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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by tysovsky, May 26, 2014.

  1. tysovsky

    tysovsky New Member

    Personally I prefer buying my games physically. It really makes me happy looking at my gaming shelf, thinking of what to get next. At the same time it's really hard to pass on some digital deals from PSN and Steam. In the recent time I've caught myself multiple times buying digital version of games because of a sale going on. Plus the convenience of having all your games at one place is a great addition too.
  2. TimT90

    TimT90 New Member

    The allure of the physical collection is Oh so pleasing to the eye. Then after awhile the games begin to take up more & more space, and that is where I find digital to be more appealing. I really like having my space & not having to move shelves or boxes of games or trying to make room for new games. Digital is so convenient having everything in one place. Although it does have its downside like not being able to lend it out or resale it once you're done with it.
  3. equistina

    equistina New Member

    I prefer Physical.

    I like to be able to see my games on the shelf, look at the artwork on both the case and disc itself, and just plain be able to hold the disc in my hand.

    I feel like Digital isn't secure and it's expensive for what it is.
  4. Ghost319

    Ghost319 New Member

    I've gone the digital route. Then again, the majority of the time I buy anything it's through Blizzard Entertainment or PayPal and I know they're secure.

    I like the fact that I no longer have to wait 1-2 weeks for anything to ship and I can have it right now. We kind of live in that society where everything is "I WANT IT NOW" and digital allows us to have that.

    I don't think I've put an actual disc inside my computer in such a long time. I'm honestly not sure the rom even works still or have had to install something off of a CD drive.

    The real question is when will they start finding a way to condense game files down to a more proper size? Some of these games take 10-50gb of space just to install. This doesn't include any of their DLC you can purchase or optional downloads either.

    A game like World of Warcraft already has all of that included when you download it, but it still increases in size with every patch and expansion.
  5. voidfae

    voidfae New Member

    I prefer digital because I like having all my games in one place and, because I move around a lot, it's easy to take my game collection with me. I don't have to worry about losing copies or having to leave some behind. Plus, digital games often cost less for me (especially on Steam).

    Not to mention you can find a lot of cool indie games digitally that aren't available physically.
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  6. MikeMcFly

    MikeMcFly New Member

    Physical, hands down. That feeling of pointing out a game to play, popping it out the case and putting it in the console can't be replicated by choosing from a list. Then there's also that joyous feeling of unwrapping a new game and getting that "new game" smell from the freshly opened case that a digital download just can't give you. I have nothing against digital copies, though; as sometimes they really come in handy. A prime example would be Steam sales, where you'd get dozens of games for such a cheap amount that it being nothing but physical copies would be overwhelming.
  7. Pinny

    Pinny New Member

    With introduction of DRM digital is definitely the way to go some sites offer digital for much cheaper then physical and with broadband speeds rising its much easier to download.
  8. josward

    josward New Member

    I think that they are both brilliant in their own way, digital you can create whatever you want and play amongst friends and do what you cannot do in the real world, however doing physical things can make you feel better afterwards, and it's more of an accomplishment if you have done something significant.
  9. Nyka

    Nyka New Member

    I've recently changed my mind on this and decided to go digital, because
    1: Physical cases took too much space on my shelf.
    2: Constant steam/humble bundle sales, which aren't available for physical very commonly.
    3: Having everything in one place is very convenient.
    4: Being able to play with friends is a simple process
    5: Indie games!
  10. SoudersTAB

    SoudersTAB New Member

    They all have their keypoints. The Pros are:
    Physical games can be stored as a touchable collection, sold to potential buyers and lent to friends and families.
    Digital games can be bought at home via internet, easy to access without need of disc, tend to play faster because it's loading by harddrive and can be redownloaded say in the future if you lose or sell your system.

    The cons tend to be:
    Physical games today which are massed produced serve as no value unlike the original Legend of Zelda for NES because they have a set value that lowers over time, can be scratched or lost because of the flimsy disc or even stolen.
    Digital copies depending on which console/pc have a certain download limit per system, tend to be still at retail price v.s. a used price, can't be traded and sometimes even obtained again because you lost the password to the account.

    In all honesty were in the age of digital. Heck, I had a PS3 since last year and it came with a year of PS PLUS (free games every month) and by the end of April this year I had 50+ games ranging from $10 to $40 games.

    Just go both, digital and physical. Be selective on which though... it's better to buy a Mario game physical and Minecraft digital.
  11. darkclowd

    darkclowd New Member

    I would much rather have the physical copy, because it has the disc art, the case art, and I can see it on my shelf. I'm not completely turned off to digital copies though, as a lot of times XBL or PSN will have huge discounts on games, that become the cheapest you can get anywhere, so I buy the digital version in that circumstance. Plus they are convenient when you are feeling lazy and don't want to get up to change the disc. However, if a brand new first party game just releases such as a new Mario game or a new Halo game I buy the physical copy.
  12. taylor00

    taylor00 New Member

    I really prefer physical copies of my games on my shelves. It gives me the sensation that I own more of that game and in case of a Hard Disk fault or loss of internet i can always reinstall them and play them. Too bad this always online DRM trend takes away the joy of owning physical copies, because they always have to be updated.
    Back in the day you could play whatever version of a game you had without some installer bugging you every 20 minutes to update your game. Purchasing some collectors edition games also provide you with interesting things that you can keep around. GTA V gives an awesome map, Skyrim has an awesome statue and Mass Effect has awesome artwork. Even if you pay a bit more, it is a better deal in my opinion.

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