Diet or Exercise?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Tamicka Russell, Nov 17, 2015.

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    While I think that diet is the more important of the two, neither will work without the other. To get into good shape, one must have healthy eating habits that supply the body with enough nutrition to power the body, but not flood it with excess calories. One must also exercise all of the muscles, but not overdo it. It is a hard balancing act that takes a full lifestyle change, and anything less will only lead to failure. I am able to say this because it is a balance that I am still trying to strike. I have lost quite a bit of weight and gotten in better shape, but I am not all of the way there yet. I still have slip ups in the kitchen, and occasionally skip an exercise when I know that I should not.
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    I feel they go hand-in-hand. Exercise is essential to keep all of your internal and external organs functioning properly. While it is great for weight loss, it benefits your emotional state as well. Dieting will depend on if you are asking about the general term "to lose weight" or to maintain your health. Having a great balance of the two helps to achieve long-term results.

    The diet pills are a short-term solution.
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    The question really is, "how badly do you want to lose weight?" If you are not in a hurry, then try changing your diet. Subtle changes like choosing healthy snacks, ensuring at least one meal in a day is completely balanced, eating less carbs in the evening and drinking lots of water will get you there slowly but surely. However if you want to go to your reunion with a killer outfit, or you have to squeeze into your wedding gown in two months time, or some other urgent thing is happening, then do both. In this case you will have to remind yourself that nothing good comes easy and be your body's nightmare, pushing it beyond the limits that it is used to in terms of diet and exercise. That is what many stars do and they achieve the desired results! Exercise alone will get you there only if you burn more calories than you consume over the long term.
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    You can lose weight without exercise, but to be healthy, exercise is a must. Weight loss really is all about burning more calories than you consume (also known as CICO). If you want to lose weight, try calculating your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) and simply eat less than that. With 500 calories less you should burn about 2 lbs /1 kg a week, which is what most people I know, do. It's important to know that everyone's TDEE is different though. If you're small and live a sedentary lifestyle, you'll need a lot less calories than a 6' bodybuilder.
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    It is all about diet. You simply can't outweigh a bad diet. Say you burn 500 calories at the gym, and then you go out at eat a beer and pizza, you literally just ate what you burned. Abs are made in the kitchen.
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    I think people over dramatize what works best and there is no magical solution to weight loss. But what most don't realize that they don't have to go to the extremes to loss weight. Look at yourself in the mirror how long did it take you to get that way? Odds are it will take you almost that long to lose all that weight. Did you exercise any at all while you gained all that weight? If so an increase could speed the process. If not just adding a small routine each day will improve your weight and inflammation levels. You have heard the old diets and none seem to work try having a green day eating nothing but greens. maybe add a colorful day eating nothing but orange and red. Dieting can be fun, and don't weigh yourself everyday and remember inflammation causes you to seem puffed, that where vegetables and fruits come in. Natural fighters in the weight race. Don't expect results overnight look for things like a flatter stomach than the day before and remember your body will reject everything in the beginning so soreness and inflammation will give you a false sense of failure.

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