train station in turn the Uncle got tired and gave up. A very sad story and very sad how they treated this beautiful dog. No one would take this beautiful creature in. Yes, Hachi wanted to wait for his master whom never would return but dogs don't understand death. He needed to be loved and comforted and that didn't happen here. The way he was treated was unbearable to me and I cried a lot. I mean alot. Watch if you like but get a box of tissues. I found the Japanese version on YouTube with subtitles.
  3. babyishii29

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    Yes! I watched it with my friends and all of us end up crying after watching it. I can really relato to that movie because I do love dogs too. The story was adapted from true story right? Dogs are truly man's bestfriend until the end. The movie touched my heart too deep.
  4. JolinaLo

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    Yes. I got very hooked with the movie, especially the loyalty of the dog Hachiko to his owner. As a dog lover I can feel how hard it is for Hachiko to be left out there, waiting for his owner who’ll never return, without him knowing.
  5. mratertajr122

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    Yes. It just shows how loyal the dog is to his/her owner. I loved watching it over and over again.
  6. kynnlyster

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    Yes.. There are scenes that made me cry a lot, especially when the day the owner died, and the dog still waiting. The didn't even know what was happen, and still waiting for many years.

    And the scene that made me on tears non-stop was, when the wife of the deceased owner saw the dying Hachiko, and telling the dog that there's no reason for the dog to wait. As she also cried telling the dying dog to let go.

    One of the best movie.

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